cold day

I’m pretty sure this is the coldest day we’ve had since winter began to settle properly. With its small bits of snow and its heavy humidity because of the water not that far away. It makes me rather glad that these three Alexis found on our property where the warehouse is being renovated are now cozy and warm a couple of floors beneath us. I don’t think Zora really trusts us but I suppose if she’s seen some horrors what with having had to take care of her brothers on her own since they were toddlers, I don’t much blame her.

Agni and Mira are more trusting, a little. They’re curious. Like little kittens that get into everything and everywhere. It’s sort of fun to watch honestly. When I dropped them off in the apartment that was to be theirs until the warehouse was ready, they went everywhere, looked at everything. I left, got the key and handed it to Zora. I told her that if she had any need for copies for her brothers I wouldn’t have any issues getting those for her.

She just sort of slammed the door on my face and I let it be. One of the tenants called about an hour ago because the twins were knocking at his door and he didn’t know who they were supposed to be with or where they belonged. So I went downstairs and I walked them back up to mine and Lex’s apartment. The doors they don’t have access to are locked and secure and I don’t much mind if they touch most everything else currently.

Lex finds them adorable. He won’t say it but it’s in his eyes. The way he looks at them, there’s fondness in there and I think that if they hadn’t been with their sister—I honestly think she’s a bit older than me—he might very well have taken them in. They don’t talk much but their eyes speak volumes about how they’re feeling. I’ve tried to explain to them that this is the one apartment they can come knocking to, that it’s safe but I don’t know if it got across. I’ll just have to wait and see.

At this point, they’re settled side by side, under that ever brand new but absolutely warm blanket Quentin made me for Christmas. They both have a cup of chocolate on hand and they’re taking careful little sips of it. I guess they might never have had any before. That’s why I made it a little less sweet and more natural. Not everyone likes sweet things. Mira sips from it and I see him smile to himself and to his brother but Agni is staring at his cup as if it was missing something from it.

I think for a moment and I suppose the idea comes from trying to be too predictable. What if, somehow because of his fire gift, he likes things a little hotter? So to speak. I wander off in search of that spice Yael brought to us last time, we have barely used any it’s so spicy. I bring it over and hold it out to him. He keeps his nose a certain distance from it and he breathes in the scent. His eyes shift just slightly and I’m thinking I can take the hint. I take just barely a sprinkle of the spice and I drop it into his chocolate. I take his spoon carefully and stir it in before I wander back towards the kitchen to drop the spices off.

He’s not looking like the chocolate will bite him now, it’s a good thing. They’re still both just sipping slowly, carefully but it’s nice to know they’re warming up. I don’t know where they’re from, I can’t begin to guess and I don’t know that I want to poke into their head yet. I’ve been in the head of a fire demon before and I was burned, just about literally. He didn’t appreciate my presence and let me know. If I try with Mira, I might chance drowning. I don’t know which is worse.

When they’re done with their cups, I take them to rinse them in the kitchen before I’m back in the living room, kneeling slightly in front of them. I match motion and words in hoping to get my message across. I rest a finger lightly against my temple. “I want to see if we can’t talk in our minds, we might better understand this way.”

Languages are not so much a barrier in the mind, it’s just one of those things. Maybe they don’t talk French or English really. I know a few others but their names and the looks of them screams India which I have no knowledge of the language. I hold both my hands out, palms up towards them. Agni looks at it with some distrust but Mira’s eyes are warm and open and he puts his hand into mine without an issue. I can see it one, Agni out to protect his brother from the world because he’s too trusting.

I curl my fingers about Mira’s hand gently and I feel something click between us, an easy connection. They’re already holding hands so I can somewhat feel Agni but it’s a faded thing. After a moment, he sighs, grumbles but sets his hand to mine. I smile warmly at him as I curl my fingers and pull them both carefully into a mindscape. I’ve never done it with twins but it comes more easily than I had first thought.

I can hear a waterfall in the distance, the crackle of a fire. The sky is dark and I have to assume it’s night. This is so strange. “I mean neither one of you any harm.”

Those words are as true as my name is Eoghan and I’m gifted with more things than I can really explain. Mira suddenly latches onto me with a bright laugh and Agni keeps a step back. I chuckle softly and I hug the slight young man to my side. He’s so tiny. They both are, tiny and slight.

“I swear, Agni. I only want to make sure you’re both healthy and safe and that we might have a better understanding of one another.” He grudgingly looks towards his brother who still is clinging to me, his head to my chest and he sighs before nodding. I motion for him to lead us where ever it might be he wants to go. This is their mind I’m wandering, after all.

We walk for a while, Mira’s hand in mine and he’s holding onto it very securely, I had expected Agni to be at his other side but no, instead he’s at my other side and his hand brushes mine briefly, barely. Like he wants to but doesn’t trust me enough. I don’t mind. We stop by a lake, its water is as clear as can be. There is a waterfall feeding it with an almost deafening roar but it’s not too loud from where we stand. Within a circle of rocks, a low fire burns. I expected that, all things considered.

I sit down on the white sand and I have to laugh when Mira rushes off towards the water. He’s absolutely sweet. Agni sits down by my side finally and I offer him my hand to study if he wants to. He takes it after a moment but he only hangs onto it. Something warms in me.

“So you’re gifted with fire and I can imagine you’ve found yourself burned a few times. Mira seems to be water. Is your sister gifted too?” He looks at our linked hands, as if he was now really studying them before he nods and sighs.

“Wind. She says, time and again, that our parents were human, mortals, ungifted… but would ungifted people really be able to birth us?” I have to say I don’t honestly know. I’ve heard stories of half-breed, human and demon together or human and angel but the details are vague. With my free hand, brush my fingers along his hair, curious more than anything else.

He smiles just faintly at me and looks back towards the water where Mira is splashing about, though after a few minutes, he’s running back out of the water and coming our way. I expect him to sit own in front of my or at my side but no, he flops on my lap and I can’t help the amused laugh. He’s absolutely adorable.

“There is a lot of knowledge that gets lost over passing years. I could try to dig deeper into both of your minds but that might be for later, when we’re more open with one another.” Mira hugs me and I snicker softly. He’s plenty open and I can tell Agni does want to trust me, so it’s a good sort of thing.

It’s also a good thing that physical things in the mindscape don’t transfer to the real world as I’d be absolutely soaked by now. “Now, if you two ever need anything or if you ever want to talk to someone, I’m usually always in my apartment. The other people in the building shouldn’t really be bothered, they won’t understand. In a few months, the building where we found you guys will be finished up, at least in a basic sort of way and we can all sit down and decide how you and your sister would want it to look.”

I take a moment to tell them the way Lex and I had planned things, how we want the first two floors to be housing for gifted folks who need a roof. Those who can afford their own homes and manage to hide their gifts from the world aren’t an issue, but young souls like these two and their sister are different.

Eventually, I pull them back out of the mindscape and as I release their hands, Mira moves to flop onto my lap, his arms about my shoulders and he just hugs me. I chuckle softly and hug him back. I turn my gaze to Agni who cants his head, seems to ponder the safety of such a motion before he’s settling into my second arm and we just pile into a hug for a few moments. I’d forgotten what it’s like to be around younger kids. Quentin and Yael are closer to my age than these two.

“Alright, I should walk you two back to your sister so she doesn’t much wonder where you’ve been, I don’t think she trusts me much.” Agni is the one to touch my temple this time and I nod. He can think at me if he wants, I can decipher those easily enough.

She doesn’t trust anyone. Thinks the whole world is out to get us.‘ It’s a bit of a sad way to think about things but I don’t blame her for that. If she’s had a rough life, it’s all there is to that.

As I knock on her door to drop the twins off, she opens it and glares at me as if I’d kidnapped them myself. Mira is the one to huff at her this time but he latches onto her hand and he starts talking in that language they have in common. Her frown lessens but doesn’t leave her face altogether. She nods at me somewhat. “I told them that they’re welcome to come up to mine and Lex’s apartment if they want to, I don’t mind. This way at least you’ll know where they might just be.”

I just smile and I muss both of the boys’ hair before I turn on my way and head back. We found them just in time, I’d like to think.


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