country field

“Remember how it looked from that window out at the bed and breakfast?”

“Hard to forget really, but this is better. It’s more beautiful.” To me it was, in any case. The sunrises at the bed and breakfast out in the country had us overlooking a beautifully blooming field. Here we mostly have houses and some greenery, trees and the sky with its cloud. “But only because you’re with me.”

He laughs and presses his face against my neck. I can feel how he warms up in a blush and I can’t help but grin. I’d like to think I’m starting to have a hang of the way words are meant to really be spoken.

We’ve set up a couch on the mezzanine, not far from the rosebushes. There still had been a spot of unused area. It was right by the window so we set up a couch (I have to admit it took a lot of heavy lifting to get it up here but it’s worth it!) and before we drift off to sleep, if we’re both awake by that point, we come up here and watch the sunrise. I would have had to set things up differently if I had wanted the sunset but I think sunrise is as good.

Yesterday morning we drifted off together, just settled close and watching. Yael fell asleep first but he had been awake longer than I had been so it wasn’t much of a surprise. He managed to watch most of the sunrise, the sun had half drifted to hide behind a bit of a cloud by the time I felt his breathing slow and steady against my shoulder. This is one of our new favourite hobbies. If it can be seen as a hobby in any case. We just sit and watch, we relax and appreciate what is left of nature.

It’s a good make out spot too. I’m not sure how we got started on that but it sort of just happened, the day before yesterday mostly. We were just watching the play of colours and one hand started wandering. We missed most of the sunrise.

Things have changed somewhat since Eoghan moved into his own apartment, for the better I think. We both still have our own bedrooms but we rarely sleep in separate beds at this point. Depending on which one is closest at the moment or who went to sleep before the other, we’ll settle in either one of the beds for the night and just wake up perfectly tangled come morning. It’s comforting. Shower time is still mostly private and personal time though we’ve shared a shower last week. It was an interesting discovery. I’m just glad our heater doesn’t really run out because we spent a lot of time in there.

Eoghan still spends time here now and again but he’s been lately with his new roommate as of lately. I think his name is Lex. At least that’s what I understood of that discussion. Must be short for something else or so I figure. He said something about how they’ve known one another for a few decades. I hadn’t realized he was this old. I guess it’s comforting to know that we’re not alone here, Yael and me.

He nudges my chin with the top of his head lightly and I laugh, looking down at him with a quirked brow. “Off to who knows where land again, you’re missing out on the best part.”

I stick out my tongue, feeling no need to apologize and I settle my gaze back out the window. He is right though, this sunrise is particularly colourful. The last few days have been a little clouded over, this one isn’t. His hand is on my thigh however and something warms up inside me, I’m fully aware that this is going to be one of those mornings and I welcome it wholeheartedly. It seems to do us both a world of good after all and I can’t ask for more. I’m slowly putting my past behind me and this is helping me along.

We both decide on a shower once we’re done watching the sunrise though we missed the last part of it, we were too busy invading one another’s personal bubble. We shower in our separate bathrooms and it’s fine by me. It helps me gather my thoughts back to a semblance of coherence. He makes me lose track of everything. I can’t tell if it’s good or bad. I could spend my whole life holding him against me and I would be more than pleased and happy for it.

Once I’m out of the shower, I dry up, locating some boxers and I move to my bed where I flop down with a yawn. It did turn out to be another wholly busy night for us and I know I’ll sleep well and peacefully. Right as I’m straightening the pillows and pulling down the sheets about me, Yael steps into the room and closes the door. A habit we both picked up when Eoghan temporarily lived with us.
He steps up to the bed and settles in without needing to be asked or told. I move just so and he nestles against me, his head finding my shoulder. It still is strange that he settles this way against me when he’s taller than me. I think it’s comforting honestly.

I press my lips to his forehead and close my eyes for a moment though I can’t help but smile. My voice whisper soft as I offer the simple enough words, they come from the heart. “Anything out there could be beautiful if I’m with you but the most beautiful of all beings or things I’ve ever laid eyes on is you. The sunrise has nothing on you.”

He blushes deeply and tries to hide his face against me. I laugh gently and simply hug him closer to my body. I can’t help it. He’s pulled free from its chains whatever muse might have been dormant in me. All I can utter when it comes to him sounds this corny to my ears but he blushes and hides every time so I think it’s not all that corny.

I wiggle a little and tangle my legs with him as he finally settles his head back against my shoulder, his skin still warm and pink. “You’re hopelessly sweet.”

Honestly I didn’t see myself as sweet, I still had a case of rage against the morons but they were so rare in my life lately that I guess I had more time for peace. “If you think I’m sweet then I’ll be sweet just for you.”

“Stop trying to make me explode, I’ve never blushed this much in my life!” He huffs playfully but closes his eyes. I know he’s not asleep yet and my lips quirk into a somewhat playful grin. I know I’m about to set foot in his world just now and I’ll be the one blushing to no end by the time we woke up in a few hours.

“Well, I suppose you can show me more of those sketches you still hide from me, that you say are not ‘proper’ enough for my eyes to see. If they’re as racy as you seem to think they are, then we both know I’m bound to be the one to blush.” I can feel his lips curl to a grin and I know I’ve just doomed myself.

I can’t really bring myself to complain about the idea.

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