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“That poor forest, they’re going to destroy it at this rate. It’s just so sad. I swear, by the time either one of us is old enough to be senile if that’ll ever happen, this planet will have no greenery left anywhere. We’ll all be eating food created out of stuff we can’t pronounce and it’ll taste like nothing. Or worse, all food will be liquid items that’ll have all the vitamins and whatnot that humans need to survive and this place will be like a big block of rock and metal with nothing green, no colour and no joy to being alive.”

“Well that was deep, where did that come from?” I have to ask. I mean I don’t live here anymore but I still spend some time here when I’m not at work. That and they do invite me over so it’s not like I’m overstaying my welcome. It helps to be living right next door. It’s spacious enough and it’s comfortable. It doesn’t have the crazy but interesting antics of cats dragging newspapers around and the voice of other people but I’m used to living on my own though before too long I should have a roommate. Aside the point all of this I’m aware.

“Just look at this!” Ah, he’s been watching these documentaries he got his hands on while I was still here, about the earth as a whole, how humans are more or less abusing it and taking all they want. Some more than others of course but I can see where he’s coming from. When I was younger, I grew up in a small village in the middle of nowhere. We only took what we needed and we ate what we could grow. That was such a long time ago though. I’ve seen what humans can do to a world. While they might think it’s beautiful and it’s perfect, all that technology, without some nature left to take care of them, they’ll destroy this planet before too long. I have my own plan for when they ruin it all beyond the possibility of salvage.

Only a few folks will be informed of that plan, three at this point but who knows if others might come to be added over the years. I’ve been alive for more than two hundred years and only recently have I found folks worth the time, so I don’t know.

Poor Yael looks absolutely outraged though and it amuses me in some way. I know I shouldn’t be amused in this situation but I can’t help it. His eyes go bright and they almost darken, his cheeks go red and he just looks ready to take on the whole world to protect his little bit of green. Quentin mostly looks put off, uncertain. I think Yael is more the type to go out into the world and worry about things, Quentin is still adapting to the fact that there is a world out there beyond this city and Siberia.

“Well, humans are like that. Not all of them, that’s generalizing but a lot of them are like that sadly. They’ll just take and take without ever thinking of giving back. There’s not a lot you can do. There are some places in the world that have been spared that kind of civilization growth but the more time passes, the more they destroy everything green that surrounds them. I’ve been alive too long at this point and I’ve seen a few different species die out. Trees, animals, bugs. You name it. You’d think that once they’ll have ruined this planet, they’ll go out in space to find another new place to live on.”

By the look on both their faces, I can’t help but laugh a little. “Okay, you’ve both been living under rocks, I forgot about that. Sorry. These folks, they’ve been out to space, I thought some of the footage from the documentary would give that away. They do show the planet from face.”

“I hadn’t realized- I mean I thought they had stuff out there that could just take photos and stuff without people and just…”
“You’re adorable.” He flushes brightly and Quentin gives me the evil eye. These guys are fun to tease though I don’t push too far, that wouldn’t be right. “Folks have been on the moon, or so they claim in any case. Who knows, they might manage some space travel one of these days that’ll be available for the common folks and not just the high folks who studied a lot or have a lot of money. What I’m saying is that they’ve damaged this planet more in the recent decades and centuries than any other human ever had in the billion of years past.”

“So… it’s a lost cause?” Quentin is trying to wrap his mind about the situation it seems. He pulls Yael to him and I’m not really surprised to see that his eyes are wet. They’re so innocent to the world as a whole. I suppose it comes from how they were raised.

It took some hours to explain things to them in terms that didn’t have anyone pulling hair out by the roots. It wasn’t easy but it was managed. Yael is still in a huff because he wants to save the world and I can understand where he’s coming from but that might just now be manageable. Still I guess it is sweet in its own way. Quentin just wants to do whatever he needs to make Yael happy and I can tell that they’ve changed one another for the better.

I’ll be bringing that documentary back home with me, I think. Save them the ache of watching the planet slowly be destroyed over and over again. I’ll exchange it for that pack of documentaries I have that essentially visit the planet, yes, but show its natural beauties without really talking about how it’s all slowly being lost to the greed of mortal men.

These two, I can tell, will be a good addition to the mini family that will come with when I head back to the other realm. We’ll more than likely be a little lonely but there’s greeneries to the edge of everything, there are new species of things to discover, there are beasties out there though some are not friendly. Who knows, others might come in the long run, I’m not the only one who knows the way there after all.

This is all a very long time coming however. Lex will be with us again soon, or with me any way as he comes back from his trip to I can’t remember where, it’s been almost twenty years since I last saw him. I think he’ll like these two though their innocence might exasperate him a little at first. I was that way when we first met and he adapted really well to me. I know he can do it with these two. Plus, Quentin is of a really rare breed so I feel a bit of a need in keeping him safe. I can’t read Yael enough to know of his origins but Quentin won’t go anywhere without him and I have no issues with that. They’re happy together, though obviously they’re still discovering life that way.

It’s all good for the soul. One day after the other.


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