something new

The pool has been completed, finished and filled as of a week now and it has seen no occupants. It is such a new sort of thing into their lives that neither one of them knows for certain if they want to be first to take a dip into this beautiful oasis of peace and serenity. The water is clear and warm, the bottom made to look as it would out in the real world, sand-like though there is not a single particle of the stuff in there.

It is on a night of Monday drifting to Tuesday that Yael approaches the seemingly endless sea of water, it looks huge to his eyes, bottomless despite that he knows better. He breathes a soft sigh, closes his eyes for a few moment and makes sure the door is closed for the time being. He’s aware that both Areli and Lavi are better swimmer than him, they’ve proven that much in the bath they had to go through just a couple of weeks back, though maybe it was closer to a month. Keeping track of time is not something he really does.

At first, instead of changing out of his clothes into his bathing suit as he isn’t sure he was going to swim or not so he merely brought it with him—that and a towel—he starts walking around the pool, almost to study it. Eyes of the palest of blues they almost looked like ice taking in the details. The slow dipping slope of the ground, like a real body of water. He can’t hear any motors and recalls that Quentin had mentioned something about how he’d been promised the motors would be quiet as could be. This was good.

His lips curl into a slight sort of smile, a slow pull upwards at the corner as he kneels by the deep end and lets his fingers dip into the warm water. The day had been sticky, sleep had been difficult, even with his fan on and this kind of warmth would be a nice change. It wasn’t too hot or too cold, just right. He takes another deep breath as he moves back to his feet and continues his walk around the pool. The edges are round, the pools he’s seen before out there in the world and on television had always had square corners, this is different.

Before too long, he is back to the shallow end and, taking a long look around the room, he nods to himself and pulls his shirt off. Then his shorts follow suit before he pulls the swimming trunks on. He knows he could have had a swim naked but it seems a little too quick. What if Quentin walks in on him swimming naked, his pale, bare bottom showing to the world? Not yet.

He takes a moment to braid his hair in a quick mess that is rolled into a bun and pinned with a single stick. It looks like a crayon, has its shape and size but it is decorative, his best method to keep his hair out of his face and off the nape of his neck when the temperature outside is too hot and sticky. He smiles to himself once more and finally moves forward, towards the pool and lets his toes touch the water.

This isn’t so bad. It isn’t bad at all and before he even realizes what he is doing, he is moving forward, slowly easing down the slow, careful slope so he is up to his waist in the just-warm-enough water. He marvels at the sensation and laughs softly, startling himself. This is so absolutely new. He closes his eyes and lets his senses take in everything that surrounds him. How the water feels brushing over him, the slight current from somewhere in the pool, the soft, sand-like texture of the ground beneath his feet though it is all packed together, of course.

He finds an innocent sort of pleasure fill him from his surroundings and the sensations, he moves back up slightly, just enough so that he can sit down, have the water be up to about his shoulders and he settles there. He doesn’t have to swim just yet, he doesn’t feel like it but he is in the water and he closes his eyes again, relaxes and lets himself be.

It’s easy to lose track of time when relaxing in a new, peaceful environment and what pulls Yael from his deeply relaxed state, almost an hour later, is the sound of the door carefully sliding opened and closed once more. He turns his head and smiles at Quentin, offering a sweet, pleased sort of smile. This is a good sort of life and the addition of the pool is wonderful, that’s all he can really focus on at this point.

“I thought I’d finally give this a try, I mean, it’s been done for a week and we haven’t even approached it. It’s not even that we’ve been busy, we’ve just been avoiding it.” Yael grins slightly and yawns, moving back to his feet before he walks to the side and pulls himself up to sit on the edge. The room is almost the same temperature as the water itself so he doesn’t feel any chills as he does so.

He turns his gaze back to his housemate, his companion, friend and, in time he tells himself, maybe more. “The water is really nice and you just walk in and it’s like the peace of it all swallows you whole, it’s wonderful.”

Quentin watches him for a moment, taking in those words before he nods and yawns slightly. He still has a tendency for getting up later than Yael does so it is likely the young man still is waking up. “I was looking for you, was wondering where you went off to and since I didn’t find any notes and the garden was undisturbed, I thought I might look in here and see if you’d come this way. I don’t have my bathing suit though.”

“Well it’s not like we need one, I just put mine on because I figured you might not want to see me naked just yet though I admit I’ve seen you bared though I never stared. You can have my towel too if you want. We should set a few up here in case, along with the bathing suits might just be easier.” It does make sense, when he takes a moment to think about it.

Yael turns his gaze away from his friend and companion as Quentin starts to undress. First his shirt, then his pants and Yael has to wonder ever quietly to himself how he can handle that kind of heat. The thought of wearing pants with the sticky weather they’ve been having doesn’t even brush his mind. Then again, he recalls that the weaver demon was raised in a land and world of snow where being covered up was safer. It makes sense.

He only shifts his eyes back to the other when he hears the sound of steps slipping into the water and he can’t help but let his gaze sweep slowly over the other. As he does, he feels a warm blush rise to his cheeks and he stares away again, willing the heat to leave him so he can be near or about his friend without either one of them feeling embarrassed, though he hardly can help it.

Every day, there is something new in their lives and he learns to adapt to it.


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