it’s gigantic

“Wow, this thing is huge!”

“I told you so.” I can’t help but laugh a little. These two really have been living under a rock most of their lives. It’s sweet in a way. They seem to discover something new almost every day, it amuses me more than it should. I’ve been busy with Lex since he’s come back and I hadn’t had time to see these two in almost a month. He bought the whole building and I had to work my way around all the paperwork. It took some time, it had been a while since I’d owned a building at all. Last time it had been a bar, an honestly really popular one and someone had set fire to it after five years of good business. I’d told myself I would never go back to owning anything bigger than a car but here I am, essentially owner, well co-owner of the whole building. Though it’s another reason to not leave this city.

Not that they’re ah’ing and oh’ing over the fact of the building. I took them to the docks this afternoon, after a fair bit or playful urging from Lex. I suppose he wanted to show off. He’s not ready to meet them yet but he’s trying to show off, I don’t know whether I want to smack him or not for the stupid idea but they seem interested in this so I figure why not.

“It’s not the biggest around but it can seem pretty big when you’ve never seen anything quite like it before.” It is a pretty yacht, it fits several comfortably but I know these two wouldn’t go anywhere on it unless they knew they were coming back within a twenty four hour span. Their cats can’t really take care of themselves, well they could for a couple of days but a litter box is a litter box and it does need to be emptied every so often.

“Well the container-ships that come about are gigantic next to this but they’re not as neat looking.” Quentin is being a little bit of a grump though he’s trying to be positive about it. I think these two might have had a bit of a fight in the last days. They’re side by side but there’s a distance between them. Not a good thing. I don’t even want to know what it might have been about.

“You guys can’t even see the docks from your home, don’t tell me you’ve seen a lot of container-ships before.” I can’t help but tease a little but he only snorts and shrugs, partly away from the current scene. Okay, wrong move Eoghan, the guy has a temper and I know this but we’re not there yet and I hope to not be ‘there yet’ ever.

“Well he did used to live in the building you vacated not that long ago, it was a lot closer to the hustle and bustle of the city, isn’t there a view of the docks from the windows?” Yael, ever the pacifist, trying to fix up whatever is wrong between them. He’s such a sweetheart.

I guess he’s right though, I hadn’t really thought about that. I also admit I’m a bit surprised he knew what container-ships were as is. I shouldn’t underestimate them. Under rocks yes, but not sealed completely shut so they are aware of certain things, just not a whole lot of them. “I hadn’t thought about that Yael, you’re right. I apologize Quentin.”

See, I can play nice as necessary.

“How about we three find a nice little restaurant to eat at? I bet you two are hungry and it’s on me. Well it’s on Lex, he gave me his credit card before I stepped out. You two will meet him before long, I think he’s just settling in still. Dunkerque is really different from Los Angeles and he’s adapting again. Usually he just moves around the states for a while. I can’t remember when he was last overseas.” Now I’m more talking to myself than to them but I can’t help it, I honestly really can’t recall when he last left the United States. I guess this is really a big change for him.

We do end up in a small restaurant. I thought they’d want to go some place they were familiar with—not that I think they’ve ever been to a restaurant before though I could be wrong, I need to stop assuming things about them—but they decided on a quiet little Indian place. I can’t recall ever having been in this place before either but most things are worth trying at least once in one’s life is what I tell myself so I went with.

The menu was interesting enough and we settled on one of those shared meals with big platters in the center and everyone takes little bits and pieces from what they want. I’m pleased to admit that I’m enjoying this new experience, I wasn’t sure if it was for me but it’s turning out to be something I’d be more than willing to add to my returning list.

Dessert was just brought out to us when I saw Yael’s eyes grow in side and that left me somewhat perplexed. I wasn’t sure what would have led to such a reaction considering everything around us was quiet but I looked over my shoulder to where he was looking and lo’ and behold, there is Lex and thank god he’s not wearing one of his attorney suits. Just some well worn jeans and a just as worn but still clean shirt.

I laugh and stand. We hug and I feel a light tremble of pleasure as his hands just subtly brush low on my back. This is just one of his signals that there will be more than simple sleep for us tonight. I can’t wait. I turn and smile to both Yael and Quentin, one still with wide and uncertain eyes, the other looking uncertain and a little defensive. I had expected that kind of reaction so I’m not too much surprised really.

“This is Alexis, though he prefers to be called Lex. I didn’t know he was going to join us and I assume you found me because of my phone.” I turn mock accusing eyes on him and he shrugs at me before he’s smiling down to our guests, I suppose is a good term for them right now. “He’s harmless despite the looks of him so don’t worry.”

Yael is the first one to fumble to his feet with a sheepish sort of laugh and he holds hand out, exchanging brief ‘pleasure to meet you’ pleasantries. Quentin takes a moment longer, studying him I suppose before he was on his feet too to exchange a hand shake.

“Well they’ve brought us some dessert and I know you’ve probably had a bite to eat before you sought us out though perhaps you’d like some tea, yes?” It didn’t hurt to ask and it helped in showing him that he was just like everyone else, height aside. So we did settle around a bit of dessert and tea, talking quietly about nothing and everything common.

I think Lex’s presence might have helped to mend whatever hurt there was between these two because by the time we wandered back towards our building, theirs just across the street, Quentin was rather possessively hanging onto Yael. I don’t blame him, it’s adorably sweet though I really should tell him that he has nothing to worry about with Lex, the slighter ones aren’t really his cup of tea. He’s usually afraid to break them.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell him, for tonight they can make up and I can let Quentin think he’s saved Yael from the big bad wolf when I’m the one who’s going to be enjoying that bad, terrible wolf.


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