Today I learned one thing and I can’t help but be more than a little pleased with the thought. It was an accident really but oh it was worth it. Though by the look on his face I think I’m in for payback and I know too well that he likes his revenge cold. Still it was worth it!

We were just lounging in bed after a rather long almost marathon of love making (it makes me so warm inside to think it in terms of love still!) and I shifted to reach for something past him, brushed his side and he squirmed away and laughed. Now it has to be understood that this isn’t the first time I’d done this, it wasn’t the first time that I’d brushed past him but this squirm and laugh was new. I’d always thought he hadn’t been ticklish. I guess I was about to be proven wrong.

So as innocently as I could, I reached past him again but I stopped at his side and I let my fingers shift and brush, tickling him lightly. His laugh, oh it was wonderful and I laughed in turn before I launched an all out attack. This is just one of those things that reverts us back to the world of our childhood. I don’t know what his was like but I know that mine was less than pleasant, it might be why I have such fondness for the other two just across the street.

He laughed and squirmed and tried to push me off though he wasn’t trying very hard since he knew his own strength. I could hold my own but he could fling me out there if he really tried. I moved to straddle his waist and I just kept on tickling him. He tried to tickle me back but I managed to mostly evade and it was good for me since I’m more than likely more ticklish than him. Little touches, light little things make me shiver and sigh in pleasure but put a little more pressure to it and I’m laughing my head off and almost wetting my pants.

The tickling thing lasted all of ten minutes at most though I know it seemed much longer. He was breathless when I stopped and I just kissed him to add to that breathlessness. I see it so rarely that I crave it badly. When I had pulled back however, there was that look in his eyes, that playful sort of look that told me I was going to be in trouble.

So far I haven’t been. Breakfast was had and he went to work on a commission piece of something or other. I don’t pry into those things. It is early afternoon now and I still am as safe as I was when I finally got out of my shower and had a small bite to eat for lunch. I prepared him something but I left it out on a covered plate, he doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s working and this I have understood a long time ago.

I move to settle on the couch with a book. It’s easier to just forget about what he might be plotting for his revenge. If it happens it will and I will have deserved it after all. He’s not cruel or unjust, quite the opposite. I can’t focus on my book, I read one page and when I get to the end I realize that I have no idea what I’ve just read so I go back up to the top and start over again.

An hour passes this way and frustration gets the better of me, I close the book and set it down. Just years ago that frustration would have led me to flinging that book as far away as I could. I envy Lex a little bit for that. I honestly can’t read my way through books, my attention wanders too often. I couldn’t have studied for anything in school even if I’d wanted because of this. That he spent years in law school back then amazes me.

I’m restless and this isn’t new. I suppose it’s why I usually like the chance to work where there usually are a lot of people. It’s why I appreciated owning my own bar, working behind the counter. Never a dull moment.

I move to my feet and I head into the bedroom. This might just be the best thing. Maybe I’m just tired and it’s making me even more restless than usual. It’s not that strange a sensation but it’s always a little uncomfortable. I can’t help who or what I am, I just wish it wasn’t so restless.

The bedroom is empty as I expect it and I just slip off my shoes and settle on the bed. I roll to my side and take his pillow to hug it to myself. His scent is like a drug almost. I can close my eyes, press my face to his pillow and inhale. I instantly feel a little calmer, a little less restless. I close my eyes and I drift off.

When I wake up, it is darker outside and I blink. I didn’t expect to sleep that long but I guess I might have needed it. We didn’t exactly sleep overly long the night before, too busy reacquainting ourselves to one another. It’s always that way when we get to making love. Like we’ve forgotten everything and we learn it all over again together. Slow exploring and the rest.

I turn my head to look towards the door and he’s standing there. There’s a tender sort of smile to his lips and I return it though I blink as I try to make out whatever it is he’s holding in his hands. I feel a sort of dread come over me as I realize that there are feathers on there and the only thing that could be attached to is whatever a device to torture me until I wet my pants.

He’s thorough when he plans something and I get this feeling that I’m in for rib-hurting laughter. I can’t complain, I brought it onto myself and he knows not to push too far.

He turns and locks the door. I quirk a brow but don’t move from my spot. He could pin me to the bed if he wanted to and there’s nothing I can do about it. All I can do at this point is hold my wrists out in surrender. I’m not going to fight him, at least not yet. I know I’ll be squirming and fussing and flailing before long but I might as well try to play mock fair. Who knows he might go easy on me.

I sincerely doubt it but  it’s worth sparing a thought to. I’m about to be tickled to no end and he looks far too happy about it all. Teach me to tickle him without mercy! Maybe I’ll learn my lesson tonight though I sincerely doubt it. Not where he’s concerned. I’m always getting in ‘trouble’ and it’s always more than worth it for what comes after.


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