take it away

“You know, if they find it here, they’ll take it away and more than likely kick us out. I just moved into this apartment, you don’t want to be on the street so soon, do you?” I had a right to be uncomfortable. Not that I had issues with the kind of pets he kept about but I didn’t want to end up on the streets and I didn’t think Quentin and Yael would take both of us in on short notice, let alone with a snake that size. Not that it was that big to begin with but still, it wasn’t small.

“Adela. Her name is Adela and she’s a she. She’s safe in her tank and that door is always closed. She’s yet to get out and if we get kicked out we’ll go back to live in Los Angeles.” I guess twenty years apart makes one forget that their friend can be rather smug about things and about how they can afford to travel to places without much of an issue.

I roll my eyes with a sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose. “I don’t want to go back to the states, Lex. I like it here, it’s quiet and I’ve made friends with the pair of demons living in the renovated warehouse just next door. They’re really nice and I think they could come with us when all of this world goes to shit, so I’d honestly like to stay here. It could be nice if you gave it a chance.”

Alexis, or Lex for short, is a big shot attorney, he wins most every case that ever comes his way but as with most who don’t age, it’s hard to stay on the working floor for too long without significant changes to your looks or life else people start to wonder. Every few decades he changes his job, so to speak. Attorney, then he goes back to making chocolate then it’s back to being a attorney and so forth.

The thought of his going back to chocolate making makes me suddenly laugh and he gives me one of his patented looks, that ‘what the hell are you thinking about now?’ look. I snicker and shake my head, I can’t help it. “I was just thinking about how it’s about time for your life-change as is. I adore the chocolate you make, it’s to dye for but I’ll never be able to bring them any, unless you somehow can tone down the effect the stuff has on them. Yael doesn’t eat any at all and Quentin can only have a piece before he goes on sugar overload.”

From the look on his face, he still doesn’t see whatever was funny in the thought I’d just had and I shrug sheepishly. Twenty years apart without really keeping in touch can weaken a few links but we’ll get back up to par after a couple of months, it’s usually how it works out. “I’ll make sure Adela stays safe, I’ve had her too long to consider just abandoning her, you know how I feel about that.”

Do I ever know how he feels about that. When I last was with him, he had a pet tarantula and when it died, he cried oh but he cried. It was heartbreaking to see him cry his heart out this way. I don’t know why he keeps on getting new pets when the old one goes. I guess it’s a need for company. Makes me wonder if I’m not enough.

“Now tell me more about these neighbours of ours and why you want to bring them into the realm when the mortal world goes to bat-shit.” So I do tell him, about how I believe Quentin is part weaver if not whole. How I’m not sure as to what kind of demon Yael is but the tug is there in him. I can see they’re connected. It’s ‘how’ they’re connected that I’m not sure about but it doesn’t really matter. I just know that they shouldn’t be separated.

“If he is a weaver he has to be kept safe. Everyone thinks they’re gone and no more. If people find out there’s at least one here and he’s well and alive, they’ll either be out for his blood to finish the job or they’ll want to use him until he’s drained empty. Neither options are good. I suppose he could fit in at the realm.”

“I think he can take care of himself for the time being. There was an incident with where he was raised a year or so ago but from what I gathered form his mind, whoever did it has left him alone for the time being. This is another one of the reasons why I’m rather fond of the idea of staying here if I can help it. I swear these two have lived under rocks for most of their lives. Then again, most demons who aren’t raised by their own do miss out on a lot of the information that’s normally learned at a younger age. Now about Adela…”

As you can imagine, this is a conversation that went on for a while and Lex’s solution, in the long run was both somewhat startling and amusing. He asked me if I wanted him to buy the building. He could easily enough. He had money in a few different but rather secure bank accounts that were, to the human eyes, handed down from father to son after a certain number of years. It’s not a bad idea when you’ve lived long enough to amass a good enough fortune to keep going without even really needing to work. Still he does work, something about how it keeps him entertained, the money is only because it is a human necessity.

I guess his buying the building wouldn’t hurt. We wouldn’t have to worry about being evicted if someone found Adela here by accident. I could worry about the paper work and the tenants and everything else. I’ve had to do it before and I was looking to do something a bit different from the barista job I’d found. Barista during the day, part-time barman at night when I was needed. It’s been relatively boring really.

I’ll have to introduce Lex to the boys next door at one point. There’s no rush to getting there though. Yael is friendly with me now and Quentin has known me for a few years. I wouldn’t want to throw someone new at them though I know I mentioned him. Yael thought I was imposing with my height, when they meet Lex they’ll be started to say the least since he’s taller than me. A bit bulkier too but you have to be when you’re that tall and you don’t want to be a stick.

Like Quentin with Yael who’ll do anything to keep him at his side, I know Lex would go out of his way to keep his current pet with him. I’m a little envious at times. I mean, we’re together but we’re not. When we get back together after our little decades apart, it’s mostly physical, at least on his part. I can’t read him, not with his gift and I don’t know how he feels about me. I’m fond of him but I try to not let it get to be much more than that. I don’t think it’d be wise.

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