I’ve heard a few people talking lately. They’re all from the same group of eccentric old men though so I know I shouldn’t really listen to them but it’s hard not to when they’ve gathered in the common room of the building to discuss of their little discoveries. I had liked this building for that before, it gave me an excuse, aside from work, to get out of my apartment. It’s hard to get around with the crutch and people seem to have no respect whatsoever for me. That I don’t mind so much, I’m used to it, I just wish they wouldn’t go out of their way to try and trip me. Now though, with these men nearly camping out in the common room, it makes it far from enjoyable, it makes it downright uncomfortable to be down there when they are.

I’m pretty sure all they’re going on about are rumours but it’s something to give some thought to. They say the folks who now own this building are different. I’m aware that we’ve had a change of owner but I haven’t really noticed any changes otherwise. No raise or drop in the price of the rent, no new rules and I don’t think they dropped any old ones.

I’ve seen one of said new owners only because I was fetching my mail down by the main doors when he walked on by and the old guy next to me also getting his mail started muttering about the devil and its demons or something. I think it’s sad that people would do this to other folks. From what I saw of the guy, else than he was really, really tall, he looked every little bit human like the rest of us in this world. I only know or assume he’s one of the owner because that’s what the folks have been going on about, how our new landfolks are spawns of the devils, how they’re different and how we’re all doomed or something.

Not that any of them has done anything about it. None of them are talking about moving out. They claim the building is theirs and that they should be getting rid of the evil, instead.

I will probably never really meet these people unless I go out of my way to and I don’t see why I would. I pay my rent on time, I’m a quiet tenant. They have a locked mailbox next to our wall of boxes and that’s where I drop my rent, like almost everyone who keeps up with it. I’m pretty sure these guys have dropped more than just rent in that box and it makes me a little sad. No matter if someone is different or if they’re the same, they should be treated how anyone wants to be treated.

I work in a library, I have access to so many books. Then again my whole apartment has more books than just about anything else. Old books most of the time too. I’m just fascinated. Growing up I couldn’t play with other kids so well. I couldn’t play sports and I couldn’t run around, not with my leg as it is. I never really minded. I found books to be more interesting than people, I suppose it’s why I work where I do now.

I do a lot of reading on a lot of subjects though since these old idiots brought up demons and the rest (and I’m not even sure why from what little I’ve seen of the owners else than the old coots are just out to get a good rumour going) I’ve been reading up on demonology. There are so many books and the opinions differ greatly. I don’t even know if I should believe any of it or not. Most of it seems so painfully far fetched. A few of the books though, they’re more subtle, they talk about demons in the way most humans are talked about. That they’re just a little different, that they’re gifted, depending on their origins.

At times I feel like I’m getting involved in something I shouldn’t even be poking my nose into. I don’t have a whole lot of other things to keep myself busy with and I suppose that’s my downfall. I’ll hear someone talk about something in particular, fairy tales, it happened before. I’ll start reading up about those and try to find as much information as I can. Then I’ll get tired of the subject and that’ll just be that. I’ll go back to reading and watching a little bit of everything until something else catches my attention.

All these rumours though, I don’t even know what to believe and what to ignore anymore. I’ve heard that before too long the owners will be selling the building again but who knows how true that is. Some say they’ve been spending a lot of time in the warehouse being fixed up just two blocks over but so what, it doesn’t mean much. It could just mean that they’re keeping watch over something or another, a project of sorts. Doesn’t mean they’ll be selling this place again. I feel like we’ve been going through a lot of different owners in the recent years.

I was gathering my mail today when I was bumped into by a pair of teenagers. I toppled over, that’s inevitable, my balance is shot when I’m not leaning properly on my crutch and my not leaning properly on it is common. I never adapted to that one fact though. I’m a lefty, I write and manage most of my daily going-ons with my left but it’s also my left leg that’s the issue and the crutch is on that side. So I tend to reach for things with my left instead of my right as I know I should, it would keep me on my feet.

They looked terribly apologetic. Carefully helped me back to my feet and gathered my mail back for me. They uttered a few words and I could only make out a bit of Hindi. It’s one of those languages I only know a few basic words of, mostly because nothing has ever really caught my attention enough to make me want to learn more about it.

They’re strange looking boys though, now that I stop to think about it. They stayed by my side until I was back in my apartment, that’s sweet in its own strange ways. Their hair is split down the middle, black on one side, blue for one on the other side and red for the other. Their eyes seem to match that colour. I’ve never seen anything like that before. It sure as hell doesn’t mean they’re demons or devils. They’re just different and even if they were ‘evil’ as some would put it, they were very friendly towards me, not even once giving me that disgusted look I’ve seen on so many faces because of my disability.

I shouldn’t spend so much time focusing on these rumours. It makes no sense and it doesn’t do anyone any good. If people are different, they’re different and that’s all there is to it. I suppose one of the reasons I think about it so much is because I might try to believe that since they’re different, maybe they hide from the world, maybe they accept those who are different better than most other people on this planet do. It might be nice to be accepted for who I am and not what I look like for once in my life.


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