It took him three weeks before he was recovered. His hearing came back first. He hadn’t really lost it altogether but he had issues hearing anything out of the hurt side but it came back easily enough, over time. After a week or so he could hear well enough that I told myself I was better off keeping my extra activities to the shower, which I did.

His sight, it was a slow return, but every day after the second week he’d say ‘it’s a little clearer’ or ‘everything is blurry and a little dark but I can see!’ He was ecstatic and I was too. He could finally look my way, look at me though he wasn’t seeing me quite yet, at least not clearly but I couldn’t have cared less about these details, he was looking at me.

Of course, his getting better meant I didn’t have to help him get around the house, didn’t have to help him with his shower (that one was a shame though not really), we didn’t have to stay locked inside. He actually insisted on stepping outside to see the world, best as he could while his eyes worked on finding their focus again.

This morning, he’s the one who woke me up. I guess these three last weeks have taken out more than I had thought them to have out of me. I never heard him step into my room. I never felt his weight shift slightly on my mattress. What I felt was his lips, so tender and sweet on my temple, telling me it was morning and that it was time to get up again. I wonder if we’ll be living by night again eventually. I don’t know if I mind or not, I’m not sure.

If I was alone out there still I’d sleep a tiny bit and be awake for most of the time, just trying to survive, at times this is still a little odd. I’m going to just try to sleep when I’m tired and be awake the rest of the time, I guess, I don’t really see any other way to go about this.

But those lips on my temple, oh the speed my heart started beating at. I can’t help but wonder if he could feel it, if he could tell. I hardly could help the startled gasp, really. This isn’t something he’d ever done. The cheek pecks from the last three weeks were different, he’d been thanking me for helping him… I think. He never really said anything, he just did.

I heard him chuckle next to me as I blinked the sleep out of my eyes and fought my heartbeat back to a proper sort of pace. I stared at him long and hard, that cat-got-cream grin on his face seemed just so out of place. He was pleased with himself for some reason and I learned the reason why after I’d gotten up and dressed. He had briefly stepped back out of my room to give me some privacy but the moment I stepped out he had his hand about my wrist and told me it was time to show me my surprise. Of course I wasn’t too sure what to think but I wasn’t about to complain, I couldn’t.

He said something about how he’d skip out on the big-bang celebration, that he’d had enough of that at the store when he’d gone in to get the celebratory extras and I was more than fine with that. I didn’t want him hurt again. Hell I wasn’t sure I wanted him to step into that little store ever again if I could help it. Foolish and childishly protective of me, I’m aware.

I’m not sure what I’d been expecting out of the renovations he’d made on the second and third floor but it wasn’t what I saw when we took the steps to head up. At first I only saw light and windows and a few set ups for what I wasn’t sure but when I took a second, long look, I think things started to clear up in my mind and make sense.

“I know you wanted to set up a sort of garden up on the roof but I told myself, let’s make it even better, let’s make sure he can have his garden year-round, beautiful and flowering. So I set this up. The floors are strong, there are raised beds where you can set up whatever you might want. The third floor is more of a mezzanine now so you have ceiling room for higher plants or climbers. You could even set up a couple of trees, given the root systems aren’t the kind to go too deep but wide, instead.”

I was speechless, really. I didn’t know he knew that much about plants, even if it wasn’t much but it was clear he’d gone out of his way with this whole thing and I didn’t really know what to make of it. There was nothing yet, just a sprinkler system I could make out and a few small other things but in my mind’s eye I could see flowers here and there, fruits and vegetables in another area and so much more. I was awed and that is putting it lightly.

What else could I do but hug him to show him how grateful I was? I kissed him too, that one is beyond me, I’m not sure what came over me but I guess it was time for that to happen and, I guess much to my surprise and delight, he did kiss me back. I’d been afraid he’d shove me away and tell me to get out but he was kissing me back and it was heavenly. He tasted earthy and spicy and I wanted more but he broke off and I just gazed at him, pleased and happy as hell and he was just grinning lightly at me. I think we were alright.

“After we get the seeds going here and the plants and whatever else you want, we’ll start working on the rest of the first floor.” At this point in time, we’re only using about a third of the whole ground floor. It’s a huge building. I’m not sure what he was planning for the rest but I had a few ideas and maybe I’d get a go at them, it could be fun. A pool would have been nice, after all and we had the room.

He leaned forward then, kissing the corner of my lips and I blushed just lightly, my head shaken as I looked over my new mock-domain. The garden would be mine to tend to, I knew and I wasn’t about to complain. “This is all yours, you can do what you want with it. Just come back down to spend some time with the common folks now and again and don’t get lost in the beauty of nature, alright?”

How sweet. I did laugh softly, feeling my eyes grow wet from happiness and I shook my head. “Of course I’ll be spending time with you. None of this, none of the life I have now would be possible without you. I’m not going to forget that.”


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