trained to do it

“How did you ever manage that?” He sounds incredulous, I’m not really sure what he’s going on about at this point, really. He popped in to my studio, more than likely to ask me about something but obviously there has been some side tracking.

“Manage what?” I look back to him, curiosity plain as day on my face and he points towards Areli, in the process of… bringing me the newspaper? Well that’s new.

“That?” He’s seconds from laughing at the scene, I can tell and I admit it’s funny in its way. We don’t usually get the newspaper, must be something Eoghan brought in with when he came to settle here a week ago. His search for a new apartment is going well though and I admit I might just miss the guy once he’ll be gone.

“I have no idea, Quentin. Maybe Eoghan trained him to do it.” Well it sounds plausible. If it’s not me or him, it has to be our little extra. Though he’s not so little. He’s almost a head taller than me and that makes him almost intimidating in my book. I don’t focus much on it, he’s been nothing but gentle since he stepped here, looking half-pissed at the world though that melted off his face when he stepped in.

“He’s been here all of a week and you want me to believe he somehow managed to train this playful ball of fur to fetch the newspaper?” I can only shrug at him at this point though he laughs and shakes his head. It sounds like a crazy idea but that did look exactly to be the case. It usually is Lavi who brings us toys for us to fling out for him. He adores fetching. Areli not so much. While he has as much energy as his brother, he’s a bit more laid back. He prefers to scratch at his posts, climb and laze in the sun when he has a chance.

Quentin drops lightly on my extra chair, merely looking for a distraction at this point and I let it be. I guess he’s bored. He looks up to my painting and blinks before his cheeks take on that lightly rose colour that I’ve begun to really appreciate on him. He’s adorable when he blushes and he denies doing it when it’s mentioned. It only makes him blush more visibly. Of course I don’t tease him long about it else he starts to get a bit miffed and then, well then things aren’t really all that interesting anymore.

“You’ve been working on that long?” He eyes the painting a moment more, as if he’s studying it and I shrug with a soft laugh. Longer than I’d care to admit and it’s just one of those things I’m not digging a hole for myself yet with.

“It spent a long time being a sketch on the canvas. I didn’t dare to work on it while you were awake or around to see it because I was afraid you’d think me a freak for wanting to do this.” After all, it was the painting I’d been focused on for a while, trying to add to it whenever he wasn’t about. He’s about most of the time.

A simple painting of him but the clothes are different, the surroundings are different, as if he was from another era. I can’t really explain why I think it fits him better this way, it just does. As if he was born in the wrong time frame for this planet. There’s not a lot we can do about that at this point and not a lot I’d want to do. I want him with me and that’s not going to change.

I look at the bit of paint drying on my hand for a moment before I turn my gaze to him. “I was thinking we could go to the museum one of these days, would that be alright for an outing? We would go either just the two of us or if you want, we could ask Eoghan to come with. I bet it’d relax him. I think he’s been dealing with his landlady from here, he’s been stressed.”

It’s hard not to know about what’s going on under my own roof. It’s not a small house, we all have a lot of room but I’ve heard the poor guy pace in his temporary room. I’ve heard him mumble under his breath and mutter and just… he doesn’t look rested. As a friend, I’d like to make sure he at least gets some sleep and some time away from everything that stresses him out for a while if I can help it.

Quentin blinks and cants his head, looking from the painting to me and back again. He’s silent for a while and I think I might have said something I shouldn’t have before he smiles and nods. “That could actually be really nice. I don’t know about Eoghan, he looks stressed as hell and I guess I was that way too before I moved out of that apartment. I’ll bring it up to him in a while. That and I’ll have to ask about the newspaper thing. It’s so weird.”

He let me be after that. I got myself a kiss and I was more than eager to return it. We hadn’t really shared any affection in a few days. I guess we both feel a little strange with Eoghan around, it’s just such a new sort of thing, it’s hard to adapt so quickly but it’s not so bad.

As it turns out, it isn’t even Eoghan who taught Areli to do the newspaper bit. He woke up yesterday morning to the little fur monster just dragging that bundle of news away. I don’t know whether to be amused or baffled. I only want to laugh at the mental image of waking up to a cat dragging away my newspaper. The image is more amusing than it should rightfully be.

We will also be going to the museum, he’s agreed to take us and said he could do with some time away from everything that is every day life. He promised to leave his phone in his room since he didn’t expect any calls other than from the crazy one who had been hounding him about something or other, he wouldn’t say just yet. I’m not about to pry to get him to open up about something if he doesn’t want to talk about it. That’s not how things are supposed to work out, in the end.

I quite like him. He’s easy to talk to and he’s a gentle presence, despite his height. Who knows, I might just be able to learn a little more about him before he moves next door. Then again, if he does move next door, we might have a chance at becoming more than just acquaintances. That could be nice. I adore and love Quentin to no end, but at times I know I need to speak to other folks, to welcome new souls into my life. So this is a good experience for both Quentin and I and I’d like to think we’ll be good for Eoghan.


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