black horse

Just for the sake of getting out of the house and spending time not worrying about the day to day bits and pieces of our lives, we decided on a small vacation. I think we mostly decided on heading off out of the city and even further out into the countryside because there was construction going on almost next door and they’ve been clanging and banging and just about being absolutely noisy (as they should, I’m aware) during the day time, which is when we try to sleep.

So we looked at a map, found the nearest less populated area we could find and packed our bags before we were on the train to head off. Of course, that threw us off our usual sleeping schedule but we’ve been thrown off for a couple of weeks now due to the construction. So when we got off the train in the mid-morning sun, we were only half-tired and Quentin was mostly grumpy because he was going to burn (he’s not that pale but he does burn to a point when he spends too much time in the sun, watching him peel is amusing to me!).

We found a small bed and breakfast that had a view to a quiet little river and wide open fields when we had looked about for information on the place to not land ourselves there and have nowhere to stay at. We’d called early on, had seen about having two bedrooms that were preferably side by side. This was one of those things that were necessary to convince Quentin to come. He still didn’t interact with the populace well and he had almost asked for a shared bedroom, maybe they’ll have two twin beds, he’d pointed out and I did ask the kind woman on the phone but they didn’t. Only rooms with double-beds. So we each had our own, side by side.

From the beginning of our little adventure, Quentin has spent most of our time inside in my room with me, the only time he’s been in his has been to shower and sleep, it’s adorable in its own way.

On the first day, we just sat back, looked out the window and relaxed with the soft breeze that was drifting in. The air was so pure here. I could have imagined myself living here but I don’t know that Quentin would have been as comfortable as I was, though it was further away from the world, he still had need for a few things that were easier to get in the near-city.

Most of our mornings, after we’ve had a little bit of breakfast, are spent sitting side by side, shoulders touching as we just laze and look out to the beautiful view we have from my window. There’s that warmth pooling inside of me every time he leans against me and I’m still terrified of thinking about what I might or might never do about it. It just feels right, the more time I spend with him. I try not to think too much about it. He seems to notice when I stop lazing and start focusing.

Today, we decided on a walk, the weather is lovely, there’s just that warm breeze, not a cloud in the sky and we see no reason not to head outside to exercise a little. We don’t really need it and we did come here to get away from the noise but it seems foolish to stay, essentially, locked inside as we’re doing now.

I have to shove him back to his room so he can get his jacket, just in case, while I fish mine out of my bag to set it to my shoulder. We meet back up, down by the stairs and slip outside into the quiet beauty of Spring. I’m didn’t much care, before, for the ‘beauty’ of things. I was too focused on getting even at life by scribbling away pointless art and tag on old walls, I’m not sure what was going through my mind at that point, Quentin has opened my eyes since then.

There’s a little pathway not far from the bed and breakfast, the owner had told us about it, so we turn ourselves to that direction. We have in mind to just wander aimlessly, follow the pathway and when we feel the need to, we’ll turn around.

At first, it weaves through fields of wild flowers, just growing as they might wish to with no one to tell them how to go about with things. On our left, something large and black seems to be wandering as aimlessly as us and I have to laugh when Quentin asks to know what the hell (his words) that is. I tell him about horses and ask him if he’s never seen one or heard of one before and that does seem to be the case. The size of the animal doesn’t frighten him, from the looks of things. I can only feel curiosity coming off of him in waves, as if a child first discovering something brand new. This trip really was a good idea.

To his request, we stay where we are for a while, his gaze rarely leaving the large stallion though it barely seems to notice us. After a while, perhaps put off that the beast hasn’t come our way despite the stillness of our bodies, we move on, still following the pathway. It eventually takes us into a small bit of forest though I don’t know that I’d call it that since it hardly is dense enough but there are trees and they do get denser further on. The pathway however stays on the edge of these trees and lead us about.

Just as I know I’m beginning to feel the burn from the rather long walk and I have to assume he is as well, Quentin points out that the same horse (it had to be, we hadn’t seen any others) was just a few paces away from us. Of course there was something of a fence between us but that was aside the point. The pathway did look familiar enough and, craning my neck to look further ahead, beyond the fields of wildflowers, I notice the building that is our bed and breakfast. So perhaps not a bad thing, it seems as though the pathway brought us back, nearly so, to our starting point. It was a good length, maybe we’d walk it again before heading home.

When we get back to our rooms, I’m more than happy to collapse bonelessly into my bed, my shoes off and my whole body telling me that it had been some time since I’d last walked that much. I used to walk a lot more, before Quentin offered me a roof over my head. Now I admit that most of my walking is to help with the groceries or to gather my supplies.. or the few times where I head off to find some inspiration in what surrounds us. Maybe I’ll get back to exercising a bit more.

What surprises me is Quentin flopping down next to me just a few minutes later. He laughs sheepishly at my startled expression but I only close my eyes, appreciate the heat coming off of him, his presence next to me, the slight scent that’s all his. This is comforting a reality for me, I could get used to it.


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