“We can’t do that, sir.”

“You can’t do that. I’ve seen pools on the roof of several different hotels and you’re telling me that you can’t set it up on top of this one?” It was hard to believe. If it could be done for hotels, why the hell not for this soon to be renovated warehouse? Of course it still was in poor condition but that was to be expected, I was in the middle of looking the plans over with the team leaders.

“The roof isn’t strong enough, stable. Adding that kind of thing up here would cave everything in. What you’re asking for is impossible.” These guys had to be morons. I have to struggle to rein in my temper when I’m working with idiots like this guy else who knows where his bones might end up. I’ve had long enough a life to learn to not let my gift get the better of me but at times I swear some folks go out of their ways.

“Look.” I point at a design on the plan. “The whole floors to ceiling structure is being reinforced, done over in some places so it could support the weight of the pool and the set up that was designed. The other team I checked this with said it would easily be achieved. So you better talk to your boss about how you’re saying that what was once deemed more than possible before the plans were even properly completed is now somehow impossible.”

Now I think he’s starting to get the picture. I think the worn clothes and more than worn jacket were leading him to believe he was working with a know-nothing from the countryside who built things out of debris for fun or something. I am not a redneck. I have nothing against rednecks. I just know what the hell I’m doing and I hate being second guessed. I want this pool on my roof and I will have this pool on my roof. With greenhouse over it to keep it nice and cozy and warm and heaters and all so it can be used year round. You’d think I’m asking for the moon.

“Well, all right sir. I’ll talk to my supervisor about this but I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to set up a pool up here.” Ugh. He’s still not looking at the big picture. Not the way his eyes sweep over the roof as it is now. I could shake him to get him to see the point that this is old, it will be reinforced and replaced. Some mortals are worse than others. Then again in the years I’ve been alive, I can say this in general, some folks, mortals and not alike, are worse than others.

I spent another hour trying to get him to understand what I wanted with the crew and he still wasn’t getting it so I pulled out my phone and walked off. Placed a single call and this guy better not be team leader when they come back to really start the whole construction process.

The moment I step up into the apartment I can feel my mood begin to shift subtly and I blame the scent in the air. I think Yael dropped off more raspberries and Eoghan might just have tried his hand at a pie of sorts. The air is filled with heavenly scents and I feel the anger slowly drain out of me. The sight of my lover wearing a dark apron over his clothes, dusted with flour, helps a little more still and I feel my lips begin to quirk lightly at the corners.

“This is all so domestic. My having to fight with the construction crew to get them to understand that the plans are not only possible, they’re very well designed and you here at home, baking away to your heart’s content. I feel better now than I did just a few moments ago, thank you.” Oh the smile, he grins ever brightly and winks before he’s turning around to the oven and pulling out a beautifully golden pie. I’ll assume it’s raspberry filling inside but I can see he also has a bowl on the side and I’m thinking that and the whipped cream will be going on top once it has cooled some. He’s spoiling me.

“So tell me about the idiocies of the workers we hired to restore the warehouse to a state even better than its former glory?” I can tell by the soft tone of his voice that he’s actually genuinely curious about my day, not like some temporary past lovers who only uttered the words of curiosity about my day to get into my good graces.

I shrug and finally take off my jacket, scarf and gloves. “He just kept going on and on about how it was impossible to have the pool set up on the roof. He kept on looking around at the roof as it is now and I wanted to bash his head in for it. His superior said the plans were more than fine, simple to work with really so I can’t begin to understand why this moron can’t see the big picture. I called his boss to complain and I’m just hoping that by the time they come back, he’ll be either gone or if he’s still on the team, he won’t be at its head.”

I’m honestly tired, worn to almost itty bitty bits and I grumble. I’m hungry but I’m not. My emotions are conflicted and that’s because I’ve had to struggle some with my temper. It always leaves me feeling a bit off. When he steps towards me, I merely lean down to peck his lips just lightly. “I’m going to go on ahead and have myself a steaming bath for a bit, I need to relax in a bad way and I think that if I took you to bed, I might just be too rough. We can’t have that.”

He simply nods, understanding well enough. We trust one another to keep the other safe. This is in every possible way or situation to the best of our ability and it also extends to the time we spend together in the bedroom. Hurting him is the last thing I want. So a bath is the best option.

I walk to the bathroom, only shedding my clothes once I’m there. I take a towel and set it on the heater, turning it on slightly. I turn to the tub and run the water as hot as I know I can handle. A few drops of bamboo scented oil, something I began to appreciate on an old trip when I went to Japan. I turn the water off and slip into the tub with a low sigh of content.

I’ll teach them the impossible. Honestly. I’m aware that this is the first building I’m renovating so thoroughly but it certainly is not the first house I have had built. I know what can or cannot be achieved and I know that a pool set up there is more than possible. Some people, I swear.


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