Rosemary turned out to be one of the first thing that grew and flowered in the garden. It is lovely, absolutely but I personally can’t stand the taste of it in my food. I’m not even sure where it comes from, I don’t recall the first time I ate any but I just recall not liking the taste. I suppose if Yael were to prepare something with it I might be willing to give it another try but for now, I’d rather just keep as far away from it as possible.

I’m not usually picky with my food, really, this just happens to be one of these things. That and you know, chocolate. That was a disaster in itself and it is best not to be repeated. I’ve recently made a list of things to avoid. I’m starting to wonder at my sanity. I have a list of places I want to visit, a list of places we have to avoid at all costs and now I have a list of things to avoid. So far at least that one is pretty short, unlike my list of places to visit. Chocolate, human-made medication (natural stuff goes down a little better with a lot less side effects!) and rosemary.

I didn’t even eat that whole piece of chocolate last time. I had two squares of it. I like sweet stuff but even that was over-sweet for me and before too long I vaguely recall that I was taking off my clothes and nearly bouncing off the wall with extra energy. Though I suppose I could think of it this way, if I have to take human medication, I could take chocolate and see if it counters the effects. One puts me right the hell to sleep and the other has me bouncing off the walls, you’d think they might do well together. I’m not that crazy though.

I don’t know if it’s the greenhouse set up or part of his gift as a demon—I still don’t know what kind he is and I’m not about to ask—but the plants are growing up pretty quickly up there in the garden. They’re safer now that we found out where the cats had gotten in. We set up another door, one of those with the screens on it so they can see but they can’t go into the room. That way, and it is much the way Yael seems to like it, he can leave the upper part of the wooden door open and the scent of the garden can fill the first floor of the house. I don’t mind, so far there isn’t much but an earthy scent that’s rather comforting and a bit of underlying sweetness, I guess those might be the flowers.

Lately, he looks so pleased with himself and with the garden that I can’t help but feel good about the decision that was made to let him have the second floor all to himself. It’s wonderful to know I might not be completely an idiot when it comes to spending time around other folks and helping them along with their dreams. I know I’m antisocial but Yael brings out something in me. It doesn’t make me want to be social with others but it makes me more patient, I guess. I haven’t snapped angrily at anyone in some time.

Areli and Lavi have behaved since their last bath, though I’ve had to keep the bathroom door closed when I ponder taking baths myself. I don’t do so often but when I do I would rather do so on my own and without any company. I’m more tuned to the idea of showers and they’re more common too, now that Yael told me about, well, how to take care of some issues I’ve woken up with lately. I’m still not sure what causes them though I’d have to assume that it’s the dreams I have. I don’t usually remember them but I do recall feeling pretty good when I wake up from them, that one issue aside. Though it feels good too when I take care of it so I shouldn’t really complain.

It’s just so new, so different. I mean, I was aware that humans and animals and just about everything out there on this planet, makes use of whatever it is they were born with, to reproduce, I just didn’t know it would feel good to touch it this way.

Yael has teased me some about how he might see about adding an adult channel or two to our television setup so I might have an idea of what it’s like out there, though he’s told me that most everything that happens on adult channels is scripted and far from the truth. That I shouldn’t base any of what I believe in on what I see on those channels if we were to add them in. I don’t think we will, I don’t really see the point. I’m rather fine with taking care of things the way I do now and I know Yael seems more than willing to teach me about these things.

The pool is just about finished, we found a cleaning and filtering system that should be no harm to the cats should they ever jump in to join us. There’s a small side pool, what they refer to as a ‘kiddy’ pool, it has near to no depth to it but for these two crazy cats, it might prove to be plenty if they do want some time in the water.

The bigger pool though, I think it’s going to be something to learn to swim, I know I don’t know how and I don’t think Yael does either. At this point, I’m aware that it makes no sense to want a pool when neither occupant of the house know how to swim but I’m willing to bet that it’s not too hard to learn how to and I just want to, no one can fault me for wanting to add more to my skills. Plus, set up a floater on there and just relax with a bit of music in the background and all. One of the side wall is all windows, tinted the way the garden windows are. We see outside they can’t see inside. The decor will be a bit beach-like with small palms—I’m not sure if they’ll be real or fake just yet—and a few slight plants here and there that won’t be of any danger for the boys. We don’t want them getting sick from touching or eating something they shouldn’t in the end.

It has a slow slope, the pool. I’ve seen some designs where you had some steps heading in, then a distance at a certain height, then a semi-steep slope-drop but I prefer it the way it’s set up now. It’s a slow slope all the way to the end. It’s not too deep but deep enough. At one point, I had a dream about black water, water that wouldn’t stain, a water that would heal those like me but I don’t know where the idea came from. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be possible and I don’t know that it would work anyway.

Some of the things that go through my mind, I swear.


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