About this project

Greetings, reader.

A few things about this project:
I am using a list of prompts, it works well to keep me going so far.
You can find it here.

PoV are bound to change back and forth, depending on how the prompts calls to me.

I will be doing my best to keep things PG-13. However at times there might be some sexual themes, violence, language, etc. Nothing detailed but mentioned.

At this point, those who will be part of this project are Quentin and Yael, Alexis and Eoghan, Agni, Mira and Zora with a hint of Armin and Cyrille now and again. Others may eventually come and be added but this group should be the main souls seen within.

January 1st post is here. It might be best to start from the beginning as everything is written in chronological order as it comes.

You can look through the posts either through the calendar or archives both on the right, or just scroll past this post, however please note that these posts are in descending order from most recent to oldest. There is a single post added every day, usually around 8am EST.


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