candy apple red

“Stop this very moment, don’t you dare put any more paint on that wall!”

“Wha- wait, why?”

The wall had been painted, the colour was not quite ghastly but it wasn’t far from, maybe because it was still fresh, one could only hope that once it dried it wouldn’t be that ugly sort of orangy-red, it just wasn’t right.

“Because that colour is atrocious, Quentin. We went to pick those colours together, why is it that you’re using this one? I don’t even know where you got it from!”

At least the idiot had the decency for looking sheepish though he could only shrug, his lips quirked to a half smile that was full of uncertainties. Yael had to remind himself that Quentin still wasn’t used to the presence of others in his life, though they were hardly more than friends sharing an overly large living area. The other demon had a tendency for flinching at the smallest hint of a raised voice if it was aimed at him.

“It is the colour we picked though, see?” The words spoken ever softly, a little falteringly almost. It was the right colour too, it looked like that deep, gorgeous candy apple red it was supposed to while in the container. He couldn’t understand why or how it was that it was so deeply orange-like once on the wall. Maybe it had something to do with Quentin’s demon-gift. He had a better handle of materials of all sorts.

“All right, I can see that it is the right colour, I’m sorry. It just doesn’t explain why it looks that way on the wall. Here’s an idea, how about you see about setting up the living room instead? We looked through a lot of different fabrics and did bring a few back, you could see what would best fit with the decor? You manage that better than me.”

Quentin, only sighing but managing the hint of a smile, shrugged again and straightened, mumbling something apology-sounding before he was stepping by his housemate to head off into the living room to do just what he’d been, essentially, told to do.

It was strange, this living together thing. He had a hard time wrapping his mind around it. He was more than aware that he was the one who had invited Yael to live with him, had even asked several times until the young artist had agreed to the idea, he just hadn’t known what he was stepping into.

It wasn’t a bad thing, it merely required a lot of adjusting on his part. So many years spent avoiding others by fear of being found out and stoned, or who knew, staked even, it would take more than a couple of weeks for him to wrap his mind around everything.

“I didn’t mean to mess the colour up!” He called the words out across from the living room towards what was turning out to be a studio of sorts where Yael would be working and he heard the young man merely laugh warmly in response. Quentin shook his head and went right back to what he had been doing, he was looking through bits of fabrics and taking note of what did look good with the colours of the living room, the almost stark setup. It suited him (and Yael it seemed!) just fine.

The colour ended up being just the way it should have been and it was exactly how he had envisioned it. He still had no explanation as to why it had taken such a strange orange like shade with Quentin being the one to do the painting. Of course he’d had to paint over the wall that had already been done but it hadn’t taken much time, he was more than pleased with the way things were turning out.

“It’s fine, Quentin, the colour is just right now. We’ll keep you to fabrics and me to the paints from now on, no harm done.” There hadn’t been any so he wasn’t about to lie to the other about it all. What little mock-harm had been done, was now undone. The room was the way he wanted it and that was all there was to it.

“Once we’re done with this place, it’s going to be absolutely amazing.” The words more to himself than spoken for the other in the building with him.

Yael surveyed the room before he was gathering what little was left of the paint and taking it back outside into the hall, out of the way. The door was eased shut though he knew the windows were cracked open just a hint to allow the paint to dry. At least that way there would be no prints out and about as there had been before when his rather playful four legged companion, a tiny little kitten he’d found in the street, had found its way into the freshly painted kitchen.

That had been a disaster.

Then again, it hadn’t been too hard to fix up the mess but still it had taken time. Not that they were working on a timeline but it had set them back and they had had a need to get more paint before continuing on. Yael wasn’t sure which of the two situations was worse, really. The strange tale of the beautiful candy apple red paint turning to an ugly orange shade or the paw prints they’d found everywhere alone with stains of unknown nature?

Not something he spent too much time thinking on, it really didn’t matter much in the long run. Everything had been cleaned, dried, they’d waited a day more and had painted the whole place anew, making sure that everything was as ‘safe’ as could be.

Yael, of course, had made a note to himself about how Quentin had a soft spot for cats, at least the stray ones so far. Maybe once they settled into living together as they were trying now, he’d mention the idea of getting a cat. It might do some good to the too large roof that was settled over their heads. Though for the time being he was more than aware that a lot of the ground floor area wasn’t actually finished. He’d seen the plans, there was nothing set out for that area first.

He didn’t know what Quentin wanted to do with it all and it wasn’t quite his place to offer ideas at this point. He was just the guy who was living there because he’d been offered the roof, in the end. Not that he thought about his situation that way but the building was Quentin’s property and Yael didn’t really want to try and get into the other demon’s personal space just yet.

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