something you heard your friend say

“Wait, he said what?”

“I’m not sure, something about an accident or a flood or something.”

“Who was that again?”

“Eoghan, you know? I told you about him, we met him a couple of times in the past while we were out buying our groceries. He moved into my old apartment.”

“Okay, alright, start over. Eoghan said what?”

“I don’t know for sure, he sounded out of breath, or maybe he was pissed or miffed or something. He said something about how the apartment couldn’t be lived in for the time being and he asked if he could live here for a little bit.”

“To which you told him?”

“That I’d talk to my boyfriend about it and see what he thought about it.”


“So, what do you think?”

“Well… we only have two bedrooms and we’re using them.”

“There’s the empty room where I set up my card pyramid.”

“You think you’re ready to take it down?”

“Well, he needs a roof for a while and he’s not a bad guy. It’s not the most comfortable of rooms. There is a small bathroom out there by the cats’ room so he wouldn’t need to come into our bedrooms to clean up and whatnot.”

“Is he like us?”

“I’m not sure, I’m pretty sure he is though.”

“I guess we do attract those who are like us. I don’t much recall meeting him, to be honest but I guess it can’t hurt to offer him something to have over his head while whatever happened at his apartment gets fixed. He knew your landlady was a wicked old woman why did he move in there?”

“Not sure. Something about it being closer to his work place or some rot. He knew the apartment was comfortable enough, he’d just have to deal with her once a month or whenever she saw fit to complain about everything and nothing.”

“Well I trust your judgment on his presence with us. I wish I could recall you telling me about him before though.”

“He’ll be harmless, I promise. If anything happens I’ll boot him out faster than you can yell my name out in frustration.”

“I suppose that’s one way to look at things, it’s comforting to know you’d at least do that much for me.”

“Well, for how much you do mean to me, your safety and your health are important to me and I wouldn’t want to put you in any danger. Plus, we have two guard cats, they’ve hissed at strangers they didn’t like before and if they don’t like Eoghan, they’ll let us know. I’ll just have to try to help him find somewhere else to live at for that time frame, until he either finds another place or the apartment is livable again. I’m hoping on the former for his sanity.”

“Alright, well you get in touch with him however it is you two talk and I’ll make sure everything in that extra bathroom is usable. Wouldn’t do to have something that’s gone rank because we never use that place.”

“I’ll call him and tell him he can drop by when he wants. We can go over the house rules with him when he comes in. I’ll tell him to bring in something to sleep on since there’s nothing in that room. We do have curtains on the windows though, right?”

“No, we don’t but I know someone who can make some pretty sweet curtains without too much of an issue so that’s not a problem, anything else?”

“Har. Not that I can think of at this point so we’re all set.”

“So this is Eoghan. Eoghan, this is Yael, my ever significant other that I will maim you to the end of the galaxy and back if you think of hurting.”

“Whoa man, easy. I can play nice, I didn’t come here to start a war, honestly.”

“Don’t mind him, he’s sweetly over protective. By stepping in and not being clawed to oblivion by Areli and Lavi, you’ve officially been welcomed as a good soul, so it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ll show you to your room. It isn’t much, it was one of our unused rooms. It’s been dusted and there should be no bunnies scrambling about to try and suffocate you in your sleep. I don’t know if Quentin has told you but we have somewhat strange sleeping habits in that we don’t really sleep at steady hours. We’ll usually be up and about in the darker hours and rest during the day.”

“Now that’s a bit better, jeez, Quentin, don’t bite my ass. I’m a good guy. Not here to steal anyone away. It’s nice to meet you, Yael. Unused room is fine by me, I didn’t meant to be in the way. The tenant who lives above me screwed with his water pipes and a good portion of his floor caved and my apartment is a mess. I’ve lost most of what I owned in terms of furniture but it’s just stuff that can be replaced.”

“Harsh, I’m sorry but I guess it’s for the better, you really have to get out of that building anyway. That woman is crazy, I tell you.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it and looking, I just need to find a quiet spot. Anything around this place?”

“Well there is the apartment building just next door it was renovated last spring or so. I’m pretty sure they’re open to new tenants. You could have a look after you’ve had some rest, come this way.”

“Might not be a bad idea. This is a really quiet neighbourhood.”

“Not so much in the terms of neighbours, honestly. So this is the main room, the living room. On this side you have the hallway leading to Quentin’s side of the home, if you would. On this side is mine. Down this hallway we have the doors leading to the cats’ room, the pool though we keep that door closed to make sure the cats don’t go in there by accident. Then just here we have the room. I moved in one of my empty dressers so you’d have at least some room for your clothes.”

“That’s awful kind of you, thank you. Wow, those curtains are beautiful.”

“I set them up.”

“Quentin made them. He’s too modest. He has quiet a way with fabric, don’t you think? If you don’t have a mattress, I’m sure we can head off to a store somewhere to find you something comfortable to sleep on.”

“That shouldn’t be necessary, I stopped on my way and got one of those inflatable things. I’m not sure how comfortable it’ll be but it can’t be worse than the mattress I slept on before.”

“If you need bed sheets though, I know we can spare some of those.”

“I’d be grateful thank you.”

“Everything that’s in the fridge is good to be eaten though if you take the last of something it’d be good if you could note it down. We tend to bring groceries in every week or so, depends on the weather and the bus hours.”

“I have my own car, it’s parked up front at the moment-“

“You can move it to the side of the building if you want, I don’t mind.”

“Okay, as I was saying, I have my own car so if you guys need rides to places while I’m around, I don’t mind.”

“I think we’ll all get along fine. I’ll help you look into the apartments next door when you’ll feel like it.”

“Thanks guys, I really appreciate all of this.”


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