“Why am I wearing a crown?” I turn and smile at him, eyes bright and amused. I reach out and brush my fingers over his cheek lightly. He’s been posing for me for the past hour or so while I was getting this quick sketch down. He’s wearing olden clothes, I’ve added in the way I can’t help but see his gift-marker, a long, thin tail coiled slightly and yes, I’ve put a crown on his head.

“Because, to me, you’re royalty and royals wear crowns. Not always, I know but for this mock portrait of what I think you would have been like in a world where humans aren’t afraid and stuff, I’ve put you in a crown.” He looks absolutely pleased. When I clean it up and add the colours, I might even put in those slight streaks he keeps to his hair though they’re usually hidden beneath the half-scarf half-ribbon he wears as a sort of headband over his head. He needs a bit of a snip for his hair, it’s getting long. He keeps on fussing with it.

He flops back on the chaise I had him sitting on, a lounging sort of thing from the Victorian era and he smiles to himself. I think he’s pleased with the mental image I just provided him with and I can’t help but laugh a little. While he lounges, I add in Areli and Lavi from memory, though I have a small photo of us four—Quentin, the cats and me—pinned to the wall. At his feet I add myself in, on my knees, just seeing to his well-being. I’m no slave, I never will be, but this one piece is just fine and I would be more than willing to be at his beck and call. He’s royal, after all.

Though I’m more than aware that before I go anywhere with this piece, I’ll have to put a semi-clear sheet over it to copy over the base. One of these paintings will be one we can set up visible to the public eye, the other will be a little more private and it will more than likely go into either one of our bedrooms though we’ve been talking about transforming one of them into our bedroom and the other into we’re not sure of what just yet.

That second painting will definitely be more naughty. With glimpses of skin and hands disappearing beneath clothes. No cats of course, that would be a little bit awkward, of course.

I shake his shoulder lightly, a soft laugh escaping me as I do. He dozes off easily when he’s on that chaise. It’s not the first time I ask him to pose for me. His lashes flutter and I lean down, kissing his mouth just softly. I pull back and he moves to follow me, catching my lips back in turn moments before I pull away from him altogether.

“I’m done with the basic set up, my lines are cleaned up and later I’ll start in on the painting, I thought you might be hungry?” He rubs his eyes lightly, working to get the sleep out of them and he sits up with a smile.

“There’s plenty I’d like to eat but nothing that would be properly filling, so I guess I’ll have to settle for some food before I turn towards my real meal.” My cheeks start to burn into a deep blush and something flutters in me. This is the first time he’s talked this way, that low, husky sort of tone is not new but the words, they make something come to life inside of me. I don’t know if this after-food meal will just be the usual or if we might just move a little further in our explorations. It makes me want to not wait at all but I’m hungry for real nourishment and I know he must be too.

He’s grinning, that overly pleased in himself sort of grin that I don’t see all that often on his face. I stick my tongue out at him, feeling suddenly childish and trying to hide the very present desire that’s settled in me and I stretch before turning to leave the room. He laughs softly at my departure but it’s an amused sort of sound, not one of derision. He’s not laughing at me, he’s laughing at the situation and it amuses him, good.

We share a plate of finger foods, sitting quietly at the kitchen table. I have to wonder what’s going through his mind because he’s back to his usual self. Whatever happened in the studio seems to have passed on by but I don’t mind. When we get to cuddle I’m happy as can be because I have him with me so whenever we move beyond the cuddling, I’m just in heaven and whenever heaven comes around, I go with.

I try not to ask for that kind of thing often. I think the relationship is still young and we shouldn’t rush. What happens does and that’s that but at least we both know that we’re going at our own pace and that we’re just not listening to lust.

He stands from the table and walks back to the kitchen, he comes back with two glasses of water and I murmur a soft thank you. This is the kind of life we usually have day to day. He checks in on his money, I look through my list of work to do since I do have a few commissions waiting for me at times. When we’re through with our work things, we move on to the life things. I sketch a little, he reads, we have a swim in the pool, we cuddle and watch a documentary on the television.

There’s nothing rushed about our lives, unless I’m on a deadline of sorts and those aren’t all that common. Most commission pieces come easily and I can work through them quickly enough to still give my client exactly what they’ve wanted.

When we’re done with the food, I ponder our options and I have to grin slightly at what has just crossed my mind, it’s not different from usual but it’s not something we do often. I move back to my feet and I round the table to his side. I bow low in his direction and I try to hide the amused grin on my face. “Your pool is at the temperature you most desire, your highness, shall I take you there?”
He looks puzzled for a moment but his face clears up quickly and he catches on. He looks at me for a long moment, as if studying me before he nods his head, it’s a barely visible motion. “You may go on ahead and finish the preparations.”

I nod and bow again before I take a few steps away though I turn again to face him. “Will his highness require help to change?”

“I will join you at the pool and from there you may help me change.” We were going to swim bare, that meant mostly one important thing and I nodded before I was walking first towards the house door and I locked it. Then I wandered off towards the pool and I waited on his presence. I would have expected him to come about before I was done with the door and the rest since he could have headed to this area straight away but if he was playing royal, I don’t know what he was planning, it was thrilling.

I see him walk into the pool area, his head held high and I keep a soft laugh to myself, he really does look royal. As he walks in and settles next to our little changing area, I walk past him to the pool door and I lock it too. I really don’t want anyone to randomly pop in after all.

I walk back to him and I slowly begin to undress him. I try to keep my eyes from wandering his, to my eyes, perfect body but I can’t help myself. Once he’s bare, he gives me a moment to do the same and then he waits on me still. I take my cue from our usual relaxing pool time and I head into the water to gather the floating mattress. I bring it to the edge of the pool and he comes around, moving to settle into it. As I prepare to push him away from the edge he motions for me to get on with him and I just do as he tells me. He doesn’t always have to use words.

He laughs softly and pulls me closer so I merely settle as I usually do. My legs lightly tangled with his, my toes in the water and my head on his shoulder. This is fine and perfect as far as I’m concerned and I could do this every day.


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