tea cup

“Is there nothing you can’t art into beauty?” He’s still not used to compliments, he blushes though it’s subtle but it’s present and I can appreciate this like I can appreciate old, fine wine. I’m not out to make him blush, I’m not out for anything, really. I just came and visited while Eoghan is busy with the twins. They really do seem to adore him in that big brother sort of way. If I was insecure in any way about how he loves me and how I love him, I would worry that he’s spending too much time with them but I haven’t been with him for this long without understanding a lot of things.

I lift the slight, delicate tea cup up to my eyes again and I take in the detail of what he’s added to it. It was just an old, faded thing when I first saw it months ago. I assume he had found it in a thrift shop like most of what he owned up to living with Quentin. I think it’s one of the only things he still really has from when he was on the street, beyond his clothes. It still is cracked where it was the first time he used it to serve me tea but it’s no longer so faded that I can’t tell what the original design on it was.

“This is honestly beautiful, Yael, you could probably get into the antique world and give new life to old things.” He blushes again though this time it is accompanied by a slight shrug of his shoulder. I don’t think he really knows what he’s out to do with his life. It’s not like there’s any rush to it.

I hand him the cup again and he smiles at it, holding it as if it was as delicate as a spring flower. “I like drawing fashion things and I like it when Quentin helps me create them. Though he mostly creates the material and I set it up on the mannequin, we’ve done that for a couple of outfits I drew up. Though it’s nice to take old bits and pieces and give them new life again, it’s sort of soothing in a focused way.”

“How are you adapting to the idea of the twins and their sister?” He’s quiet for a moment and I’m not sure if it’s because I said something I shouldn’t have—I can’t imagine I have—or if it’s something he’s just given a lot of thought to, before.
He shrugs and offers me one of his somewhat uncertain, I’m-not-really-sure smiles. “I think I’ve seen them before, while I was on the street. Her mostly, her brothers are too young and I guess they might have changed to this day but she looks familiar.”

I know he has a way with faces, it’s rare that he forgets someone he’s seen before, even if it’s just a glimpse. I suppose it’s why he gets nightmares so easily when he sees something disturbing, like the death of that guy back then. I feel bad for him. It might be a side effect of his gift. No gift comes without strings attached. Mine could have led me to insanity if I had let it. Eoghan’s own could be seen as schizophrenia and he could eventually lose it too. Quentin’s gift for weaving—as he controls it now and not as it could truly be—is mostly string-free, no pun. He mostly just gets worn out if he does too much.

“But they’re nice and they’re full of energy, the twins at least are that way. I’ve only seen Zora once and that was when I guess she lost patience in waiting for the return of her brother and she came up to your apartment when I was dropping off the fruits.” Something he does on a weekly basis though at times he even comes by twice a week. One with fruits and the other with vegetables.

I nod and I laugh a little, I can’t help it. “She does have this air about her, I know what you’re trying to get at. I don’t think she really trusts any of us at this point. She’s protecting her brothers from the evils of the world and she thinks that even though we’ve currently set her up with a roof and food free of charge, we’ll take it all away without warning and kick her back out. It will take time but I think that eventually, we’ll manage to win her over. The twins say they want to be on the second floor and not on the first, so they have less distance to cross to get to the pool.”

He gives me a slightly puzzled look and I have to laugh again. “Mira adores being in the water and I don’t blame him. Agni seems to honestly really like the water too and we’re working on setting up a pool on the roof with a greenhouse type setup above it, a solarium I guess mostly, so it can be used year round. The more time they spend with us in the apartment and trust me they spend a lot of time up with us though they know to leave us alone, the more they learn about the plans we have for the building.”

It’s honestly wonderful to see their eyes light up when Eoghan shows them something new on the design. They still don’t really speak English or French, we speak both around them and they’re picking up on the words here and there. Living in this city all of their lives I would have thought that they would have learned French at the very least but they haven’t. They talk mostly Hindi, I guess it’s the only language Zora saw fit to teaching them though she’s cut them off from the rest of the city who speaks predominantly French after all, this is France.

When I step back into my shared apartment with Eoghan, it is with a boxed tea cup set in hand. Not the one he showed me, that old one he had with him when he move in with Quentin, no, it’s one set, he told me, he got from the antique store and fixed up. Polished them, painted them, made sure the paint would stay and all the rest. They’re honestly beautiful and I’m really touched. All these little things he does now and again for seemingly no other reasons than he can, it’s wonderful.

By the quietness of the apartment, I know that the twins are back down with their sister, probably getting an earful about how they shouldn’t be spending so much time with people they don’t know and people they shouldn’t trust. She sees evil everywhere but they don’t. Who knows, they might be able to convince her that we’re not all mean and dangerous. It would be a step forward.

I set the cups down on the counter with its note still taped to it and I first go check on Adela. I usually don’t need to check on her often though I do so daily. She’s just one of those small parts of my life that I cherish for all I am. I will be more than a little sad when she goes though she still has quite a few years ahead of her.

I pass by the bedroom and Eoghan is flopped on the bed, absolutely naked. I stall by the door but make myself move on. First Adele, then I’ll see about spending some private one on one time with my lover. It feels like forever since we’ve been alone. I don’t mind, the twins need to learn about the world in a wider sort of way but I do want some private time at least every day and up to now Eoghan has been too tired of his time spent with them for that. I’ll just have to rectify that.


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