He called before coming and I’m grateful for that. He explained about how Lex had found them trying to stay warm in the warehouse as it was and that it was more than likely they would be living on the first or second floor of the building once it was in good enough condition to see about folks moving in. He said something about the twins being gifted like all of us, that their sister has some (understandable) trust issues and that they liked swimming. So he asked if he could come with them for them to swim in the pool.

I don’t really see the issue with that. The pool is large, it’s warm and comfortable. As he told me though, I locked any door I didn’t really want them wandering through. That mostly being the door leading to the garden on the second floor, just for now and the door to Yael’s studio and the bedrooms. He’s not been feeling so well so he’s resting in his room right now with a bit of quiet music playing. I relayed that information to Eoghan and he said he’d tell the twins to be quiet as possible before they were in the pool.

They’re different, that much I can see easily. Eoghan says he invited their sister, Zora I think, to join us in the pool but she declined. At least I guess that means she trusts him with her brothers. They’re full of energy. The one with the half-head of blue hair jumped right in without even waiting to change out of his clothes and I honestly had to laugh. One of them is Agni and the other is Mira, I’m not sure which is which right now but I don’t think anyone minds.

Lex is busy working on a big commission so he needs quiet, it’s one of those reasons Eoghan asked if he could come over. I don’t mind. They swim, he keeps an eye on them and swims a bit too and I’m settled by the edge of the wall, on one of the comfortable lounging chair with my new favourite book. Well my favourite for now. I much prefer reading through the old first editions Yael bought me for Christmas but a little bird told me that one of these two balls of energy has a very affectionate streak to his soul and I don’t really want to chance getting the older books wet. So instead I have one of my newer one, a newer edition of the ones Yael got me.

So in the end, still my favourite.

The one with the half-head of red hair isn’t as agile in the water as his brother. He keeps to the slightly shallower end though he looks to be having as much fun. They swim much better than Yael and I can at this point so I feel safer in staying where I am. Eoghan seems to be a bit of a fish and I admit I feel a bit of longing. I wish I could swim that well but I know that it will come, we just need to keep on practising.

The moment I’m turning my attention back to my book however, something catches my eye and I bookmark my page, turning my gaze to fully focus on the water. I see something swimming at the surface, something clear and… I’m not sure what to call it, I suppose it could be a water tentacle. I have to study the twins a moment and when the red haired one gets half-dragged away from the edge and to the deeper end, though still not far enough to lose footing, I assume that his brother is controlling that, whatever that was.
Now I’m even more glad to be out of the water.

Eoghan laughs and he laughs hard as the red haired boy sputters slightly and paddles somewhat back to the edge. His brother is giggling away as well. At least they’re all having fun.

“Are you alright Agni?” Eoghan checks him over briefly to make sure he’s alright and I try to put the name to memory. Agni is the one with the red hair, that means the playful blue-haired brother is Mira. I know they’ll stick but for now I suppose I’m distracted enough. I know we all have gifts here, we’re all different but it still is so strange to learn that these gifts are different depending on the person, that different things can be made with different gifts.

“No water tentacles, Mira. We play fair or we get out of the pool.” Mira whines and pouts but he seems to give in and nod. They seem to really trust Eoghan, I guess it’s a good thing, specially if their sister doesn’t trust him and Lex. They’re just looking out for those who are like us. Those who might be frowned upon by society. Looked down upon and treated badly.

They’re so young but they seem to be so trusting of the world that surroundings them. Though that may just be because they’re together and because there’s just me they don’t know in the room. I have to assume that Eoghan told them something or other about me in the end but I won’t pry. I honestly just want to settle back and read my book while they’re enjoying the water. I could read just about anywhere but this is a good spot and their laughter is warming.

Before too long however, the twins are side by side, dozing I’d have to imagine, on the floating mattress Yael and I use for that very reason. I have to smile at them just settled so comfortably together. Eoghan is sitting in a chair next to mine and he’s just chuckling softly, a sort of pleased smile to his lips. It’s nice to feel useful in this way, even though in a way it wasn’t so much me as it was the pool. Still, it’s my pool.

“I appreciate you letting us use the pool, Quentin. I know these two love to swim though Agni is a bit hesitant in the deeper water but it does them good and it builds trust in a way nothing else really can.” I shrug and I just smile before I finally turn my gaze back towards the book.

The door to the pool room eases open slightly and there comes Yael, sleepy-eyed and wrapped up in a blanket. He smiles at the scene in front of him and then smiles our way. “I thought I’d heard a bit of noise—no it didn’t wake me—so I thought I had a look. You guys will have to tell me about these two at some point, for now I’m just sort of warming up some water for tea. Alexis it out in the living room with me, he said something about how he’s done with his work for now and he wanted to see how everyone was doing. I’ll send him down this way before I head back to my room. You guys have fun.

And he does send Alexis our way before heading back to his room. I let him in and tell them to have some fun, that I’ll be with Yael for a while just to be sure he’s resting well and comfortably. I motion to the towels and the rest and I excuse myself. If I had to have just one favourite, be it book, food, or anything in my life, my choice would be simple as can be.

Yael is my favourite and he’ll always be, no matter what.


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