a great man

“Wow, you think he’ll do it?” His eyes are so huge, like he’s never seen that kind of thing before and I have to remind myself that this is the case. He’s lived under a rock all of his life, so to speak. Still, I would have thought that he would have heard about this before considering how mad he was at people destroying our precious planet. Though it’s their precious planet but that’s just something not really spoken of at this point and it’s safer this way just yet.

“Well, he is considered a great man by those who work at his side and those who want to keep nature going as long as possible but I don’t know that this new project of his will go much of anywhere. I appreciate his work but he’s always getting new projects going, never getting enough funding for them so they all fail one after the other, he tries, but he tries too hard.” I shrug, offering him a sheepish sort of smile. He looks so much more relaxed.

When he and Quentin came back from their little get away, they both looked so peaceful, like they’d just spent a small but overly necessary eternity just relaxing and doing nothing else. It was good to see them standing shoulder to shoulder as if that pesky little half-fight of theirs had never happened. That was the part I was looking forward to most, it’s why I accepted to look over their cats in the first place. I even cleared the litter box!

Now though, Quentin is somewhere in his own little office that I hadn’t even been aware existed, dealing with banks and whatnot, just moving some of his money around I guess. He’s not like Lex yet in terms of funds but I think he’s comfortable with what he has and he’s not really worried about tomorrow. Makes me wonder how he got it but it’s not my kind of thing to go and ask these kind of personal things.

So while he was busy, I put a documentary into the player and I flopped over next to Yael to watch it. Lex is busy with a commission piece for his work and he works best when he’s undisturbed. Normally I wouldn’t have stepped out but it’s a huge piece and he’s been a bit touchy lately so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. His work room is kept cool so he can work on the chocolate pieces and keep them from melting but he always has to transition back into the warmth of the regular air in our apartment and then into the heated humidity of Adela’s room when he wants to look on her. I swear he’ll get sick one of these days.

The documentary is about this one guy who’s going out of his way to try to save the rain-forest where he lives. He studies everything that lives in it. From the big four-legged beasties to the tiny ones that have more than we can count. He lives out there and I’m pretty sure no one would ever hear from him if he didn’t have such a strong following. All he wants in the end is to keep on studying and discovering new things, I can’t fault him for that but a few of the folks who follow him around are always throwing in new ideas for this and that and the poor guy gets dragged in somewhat unwillingly, honestly.

Entranced as he is, I guess I could try to read him a little more, a little better. I tend to be able to read from a distance but touch makes things a bit clearer. So I reach out and I curl my fingers about one of his hands. He startles a little and blinks at me, I just offer him a smile and when he keeps on looking at me as if he’s trying to understand what I’m going, I let my amused laugh brush his mind lightly. Now his eyes go wide but he doesn’t pull his hand back and I’m glad. He’s taking to this better than I imagined. I figured Quentin might have punched me.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to pry, I promise. I’m just trying to find a little more about you, things you might not be able to answer yourself. He’s calm, his eyes have calmed and he’s almost slipped into a trance he’s so focused. He wasn’t even looking at the documentary with that sort of attention. He amazes me, I swear. So instead of just digging into that locked part of his brain, I close my eyes and I pull up a mindscape. I figure it might be easier.

I watch him close his eyes and I do the same for a heartbeat. When he opens them again we’re standing in a large field and a pathway. Behind us there’s a strange structure that looks carved out of the rock wall face. I’ve never seen that kind of thing before. I look up and notice the slightly wavering sky. This however, I’ve seen. “I wasn’t sure where your mind would open up to, but I admit this is rather different.”

“This is the dream I’ve been having lately. I don’t recall ever being here in my life until it started showing up in my sleep.” He looks a little uncomfortable so I just pull him to my side and I set my arm across his shoulders. This place is safe as can be so I’m really not worried about it. Unless somehow there are protective barriers about his mind, then I might be worried about my hide but so far so good.

“There’s the housing there, I’ve seen Sterling dead in one of the rooms.” I don’t have to look deeper to know who that is and I can understand why he’s been a bit stressed. “That way, it keeps going for a while with just fields on either sides, there’s a fork eventually. One leads to a barren land, like a cave ground but without the ceiling and the other…”

He blanks out a bit and I look down to him in quiet curiosity. He shrugs and shakes his head. Well that’s alright. I hadn’t expected to bring him in with me and I can’t really go digging to find out answers with him at my side, so instead of going digging since I know I can look at a later time and he might just let me, I turn to walk the path with him for a while. Away from the housing in the rock place since it seems to be an uncomfortable area for him. Instead we just walk along the lonely path, along the fields until we come to the fork.

I watch him quietly, carefully and his eyes go blank again as if he can’t understand what’s going on. “No.. this isn’t how it usually is. Normally I’m at the pathway, I walk and come to the fork.. on one side there’s the house and the other the barren land.”

Well that could explain why he couldn’t remember what the other fork leads to, he’s more than likely never been that way. I tell myself it might not be a bad place to visit, to discover new things but he shakes his head. I squeeze his shoulder again and I pull him back from the mindscape. I’ll nudge his mind at a later time.

He looks back to the television set for a moment and close his eyes as if to make sure he’s really in the proper reality. “So what are you really?”

His words are so soft and I feel a bit as if I’ve breached something I probably shouldn’t have, I might have moved a bit fast but I see his shoulders go from slightly tense to relaxed and he sags somewhat against the back of the couch. “I’m not human at least but what I am is a bit complicated. I’m not quite demon by the terms the humans would use though I still am. I’ll show you what makes me who I am in a few days, alright? I might try to bring everyone into a mindscape, that’s what I did just there with you and we might just all share what makes us physically different but we hide, alright?”

That seems to have been a good enough answer for him and he smiles at me. He looks back to the television and I can tell he’s not interested in the documentary anymore. I’m not either at this point but it’s mostly because it’s at a point that is very honestly boring so I turn it back to the regular channels.

“I should have warned you before I touched you. I honestly thought you wouldn’t notice. I was curious to know a bit more about your roots, things you might not know yourself but once you looked at me I felt bad for wanting to poke inside your head without your permission so I brought you inside for a bit.”

“Well… it’s okay I guess. I should feel, I don’t know, violated or something but I don’t so…” he just shrugs and offers me one of his shrugs to as if to say it’s okay, I don’t completely understand it but I don’t mind. I smile down to him and I squeeze his hand lightly before finally letting it go. I know that before too long in his life he’ll better understand what comes with demon blood. We’re in no rush.


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