that’s the plan

“You’re sure this is gonna work out?”

“Well it worked before, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work now. That’s the plan in any case.” At least, that had been the plan before, things had somewhat changed since it had first been set up however so I honestly wasn’t sure how well it would all work out in the end. Maybe I should have given it more thought. We were running a bit out of time.

“It’s just for three days, they have more than enough water to live on and the food in on automatic, the container is fresh and full and it takes a week to empty. That and there’s always Eoghan to come and check in on them at least once a day. I didn’t ask him to clear the litter box but he might just though I doubt it.”

He still doesn’t look convinced and I’m not sure what to say or do to change his mind. I guess we’ve both been a little distant since we had our first fight and it was an uncomfortable feeling. Still he’s woken up screaming three times in the past week and while I don’t know what’s prompting his nightmares, I’d like to think that time out of the house might help. More than just a few hours.

I thought that bed and breakfast lost in the middle of nowhere might not do good enough so instead I tried to forget my just about absolute discomfort with the idea of being around or touched by most humans and I booked us a weekend away in a massage parlour. I don’t know what brought the idea up. I suppose it might have been Eoghan. He was talking about how relaxing a well done massage could be. I wanted to believe him and Yael looked interested.

I haven’t told him yet about where exactly it is we’re going. I just said surprise. Three days of packed clothes. They call it the ‘Long Weekend’ setup. Three days of hot baths, mud baths if we want and massages. Steams and hot pool. Who knows it might do us both good and we might both be able to move beyond this feeling of mild discomfort over that fight. We’ve both said we were forgiving and forgetting but there’s still just that hint of tension int he air, it makes me want to rip my hair out. Not because I blame either one of us for it, because I’m wrapping my mind around how we’re both struggling to move on. This is all still so new. Eoghan makes it look easy. He’s had years.

We barely made it on the train and I have to laugh a little. That seems to be part of our usual habit. We don’t usually go around making sure to barely catch our trains or rides or whichever we’re bound to get on bu lately we’ve always made it just at the last minute. We leave early, that’s not the issue, it’s usually the traffic that delays us. So we just do our best.

There was a whole novel (almost!) of notes left for Eoghan (or Lex if he goes with for some reasons) to go through when he checks up on the boys. I’d like to trust him to not put his nose where it doesn’t belong. I’ve known him long enough to believe he’ll behave, so it’s one less worry on my mind. All I want to be worrying about is Yael’s well being. I hate seeing those lines under his eyes. It makes me want to reach out, enfold him in my arms and never let go again.

He looks out the window now, just watching the scenery drift on by as we head to our destination. When we get there, I get his luggage and mine and I get us a taxi with the address we need to head to. He gives us a bit of an odd look and this is just one of those reasons why I don’t like dealing with others in generals, not even just humans but everyone. They’ll judge you on where you’re going or what you’re doing. So what if we’re two guys heading to a spa weekend get away? Keep your ugly judgment to yourself, mister.

Still past that one look he just drives and doesn’t really try for idle chatter. My thumbs brush over the back of Yael’s hand. He’s still looking outside, taking in the details. This is a city we hadn’t been to before. There is a spa in our hometown but I wanted to get away completely without going too far away. This seemed best. That way we can’t just turn around, hail a cab and be home in half an hour. So we stay here and appreciate the quiet and calm.

At the spa, I slip out, move around the car to open his door and he blushes subtly as he gets out. There’s that somewhat coy look on his face with just a hint of coyness. I think I’m getting my old Yael back, this is a good start to this weekend. I get our bags, tip the driver and he drives off. I lead Yael to the doors and again I hold it open for him to get him. This time he grins as he steps inside and I laugh softly. I’m really getting good reactions to this little planned getaway.

When we step up to the desk, I offer the woman my most charming of smiles though I feel myself cringing slightly inwardly. I just want to be in our room and to check out just what we can and should do over the next three days to just relax best as we can. I tell her about the reservation and I’m handed my key. We’re told where our room is at and that there is a ‘menu’ of what they offer in each room so we can look that over. Some things are part of the package and some are extra. I can live with that just fine.

We walk to our room and I play the gentleman once more. I think I’ll be doing that all weekend if I can. He steps in and gasps softly. The room is beautiful in its simplicity. The fluffed pillows, the thick comforter. There are a few candles left and right though they’re unlit. I can still smell them. I set the bags down and he turns to me wordlessly.

This is the first kiss we’ve shared since we’ve had our little bit of a fight and it tastes all the sweeter. I just hold him to me for as long as he’ll let me to put everything to memory. I know we’ll be spending some time just relaxing on the bed before we look our options over. This was a good idea so far, I’ll have to thank Eoghan later on for bringing it up as he did. I’m grateful.


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