can’t be

Everything seemed like it wanted to take forever before it settled and while it was difficult to be patient, it wasn’t so difficult to take things one day after the other. Yael had brought home a leather-bound journal, filled with white pages waiting to be filled in and after a long, careful discussion on the benefits of writing down what troubled the soul, Quentin had taken to habit of writing down in that journal a little bit every day.

At first it had seemed as though it had little positive effects on their every day life but after two weeks of almost daily scribblings, it seemed that the distance that had settled about, that the nightmares that kept them both awake and that the pain that had refused to lessen to that day had done just that, lessen somewhat. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t anything close to a miracle but it was a beginning to that healing period that hadn’t been about yet for the weaver demon.

It was another six more weeks before that first true, honest laugh was shared between the housemates. A sound that held no stress, that was real, born of a delivery mistake that neither one of them could have truly expected.

The night had been quiet with Quentin waking up around the usual time, that was just about when the sun was beginning to set and his room was right where it should have been to enjoy it. Yael’s own room was on the opposite side of their home and he could enjoy the sunrise before heading to bed. There had been some food shared, quiet talk about the night’s plans when a knock had come from the door. Those were uncommon but not all that rare, it was easier for Yael to have his art supplies delivered into the evenings since he was just about never up and about during the day. It always was a special request for the delivery to be done after certain hours, even if it required a bit of an extra amount on the shipping price.

He had gone to the door, leaving Quentin to finish gathering up their slight dishes from their meal and had signed for the delivery. It was a long box, bigger than he had expected and he couldn’t recall ordering anything of that size recently. Quentin himself only ever ordered things now and again, even less often than Yael did so it was doubtful that he had been the one to order anything.

A brief look at the name on the box did clear up that it had been ordered for him, if not by him, and he wandered back towards the living room area where the box was set down on the couch before he wandered off to find the scissors to get the tape carefully cut up. He didn’t know who the sending company was, he’d never heard of the name and the address was a foreign one.

Once the box was opened, out of it came out a long gown, the material seemed akin to velvet in deep, earthy tones. It was a lovely piece, really but it *was* a dress and that was something he didn’t have much of an interest in wearing. He stared long and hard at it before he was holding it up to his slight frame.

It was at that point that Quentin stepped from the dining room and, of course, stopped and stared before he was almost folded in half with laughter. It was a sound that was more than welcomed but it still didn’t explain the dress!

“Was that one of your ideas? You could have made one and saved up on the money this must have cost!” Quentin still was laughing too hard to answer the question.

It seemed as if it would have been a perfect fit, it was just fine for the length and seemed rather shaped for his slightness over the curvier shape a woman would have to fill that kind of dress usually. “Honestly Quentin, what am I supposed to do this this kind of thing?”

He had to ask, it was hardly something he could wear and the other’s giggling, as he finally calmed down, while comforting as it meant they were getting better, was a bit embarrassing.

“I have-” he wiped at his eyes, laughter having made him tear up, “-no idea where that dress came from but I think it would look dashing on you, Yael!”

This was a side he had never seen to the other and he wasn’t sure what to make of it. It wasn’t a bad thing, it was new, daring really. Were they making progress in this relationship that wasn’t really a relationship, in the end? Yael huffed gently, playfully really and he held the dress away from himself, looking it over quietly.

“It would, huh? Is that something akin to ‘if you put it on, we’ll go out somewhere and have a nice time’ kind of statement, Quentin? You shouldn’t dare me, you’ll learn to know that I don’t back down well from them, even if I end up looking something rather foolish when I go through with them!”

He did wear that dress, too, put his hair up, put some shine over his eyes. He liked to look good, he liked being well dressed and while a dress was pushing it somewhat, if it had such a positive reaction out of the other young demon, he didn’t see why he would refrain from making use of it. One didn’t go much of anywhere on the thought that things had to be a certain why, you could always deviate if you found it necessary. ‘Can’t’, was an ugly word, really.

They spent the following hours wandering left and right. They went to a quiet little restaurant where there were several quiet murmurs of how lovely a couple they made. Of course those put a lovely blush on Yael’s cheeks and he had to look at his reflection in the mirror a few times. He knew he could pass off for a woman but he hadn’t expected to manage this well. Still, it was charming and Quentin was smiling.

They had a quiet walk in the park, side by side, merely enjoying the quietness of the surroundings. They had a small snack from a street cart on their back to their home where Quentin thanked Yael and kissed his cheek, saying he was more than a little thankful for the wonderful time together. It hadn’t been much but it had helped and they should do it again eventually, more than likely without the dress though it had been an interesting extra to their outing.


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