human spirit

“So this place is haunted?” It does look awfully dusty and mostly abandoned but I have a hard time believing it might be haunted, as our host and mock tour-guide states. I look back to the rest of our little group and my lip quirks somewhat. Quentin and Yael, Lex next to me and a few mortals. Halloween is just one of those things where silliness occurs and since neither Quentin or Yael had really celebrated it before, I had thought it could be a change of pace. That and I was still trying to make up for the ribbon issue we’d had just four days ago. Yael wasn’t really talking to me and I know I deserve it, still it stings.

I thought that a tour in one of many supposedly haunted places could be interesting. When mortal dies, some are reborn but some are stuck in place, caught as if in a loop or by chains of sort. I can usually hear them. Their voices tend to be faded, they sound different from everyone else I can hear around me. Though with Lex so close to my shoulder, fingers just brushing mine, everything is pretty hush-hush. It’s peaceful.

“Oh yes, very haunted. There are spirits everywhere in this house. We have several different photos depicting these and showing us just where exactly they are. This house has a very grisly story to its name-…” This was bo-oring. Absolutely so. Our tour guide still was droning on but I essentially put him on ignore. I focused my attention to our surroundings. Now if the mortals hadn’t been there I would have played a prank or two, then again it might just be funnier with the humans there. I’m a bit worried about Quentin and Yael though, I don’t want to spook them too much, I’m still making amends.

So I reach out carefully with my mind, brushing Yael’s own and he turns his gaze to me. I can tell this is half a bad idea but he doesn’t push me away, lets me brush his thoughts with the barest of whispers. ‘I want to have a little spook contest with the mortals, so whatever you hear, it’s most likely going to be me, all right?’ He looks uncertain for a moment before he nods and he brings his lips to Quentin’s ear to tell him what I’d said, or warn him. I don’t know if he’s told him about my gift. I did ask him to keep it a secret of sorts. Maybe he’ll say that it’s something I had planned before and had told him about. It was unlikely but it was the only option.

I could feel some energy about this place but it was faint, faded. If there were spirits here they were mostly ready to pass on and be reborn though something or other was holding them back. It wasn’t my job to help them along after all. Still if I could have some Halloween fun with these humans then my day wouldn’t have been too boring.

All it takes is a few bare things. A chair scraping against the floor and hitting the wall, the rattle of some chains and a few bangs before every one, including the tour guide, is running out, leaving us four there. If we’d been like the rest, we more than likely could have sued or something, the guides aren’t allowed to leave the house until every single client is outside. Still, I suppose it isn’t so bad. We have the place to ourselves though it is quite a bit dusty.

We walk from room to room, I explain things as I sense them, telling them about how such and such person lived here long ago. Eventually Quentin questions how I might know all of these things and I tell him it’s part of my gift, that I can hear the voices of those living and dead but that I don’t pry into the minds unless I’m invited. He looks a little uncertain but shrugs it off. He steps back to Yael and they hold hand. Hardly because of the ghost factor but merely because they can, it’s sweet.

When we walk back out of the house, we see not a soul out there. All participants of the group and the guide have utterly fled the scene and I can’t help a small laugh. I calm down quickly enough as Lex nudges my shoulder and nods towards Yael. I suppose it’s that time and I don’t know how I’m going to manage. I haven’t actually apologized to his face yet. I’ve apologized to Quentin who then told Yael but I know it’s not enough.

I walk over to the pair and clear my throat slightly. I know Quentin has forgiven me already for the most part but he’ll only truly forgive me when Yael will. I sigh and tug my hand briefly through my own short hair. “Can I have a word with Yael, please? Alone if that’s possible.”

I remember when I spent a week with them at their house, Quentin had glared me to death and threatened harm if I had done anything to Yael and my lips quirk just barely as it crosses my mind. He’s glaring at me now but Yael sighs and nods. Quentin walks back to stand to Lex’s side but I can see he’s less than pleased with where he’s at currently. I walk a few paces away with Yael and I lean back slightly against the house.

“There are no words for what happened that day, Yael. At first you didn’t say anything so I guess I assumed you didn’t mind. When we were done and you reacted poorly I didn’t think you really were that uncomfortable about it. I thought you were just sort of playing along. I’m sorry we left you alone that way and I’m sorry we did it at all to begin with.”

He looks up to me for a long moment, as if studying me before he sighs but doesn’t drop his gaze. “I cherish my hair above all. When I was a kid in the orphanage, some kids cornered me and cut it all off with a pair of scissors. They snipped my ears and scraped my head plenty while they did it. It took almost forever for it to grow back. My hair is just… I feel like it’s all I have going for myself and I should have said no when it all started.”

I shake my head and yes, idiot as I am, I dare to reach out and brush a loose strand of forest-green dyed hair from his face. “I’m the one who’s apologizing. You have nothing to apologize for. It was my stupid idea to begin with and I’m only hoping that you can eventually forgive me for thinking it up.”

He shrugs but there is a small, tiny little smile to his lips. “So long as it stays in the past. On another note though, was that you who did the pacing thing above our heads after the other tour folks were gone?”

I blink at him and look back up to the house. “No, I only did the chair and the rattling and the wall bangs because there were objects I could move. I didn’t even notice the footsteps after they left. I guess this house might just have a couple of guests still at this point. Or maybe just folks who don’t have a roof and are squatting in there. Hard to know. Are you hungry? I could go for something warm to eat right now.”

He smiles again and nods, this time his eyes are a little brighter. I think I’m on the road to forgiveness.


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