“I wouldn’t really call that dancing. That’s more like bashing your head around and hoping to not hit anyone as you do it.” Leave it to Eoghan to talk about the oddest of things at the oddest of times. Though I suppose he can’t really be blamed for it. I’m not even sure how this came to be on the subject though.

“You have training in most classical dance types and in some others, I suppose it’s all different though I guess that no, people at rock concert who just do the head motion thing shouldn’t really be considered dancing.” Then again I shouldn’t have been surprised. His attention span can be painfully short at times unless I have something that will keep him focused. It’s one of the downsides to his gift. This telepathy. At times he can’t turn it off, most times really. He’s learned to shut every off if he focuses but most of the times there still is a very faint background noise from everyone around him. It’s why I appreciate keeping close to him, I’m a bit of a dampener, it’s quieter in his head when I’m there.

For most folks out there, they would consider him likely schizophrenic but it’s different and it would take too long to explain. That and they wouldn’t believe any of it anyway. So when, way back then, he mentioned wanting to learn to dance, I think I was thrilled. It forced him to focus on things, it helped him better learn to concentrate. Some people seem to think that when you’re a demon of a sort though I prefer the term gifted, that you can enjoy your gift without any downsides, that’s one very wrong way to look at things.

It took me almost a millennium to be able to better control my gift. I had a brother, when he was with me things were easier, we were yin and yang. I was strife and he was peace. We both went our separate ways when we were old enough to think we could conquer the whole world and not worry about things. It went poorly. For me in any case. He never talked about how things went on his end.

We were apart for about a hundred years before we ended up back together. It was easier when we were together but we couldn’t really do any of what we desired to. We constantly were bickering about going on our separate ways but I knew better than anyone else it would have been a disaster. So before we did finally part way in an almost final manner, he infused a small stone with his essence and I wear it on my person since. I suppose, in a way, I haven’t learned to control the downside to my gift, I don’t think it can be controlled. The stone makes it easier.

If I think about Quentin, I can imagine that if he creates too much fabric to soon, since he’s not yet aware of the true power of his gift, he might wear down, his fingers might just refuse to listen to him a bit of time. I don’t know about Yael. I can’t tell what his gift is yet though his ability with the garden that I’ve only heard of and not yet seen is one thing though he’s also an artist at heart but most anyone can be even without a gift to support it.

Eoghan shifts in my arms and sets his chin lightly on my shoulder. I blink and look down at him, offering him a gently sheepish sort of smile. “I’m sorry, I was thinking about the past for a bit. How we all learned small things here and there that helped us better control the gift we were granted at birth.”

“Oh. Should I let you go back to your pondering?” I laugh softly and I shake my head, brushing some hair from his face. He needs a cut, it’s a bit too long and it’s going to be just one more of those things that annoy him just enough to distract him. We can’t really have that. At least I think we shouldn’t.

“No, no this is fine, I’m with you I should be focusing on you. At least in the tender, hold you for a while more way. We’ve kept busy enough since last night.” All night really! “Though I’m thinking I might need to cut your hair a little bit, it’s getting long and in your eyes somewhat.”

It’s not usually up to me to decide what he does with his hair, it’s actually not even up to me at all to decide what he does but I know I can bring it up easily and without an issue. He looks up, as if he could see his hair from his spot and goes cross-eyed a moment. I laugh again and shake my head. “I guess it is a bit long, we can do that later. For now, snuggle.”

And snuggle I am happy to offer him. He feels just right against my side. Before too long we’ll shower and I have a feeling I know where that will lead us but I can’t complain, I never can when it comes to him, unless it concerns his health the way I mock-complained last night. Though I did make sure he sweated that fever out. Now he’s bright eyed and clear minded.

“Do you think I should go back to dancing?”

I have to admit the question startles me somewhat and I have to cant my head back slightly to give it some thought. “Well it would be up to you if you wanted to go back to dancing but that depends, just dancing to dance or are we talking dancing and competitions? Because if it’s the latter, we both know you’ll have to travel and you won’t be able to keep to this city very long while the competitions last.”

I saw his eyes darken slightly at the thought and he frowned, pressing a little closer to my side. I tug him a bit tighter to me as he shakes his head. “I hadn’t thought about that. I don’t really want to move away from here and I don’t want to travel the world any time soon, I like it here, it’s quiet and peaceful.”

Short version as he wasn’t saying it, this place was quieter for his mind. That and we were far enough away from the town centre that it was quieter still. It made me think and realize that what would have been best for him was a place where there were as few upstairs and downstairs neighbours as possible. Quentin had had the right idea with building himself up in that old warehouse. It was a thought to entertain. There was another one just a block away that was essentially still in good condition, it just needed some repairing and fixing up to make it more than livable. I don’t know what I hadn’t thought of that before.

“I’ll be your dancing partner, how’s that? Here’s another idea that just crossed my mind. There’s another warehouse a block away on the other side of Quentin’s home, how about we buy that and rebuild it up to suit our needs? Less people around, less distraction?” It’s hard to hide the somewhat hopeful note out of my voice but I’d like to think I manage well enough.

He cants his head and moves to straddle me. I settle both my hands low on his hips, fingers just brushing over his skin. He looks at me with those bottomless eyes for a moment, really considering my words before a smile breaks out on his face and he leans forward to kiss me. Not just a peck, a deep, searching sort of kiss and I’m more than happy to press back against him. “I think that would really be wonderful. Wouldn’t have to worry about Adela being caught, you could have a huge terrarium for her and a work room for your chocolate and maybe I could have one for this new project I have and maybe, just maybe we could live on the top floor and have the lower floors ready for others like us.”

Now that is a brilliant idea. Others with gifts are a bit more close-minded than humans, I’ve discovered through him, so preparing the bottom two floors so that others like us, should we ever meet any, can have a roof over their heads, is a perfect idea. “You are a genius!”

I move to the edge of the bed, still keeping him on me and I move to my feet. My hands on his ass to hold him up are firm and he laughs, squirming before curling his legs about my waist to keep himself from falling. I walk us to the bathroom before setting him down on the bench from the night before and I feel him shiver against me. I think we’re finally heading in the right direction with our lives. All of that thanks to a couple of still fresh from the earth gifted. I wouldn’t have expected it.


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