It has been a quiet, cozy day in the middle of November. Both Quentin and I seem to have settled into sleeping mostly at night lately. It’s a strange change. I’m not sure if it’s because of the time we spend with Eoghan and Alexis but I assume that that is what it is. I don’t mind so much. There’s not that much to witness at night in the winter really.

We spent the better part of the day just talking and playing games, this game and that one, all four of us. Monopoly however is banned from this house, Quentin never managed to understand how it was played. Areli and Lavi have made little pests of themselves for a while before they were off to their room to more than likely nap in the comfort of the indoor heat of the sun.

The sun is done setting and we’re all mock-camped out around the fireplace, on the other side of the room the television is on a Baroque channel and out of it pours sweet, quiet classical music. Suddenly, however, everything goes dark and silent without so much as a warning. The only light we have is that of the slow burning fire and I find myself almost dumbfounded before it catches up to me. The electricity is out.

By the time I seem to have understood that and I’m moving to my feet to get us some candles to at least light the way around the house, Alexis is on his feet and looking for his coat. He’s mumbling something about Adela and the generator. I look out the window and, of course, everything is dark, even the rare street light that tend to show the way. It means that heat, in most cases, is not going to be running. We heat the house through electricity like most everyone else here so we’re out of that but the fire is warm and we can keep it going all night as need be. Hopefully before morning the electricity will be back.

Alexis is out of the door after a few moments and Eoghan explains that Adela, his snake, needs heat and he has a generator just for that purpose. Usually it starts on its own but it’s not always the case so he prefers to check on it to make sure it’s full and will keep on running to keep at least that one room hot. I don’t know if he’ll come back or not, I hope he does. Yes, I can understand the worry for a loved pet but it’s not worth freezing over if they have a source of heat that’ll keep them cozy and you don’t.

Quentin comes back with several candles (and some swearing as he hits a few bits of furniture on the way). I can’t help but laugh lightly. “I guess we should keep a pocket light here on hand just in case. I’m surprised we don’t have a generator set up now that I think about it.”

I guess that since we never had to deal with a black out of the sort before, especially not in the colder autumn months before winter really starts to set in, might explain that. I think it’ll be rectified before too long. Though it may have to wait until spring when the weather makes it possible to install without too many issues.

We light candles in most places where they’ll be safe from the cats should they decide to run about and we just settle back in front of the fire for the time being. Almost an hour passes before Alexis is knocking on the door and letting himself back in. He’ll need plenty of time in front of the fire. I can’t imagine that their apartment went that cold that fast but still. He looks at peace so I have to tell myself that he’s managed more than well to get Adela set up with her own heat for a good few hours.

I take his coat and hang it up before I’m wandering to the kitchen to heat up some water. The good part about life in this warehouse at this point is that we’re working with natural gas for the kitchen and the bathrooms, so cooking things is still a breeze. I set some water up to get a few cups of teas going and I can see a blanket being handed off to our newly returned friend. At least he’ll warm up quickly.

I guess I just know my way around the cupboards, even in this almost dark. I have a single candle to help me with things and I’ve kept it on the counter so I know where I’ve set my cups. I bring out a few different types of teas and I set up a tray with everything, the cups with the hot water, the tea, some sugar for those who might like something a bit sweeter to drink and I head back towards the fireplace where I set everything down on the low table.

“The cups are bound to be really hot so try not to burn yourselves, I don’t know that I might manage to find my way to the bathroom where we keep the first aid kit.” It’s a quiet joke more than anything else since the lot of us do heal faster than mortals do. It’s not an instant sort of healing but it is rather fast paced so it’s nice to have as a little ‘plus’ to our gifts.

We fall to silence as we all settle with a cup. Quentin and Eoghan both ruin their teas with sugar but that’s just the way I see it. If they like sweet it’s more than fine by me.

We spend the whole night just talking, sipping at tea and nibbling on crackers. By the time the sun begins to shine lightly in the distance, the hum of things coming back to life makes itself known. The lights flicker on, the heater kicks in, the fans on the ceiling start up again to better distribute the heat as it rises. It looks like we have our electricity back. Most of the candles are on the verge of being completely burned through and I let them. They all have a faint but pleasant smell to them and the whole house is just delicately scented.

Alexis and Eoghan both move to their feet to gather their coats to head back across. I don’t blame them. We’ve all been awake for a long enough time. I saw Eoghan nod off a little against Alexis’s shoulder but I doubt he’s gotten much rest this way. We bid them a good day and good rest before cleaning up the mock-mess we’ve left on our night out in front of the fireplace.

The fire is almost through so Quentin leaves it be, just making sure the panel in front of it is secure. I clean up the teacups and the rest and he blows out the few slight candles that still have some burning time to them. We put everything away and just briefly we head to our own bedrooms.

We change into our bed time clothes, we wash up a little and we meet back up in his room. He tends to keep it warmer than mine and even after all this time without heat, his still is more comfortable than mine. We waste little time on deciding who sleeps on which side before we’re crawling into that bed, socks on for the time being as it still isn’t all that heated up yet and we nestle. I think we deserve this sleep, after all.


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