I don’t think I realized how much wood-area there was at the back of the property when I bought it. I mean, I’m aware that I’m on the edge of the city, that everything requires more than just five minutes to get to—something I don’t mind much, really—but I didn’t really think. I bought the warehouse because I figured it would make for a beautiful sort of place once it was fixed up and I know that by buying the warehouse I essentially had bought the grounds that came with it. In the end it’s mostly that I bought the grounds and the warehouse came with but I never truly realized how big said grounds were.

When we first started up the clean up of the back yard to set something up for the cats to have a play area on the outside, we kept close to the building but it left me wondering. I knew I had bought land but I didn’t know how big it was. So I went off on a hunt to find my ownership papers and all that human-rot that proves I own this place to find out more. The lot number, the information, the width and length and the rest.

Turns out I have a lot more than I thought and it’s now all private land. Call me possessive but I don’t really want anyone wandering through my property so I might have a slight sort of fence set up on the perimeter of the land with signs posted up. I’m aware it might not keep everyone out but it should give me a better chance at discovering my own land first instead of finding it littered with debris and food wrappers and the rest. Though we’re far enough from the rest in that direction that I’d like to think it still is, in the end, ‘virgin’ land. It hasn’t had many visitors, if any.

Looking at the maps I brought back home from downtown with the boundaries marked out, I realized that we actually have a bit of a river going through a bit of a walk away. The rest is mostly all forest and wooded area from what I can tell but I think it’ll be worth a good bit of exploring. We can take makers as we go and whatever equipment we might need—Yael will know this better than me—and set the makers at the lines so that whoever we hire to set up the fence knows where to set it up.

I’m aware we won’t be able to do this marking thing in a single day, the whole area is really huge and from what the maps tell me, there’s a lake at the end and it’s in there that the boundaries end. They round up in the water and come back to land a distance off. Means that folks could get on the water and onto the property that way but I don’t really see that happening. I don’t even know if that lake can be swam in. Though this is an old map, for all I really know that lake could be dried up or something, they haven’t done any updating lately. We’ll see.

I want to take Yael along when I check out the woods just beyond the edge of where we cleared things up to set up the playpen for Areli and Lavi. Though it’d be better to take him there to explore in autumn, I bet the colours are going to be so beautiful he’ll have sketch ideas for weeks to come, if he can stop sketching me for a bit.

The thought of that makes me blush a little and I feel a warmth spreading through me. He seems me as this beautiful, almost ethereal soul and I don’t know that I am but I can’t argue with him and what his eyes see as beauty. There are so many sketches of me in his books that it made me a little self conscious for a few days. Now though, I just try to not think about it and I tell myself that if he wants to sketch me, he can. It does me no harm, really.

I’ve been thinking about buying a camera. I tell myself we should take at least a photo every now and again, to keep memories of the time we spent together. Photos we can look back on in a few decades and appreciate for the innocence we had then. I know we won’t look much different in those few decades ahead than we do now, else than we might change our style, the way we wear our hair or our clothes but otherwise, I’m about as old as I’ll ever look physically, for the first few centuries I assume, in any case. I don’t know how long I’ll live.

It’s not something I spend much time thinking about at this point. I have him with me and he makes every time we wake up just wonderful. It feels surreal to wake up and pad out into the living room or kitchen or wherever it is he is at that point and to just hug him, feel him melt a little against me. We’re affectionate, I’m learning from him. We kiss, a lot honestly and it’s marvellous. We haven’t really done anything else and I’m even better with that. It’s a good learning pace.

What I really like is those times when we’re just relaxing, doing nothing at all and we end up nestled closely. Feeling him against me, his steady breathing, I can feel his inner peace, though maybe it’s more of a sense than a feel but really, it all amounts to the same thing in the end. I feel like I’m helping him to relax and he’s doing the same with me. I’m so much more at peace with myself since we started spending even more time together—really spending time together, not just being together in the same room—that it feels wonderful.

I haven’t really changed that much. I’m still not all that comfortable around humans and other kind of mortal things but I’m getting much better about it. I’m not twitching at the idea of spending time around them and I open up a little easier. Not to say I tell them anything about myself but I’m not as tight-lipped and it’s easier to discuss of those things I need when I need them.

Yael is a beautiful influence on me and I didn’t think things would have taken this turn when I asked him to move in with me almost a year ago. I cherish this life with all I have and live it one day after the other. I think this is how everything should be, really.


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