digging for treasure

“So why are we digging?”

“TREASURE!” Like kids in a candy store. I’ve seen so many of those in my years and it never really change. Kids get money, kids enter store, kids leave store with sugar-filled bags and no money. I suppose it might be surprising to imagine that I don’t like candy. Chocolate is different, it’s something else altogether, it can be used in its almost pure form and be bitter or be sweetened to the point where it does taste like most candies this day. Plus I don’t often eat the chocolate I work with as is.

They’ve been digging around for almost an hour at this point and I’m just watching. They can keep on digging until they reach whatever is on the other end of the planet from this city. I still don’t know why they started digging at all or when they’ll stop, I haven’t really asked and I suppose I should have.

I find myself a sturdy log and just settle my weight there. Quentin is the one who started it all, knocked at our door just two hours ago saying something about treasure and they were off. Eoghan is too much like a kid at times but I can’t fault him for it, it’s actually a little bit sweet. Especially after that tickle fight we’ve had. I think he’s not about to do it again. I don’t think he’d be sane to do it again. Not after I made him nearly pee his pants in return from tickling him.

Yael is digging but he looks a bit uncertain, I don’t think he wholly understand what they’re digging for, if there’s anything at all. Still he’s digging but he’s being slower about it. They’re all going to be aching something fierce when they’re done with this anyway, the ground is cold and it can’t be easy to dig through.

“So one of you wants to tell me what kind of treasure you’re digging for and why you think there’s anything buried here?” I get a shrug out of Yael, nothing out Eoghan of course since he knows crap else than oh my god treasure let’s dig! And Quentin finally stops to look at me. There’s that grin on his face and if he knew about the true nature of his gift I’m pretty sure I’d be digging right alongside him. I’m thankful he doesn’t.

“I went to that old antique place and the guy behind the counter gave me this map and it looks like there’s something buried here and it could be treasure!” All right, so we have a map that points to this place and there might be treasure. That seems vague as can be to me but if they want to wear themselves out this way they can do it all night long if they want. Well not really all night long, the nights are getting colder and none of us are really dressed for that kind of temperature drop.

“Didn’t you stop to think that maybe it’s all a hoax and you won’t find anything?” It’s not like I go out of my way to burst his bubble but it does seem just absolutely out there. At least the map pointed it to a part of the wood that’s on his property so they’re not digging through someone else’s yard so I suppose there’s that at least on the plus side.

By the time the sun starts to drift lower along the sky, Yael has settled next to me. He’s been there for almost an hour and I don’t blame him. The hole is nearly as tall as Quentin himself and I don’t know how they expect to get out of there. I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing Eoghan bitch whine and moan all evening into night about how much he aches. It’ll be one steaming hot bath for him.

“Guys, don’t you think it’s about time to head back? It’s getting cold out and we’re a distance off. I don’t imagine either one of you has brought a torch either.” Valid point, just by the startled look on Quentin’s face. I can barely see it but he’s still there and I can hear Eoghan swear a little under his breath. “Come on, I’m pretty sure this was just a big bad hoax, let’s go back.”

There’s a moment of silence and I hear a bit more swearing and a soft huff of defeat. “All right, I cave, I could get out of his hole well enough but I don’t think Quentin will manage on his own and my arms hurt too much to help him out, so if you wouldn’t mind?”

Of course I don’t mind, this actually amuses me more than anything else. I move towards the hole and I crouch down, I pull Quentin out first though once he’s on the ground I look down at Eoghan and I can only grin. I don’t help him, he said he could get out of there on his own after all. Yes, this is still mock payback for all that tickling.

“Uh, Lex? Mind helping me out?”

“You said you could get out on your own.” I’m trying so hard to hide my amusement, I can’t help it. He rolls his eyes at me and huffs before crossing his arms over his chest. Yael seems to take pity and heads over but Eoghan is both taller and heavier than him that would just end in disaster. I move my arm to block his way before I step back over and help the idiot out of his hole. He huffs a little more at me and he pouts. I roll my eyes, steal a brief kiss from his lips and motion towards the way back.

“Come on, before it’s so dark that we won’t be able to see where we’re going at all.” Yael takes lead, falling easily in step with Quentin and they lace fingers. I can’t help the slight quirk of a smile that tugs at my lips. They’re just fine together even if they’ve been living under a rock. Eoghan finally starts off after them and I follow him. Once at his side I playfully swat at his ass and he yelps lightly. Tonight is going to be an interesting sort of night, I can tell. Then again most of our nights are interesting.

By the time we make it back to the edge of the property and the beginning of the fences, it is dark out but the moon is bright enough. If I exhale through my mouth I can my breath escape in a small plume and I shake my head. None of us are dressed for this kind of colder weather and I hope no one gets sick.

Finally we’re at the street and I bid Quentin and Yael good night. I watch them step into their building and I turn to street Eoghan towards ours. He’s shivering and I can tell it’s because he’s both tired and cold. A hot bath and some sleep will do him a world of good.


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