wild child

We have had to ‘child’-proof the house. It turned out to be something of a learning experience. I’m not sure it could be called childproofing since it wasn’t for a child but for the two kittens we got. The renovations in the other half of the ground floors aren’t done but like any new, excited parents to be, we couldn’t wait. Mind you, we did a lot of research before we went on a ‘child’ hunt like this. We looked at the needs of cats, how to take care of them and what they might require. We looked breeds over and figured out we were better off with a higher energy breed, it would keep us occupied in those quieter moments where we do wonder what to do with ourselves.

We found a breeder, papers and all (I did do most of the research while Quentin was mostly staring wide-eyed over my shoulder, taking it all in), just a couple of cities away. That was the first mock-issue. Neither one of us has a licence and we’re not really the kind to get one. I, for one, don’t like cars, I was hit by one and nearly run over when I was just a teenager and I don’t know about Quentin but he doesn’t look like he cares to get one. So we found the schedules of the trains and buses that ran from our city to the ones we had to be at. Public transports aren’t so bad, mostly when there are no jams.

The first visit was interesting, we mostly sat about and interacted with a few of the kittens the breeders had out at that point. They were little balls of energy, running about left and right. It provided good amusement. We filled out some paperwork, they told us it would be a couple of weeks more before the ones we were interested in could be gotten and that did give us time to at least begin to set up the house so it would be safer for the cats (and for us!).

On the way back we stopped at the store, got the litter-box we knew we’d need, got a pouch of the food the breeders told us they were feeding the cats. Something grain free, anything else was very poorly digested and could cause irreparable damage to the cat’s digestive tract. Got a fair few toys, more than we both knew we’d need but it was hard to refrain, some catnip, two scratching cat beds and a cat tower. The room we currently dub the ‘cat’ room wasn’t quite completed at that point but it was mostly ready.

Access to the other rooms were seen to as necessary. The access to the in-the-works pool room was closed utterly, we set up a door at the base of the stairs leading to the second floor since we didn’t know how they’d act around growing plants and the such, we didn’t want them to eat something and get sick. The rest was mostly just straightened out.

The two weeks worth of wait seemed like it took so much longer than that but I guess it was that whole ‘waiting’ thing. We were so excited to have new lives come into our worlds that it was hard to be patient. That and it was just one of those first things we’d really worked absolutely together and had decided on together. It was a life-changing event (for that part of our lives anyway) and we were looking forward to it.

Our trip on the train, then bus, back to the breeder’s house was a quiet one. We were both a little on edge about how we were going to go about things. We had one semi-big carrier to carry the cats back home with us. We’d thought about getting two small ones but we didn’t. These kittens were born of the same mother, had spent time together and hadn’t really been apart, that we knew, at that point, so we saw no need. They were still slight enough that they would fit just fine in the carrier and it wouldn’t be too heavy to carry. We didn’t have long to walk but that too was taken into consideration.

The breeders welcomed us with bright smiles and open arms, we played a little with the kittens, gathered the paperwork, the extra gift-bag they gave us with more toys, a couple blankets, a trial bag of food and whatnot, and we were off with our two bundles of energy to head back to the bus, then the train ride.

Once home, we made sure the doors were all closed, the windows just the same and that the safe area was what it was and we headed off to the cat room. That was where we’d set up their litter-box since we figured putting everything in the same area was the best idea. We set the carrier down in that room, opened its door and just waited. We weren’t sure how they would react, how well they’d take to their new environments, the new smells, the new everything.

It took about five minutes before they were easing out, taking note of their new surroundings and they bounded off. We’d put a bit of catnip on the cat tree and some on the beds to entice them towards those and I don’t think it would have been much necessary. These kittens had more energy to spare than we had first imagined and they were as curious as could be. Thankfully we currently, at least in that room, had nothing for them to get in trouble with.

There was plenty they could climb but nothing that would tip over with them if they tumbled. Plenty of toys to play with, food fresh twice a day and clear water from a little fountain thing we bought just for them. We were somewhat afraid for our curtains but they didn’t show much interest in those once they discovered they could leave their own personal room. They played hide and seek for hours, climbing left and right.

We both lost track of them for a while but we knew that everything was closed up secure and they couldn’t head outside so it wasn’t much a worry. After a few hours they popped back up and that really was that. We might have been worried parents but unless they went ‘missing’ for more than a few hours we weren’t going to start to fret and fuss when we knew the house itself was as safe as it could be at that point.

They really were like wild cats however, wild little children who had more energy to spare than most. They played so much, had little naps, played some more. They’d eat, drink and settle again. I think they’re a good addition to our family and I know Quentin would say much the same thing.

To think of it as a family though, that warms me in ways I didn’t think possible. Though maybe not as much as when I think back about his lips on mine but that’s aside the point. I blush and feel so warm when I think back about that, that I don’t know what to do with myself. When I get all flustered around him, he just grins like a cat-got-the-canary and it almost makes me worry for my mock-sanity, when he grins like that. It’s like he gets these ideas that he won’t share and he just, I don’t know what he plans and while I’m excited at the idea that things might indeed be developing past the point of friendship, I don’t know what to make of it all.

It’s what I wanted but what if we fail, what if we don’t make it work out? I guess I can’t worry about every little thing, though I may feel the need to. One day after the other. Right now, these kittens require attention from us both.

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