“That’s… very colourful, thank you Quentin.” The shit-eating grin on the little bastard’s face was enough to make me want to shake him but considering he had actually made that blanket from beginning to end must have required a lot of work out of him. Plus it’s not so bad looking. Tie-dye just isn’t usually my thing but this deep green and blue thing isn’t so bad. It’s actually sort of nice. Even Lex is looking somewhat impressed over the whole thing.

Christmas morning, They invited us over to open presents. We usually open ours in the morning as well so it was a plus, if we’d opened them last night I’m not sure it would have been quite the same. Lex said they might invite us too so we waited for that call and it did come, it’s their first time celebrating after all, it makes sense to want to invite us over.

Surprisingly enough, we have ourselves a white Christmas. I can’t recall when I last had one of those myself. I mean past the few years I’ve been living in Dunkerque I was living down south where the weather never really dropped beyond what I considered a comfortable warmth though others wandered around in light coats. I suppose it does explain why I nearly got sick when we went on that treasure hunt. I was under-dressed for the weather. I learned my lesson.

Yael has several prettily bound books for Quentin, old things, they look almost like first edition and I wonder where he’s got them from. They must have cost a little fortune. He handles them with such care. I wasn’t sure Quentin would have liked them at all but his eyes lit up like I’d never seen before. I’ve known him longer than Yael but I guess I don’t know him that well in the end. Not such a bad thing, leave it to his boyfriend to get him the gifts he really want.

There are bits and pieces of art supply from every one of us to Yael and he looks pleased as can be, not a very surprising thing. Quentin motions towards an old antique desk that is sitting next to the tree with a cloth bow just resting on top and mentions that this gift had to be given before this morning since it was hard enough to wrap it. So it had been given when it had been received. It’s a beautiful old piece. It might need a small bit of work but not that much. Yael looks plenty pleased with it. They catch on quickly to this gift giving this.

Lex has been asking to give me his gift last and it leaves me wondering. Usually we just give each other little gag gifts though I guess not so much when we’re reunited for our first holidays together after so many years apart. I found an old book on the art of chocolate. I’m pretty sure he’d already seen it or even read it but he looked genuinely surprised and touched by it so I guess I did rather well.

A few more gifts are handed left and right, small things before finally everything has been handed over but whatever Lex has in store for me. So I turn to him, curious and he holds out a box that looks like it could house a few layered t-shirt and I have to blink. Is this really it? So long as it’s not more tie-dye, though it is mostly fine looking tie-dye.

So I open the box and my breath catches a little. These are shirts like I’ve never seen anywhere before and I don’t know where he might have gotten them. I sneak on look to the other couple just looking at me with more interest than that of knowing what the gift is and I suppose I can put two and two together. These are going to be one of a kind. Still they’re just shirts though.

I put the box down and I pull out one shirt, then another. Five in all before I find a scarf. It feels so absolutely soft between my fingers that I don’t know what to say. It’s what I find under that scarf however that makes me really catch my breath. I’m not sure the materials on those but it doesn’t matter. A bracelet that fits just perfectly on my wrist with stones embedded on it at intervals, those are the colour of my eyes. A necklace that seems to be made in the same way. Masculine but with just a hint of something to it. There is a somewhat bigger stone at the center of it but not enough to make it too feminine for me.

I feel my eyes begin to grow wet and I have to screw them shut to keep myself from crying. This is purely beautiful and I feel so happy. He enfolds me in his arms, holding me tightly. His lips next to my ear murmur words of love and adoration. They are words I have heard before but they mean so much more to me in that very instant.

There is a need to have him take me utterly there and then but I manage to rein that down. I don’t know that our hosts would appreciate it though it might be a learning experience. I laugh, an almost shaky sort of sound but I am filled to the brim with happiness. Lex kisses the tears from my cheeks and shifts to sit back down and he holds me to his lap. This is perfect as it is.

“This is absolutely beautiful and perfect, thank you guys. I can tell they’re unique and there’s never going to be anyone else in the world who will have something like this.” I feel appreciated, I feel loved. I feel like this friendship we all four have, beneath the love we share in pair, has just taken a leap forward. Whatever binds us together is even stronger now.

We spend a few hours discussing gifts and having a light breakfast of fruits and cereals. When noon comes about, we bid each other a happy Christmas and say we’ll more than likely be getting together for the new year. This is something else they’re not used to so Lex has offered to take us all out onto the water to see the fireworks they’ll be setting off at midnight. Given the water hasn’t frozen over and it hasn’t. It never does. It gets cold enough for a small bit of snow but not cold enough for frozen water, let alone for it to be an issue for his yacht.

It will be a wonderful sort of evening and I’m impatient to get to that point though right now I’m more impatient with the idea of getting back home where I can show Lex how I really absolutely feel about this gift he has given me. I think the rest of our day is going to be spent in the bedroom and there’s going to be not getting us out of there unless it’s an emergency. This is just one of these days and this is how I want to celebrate the beauty of the gifts he’s given me.

The tie-dye blanket I set down on the couch as we step inside. We can use it to keep warm when we’re there watching television in the evenings or afternoons or whenever. It looks pretty cool where it’s at.

When he has his coat off and boots off, I don’t even give him a chance to utter anything. I just take his hand and walk him towards our bedroom. This is the best gift of all and we both know this.


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