it’s time to __________

Our fine felines somehow managed to get into the first area of the garden. Some parts are closed off from the others as they’re not kept in the same temperature but still, they got in there, they played around in the dirt and while we were both aware they could mostly clean themselves up, they were filthy and we figured it was time for them to have their first bath.

Yael is laughing his ass off in his room right now. He wasn’t when we found these two trailing dirt down the steps from the second floor back to the first. He’d been terrified that they’d dug up flowers from his garden but they somehow got into the first area only and it’s the food area. It’s where he’s set up seeds to grow veggies and some fruits or what have you, I’m not sure. Nothing had started growing yet but with the mess they made, I’m not sure that anything will grow until he gets some seeds to the resettled ground again.

But he’s laughing, oh he’s laughing hard and I can’t blame him, I would be laughing too if I wasn’t too busy cleaning up the water mess they left in the bathroom. We don’t really have any area where we could have bathed them other than in the master bathroom. Now here’s the deal. From what Yael had told me, I had expected these two to fuss and flail and make bathing really difficult. Nope, not one moment, I had issues getting them out of the water and it’s the motion of getting them out (several times!) that got all the water on the floor.

They’d kept on jumping back in once I got them out. I should have just drained the tub once I was done. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that but obviously I didn’t, now the floor is more than a little wet and Yael is laughing his ass off at the situation and he’s not about to help. I suppose I deserved that anyway, he has his work cut out for him in rebuilding the food-area garden and we have to try and find out where these little rascals managed to find their way in.

We assume it was just a forgotten door but it was closed when we checked, though that was just the bottom part. The door is a two part type, where you can open the top or bottom separately. The bottom half was locked but the top wasn’t, it swings a bit on its hinges so maybe, just maybe they jumped up that way. Not something we expected.

I’d like to think we’re good owners, we didn’t punish them for what they did. It was done, what good would it have done? If we’d caught them in the act, then maybe a spritz of water as we told them no would have sufficed but we won’t know until next time while hoping there isn’t a next time. Yael is rather serious about growing fruits and vegetables for us to have on hand. I don’t blame him, it sounds like a pretty sweet and wonderful idea.

At times I look at the stuff we buy from the stuff and I can’t help but wonder. These fruits are from such and such place.. can’t they be grown here? Why not? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to do that? Not that I’m cheap or that I can’t afford it but I can’t help but wonder. This whole trying to have a city that’s self-sufficient in some way, it seems it would be the best idea if we could grow just about all of our food. I’m aware we don’t really have the climate for some of these things, these fruits and vegetables, but it has to be a minority of things, right?

I guess it doesn’t matter much, if we manage to grow fruits and veggies, all the better for us, really. Yes, I’m a greedy little bastard if I can be.

Areli and Lavi have now been dried to the best of my ability (they wouldn’t really sit still but I didn’t want them soaking wet and living puddles everywhere!) and they’ve wandered off to I don’t know where. My floor is spotless, dry, once again to the best of my ability and I can’t help but feel rather proud of myself. Though as a side note I now remind myself that if I want a bath, I’ll have to close the door unless I want uninvited guests. I mean, I take baths to relax, to have these two in there with me paddling about wouldn’t exactly be what I’d call relaxing, but that might just be me.

Thinking about that now, I guess they might just appreciate the pool once it’ll be set up. Of course we’ll keep it locked while we’re not in there, it wouldn’t do if they go in the water without supervision. That sets the decision of it being a salt pool though instead of chlorine. I don’t think I can really get it set up any other way, if there are, I’ll just look them up. I want this house to be the safest environment possible for all its occupants. If that means getting somehow the pool filters to work with something other than salt or chlorine, all the better.

I can’t hear Yael anymore though it’s been a while since the wet-floor thing. I suppose he might have gone back up to the garden to see if anything can be salvaged as far as any of the seeds he’d sown. I don’t think there’ll be much to do with the mess they made of things but we still had a lot of seeds to set to the earth and as a surprise for him I did order several little seedlings of different varieties for him. A few sweet peppers, some cucumbers, tomatoes, I can’t remember all of it but I know I got a bit of everything he’d mentioned as far as the starter seeds were concerned.

I figured it might not hurt to have seedlings to help things along a little and now that our two loving monsters have more or less destroyed all of his hard work, they’ll do good. I know he’s not mad at them and I’m not either. They’re just cat, they’re playful and curious by nature. If they get in trouble, they do but we do our best to teach them that it’s just best to not have that kind of behaviour. We can’t really do anything differently.

Now if they were human beings, that might just be really different and they’d be easier to teach (or so I tell myself but I don’t really believe it) and they’d learn that there are some things that shouldn’t be done, but they’re not human, they don’t really have a clear definition of right or wrong so I can live with being soaked to the bone every few months (or once a year, really, that’ll be enough) when they get in places where they shouldn’t be.

Now I’m not sure if I want to have a shower myself to wash up or not. I’m not dirty, just still a bit wet and mostly tired. I think I’ll just flop down on my bed and get some rest before anything else.


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