a gourmet chef

“You’ve truly outdone yourself today! What a gourmet chef!” I have to laugh, I know he’s teasing but it’s sweet. We’ve having one of our shared meals. I thought I would invite the twins and their sister (though she refused and I’m not surprised) to eat with us. I knew we were going to be squeezed up together however around the table in our apartment so I asked the two lovebirds if they would let us have the meal over at their place. I prepared everything before we went across and we all brought it down. It was heated back up while we sat in the living room, talking this and that with the twins trying to interject a few words now and then. They’re quick studies.

I know, from a tiny bit of talking to the twins in that shared mindscape, that they never actually have been in India, despite that they only speak the language of the place. It’s something that their sister failed to teach them I guess, something other than the language she grew up with. I know she speaks French so I don’t know why she would cripple their chance at blending in with the rest of the society this way.

So I had a talk with Lex, Quentin and Yael about having our meal be centred on India and they agreed. Once a week or so we gather up around the table and we share a meal. Which meal tends to depend on the time of day. Usually it’s just a little bit of a lunch, prepared with a theme from the world though at times, like today, we’re able to share dinner. I think it’s a good way of getting to know everyone else a little better, one day after the other. You can never know anyone well enough is what I’d like to believe.

The table is something of a mess from all the dropped bits of rice and the rest but it was protected by a cloth before we started since we all figured it would get a bit messy. The twins are both licking their fingers and I take that as a compliment about how my food turned out to be good enough. I know there are a lot of different cultures and types of food in India so I settled with what I knew. I’ve been to a few different places over the years. I haven’t been all over the world but it’s slowly getting there. Lex has been tom ore places than me and I envy him. Though he’s been there long before any one of us even was a filthy little thought in our parents’ minds so things have changed since.

All the plates are empty, there’s nothing left over and that pleases me more than anything else. A few times in the past I’ve tried my hands at different dishes from different cultures and they didn’t go over so well. This did and it warms me, it’s nice. I know I’m not the best of cooks around, at times I still burn toast but when I really focus and I give it my all, it tends to come together beautifully. I know Yael is going to offer to get the dishes all cleaned up and brought back to us in a couple of days, along with the usual fruit and vegetable delivery. I suppose I don’t mind so much.

We all bundle back up and head back across. We walk the twins up to their apartment and their sister lets them in without much of a huff. She doesn’t even glare at us. I guess she’s ever so slowly coming to terms with the fact that we’re not all bad guys. I wish I had saved some of the food for her though. I guess it’ll be for next time. Maybe she’ll even say yes.

Next stop is our apartment and I step inside gratefully. I yawn and tug off my coat, hanging it on the portmanteau we keep not far from the door for that reason only. In the summer we keep lighter coats there just in case but in these colder months our scarves, coats and boots are usually there.

Lex disappears off into the bedroom and I have to wonder why. It’s a bit early to be changing for bed though it was a very filling meal and I feel a little bit bloated and slow myself. I guess I didn’t realize just how much food I had prepared before hand, it hadn’t seemed like quite so much. Still it was good so who is going to complain about feeling full?

He comes back out in some old worn jeans and a long sleeved shirt and he flops down onto the couch, one of his arm held out in offer. I look down at what I’m wearing and I’m the one to disappear into the bedroom now. I change, I find some old pants that are absolutely broken in and I could happily sleep in and I snag one of his old shirts. They’re a little big on me but that’s the point. That and they smell like him.

It’s not long before I’m back to the living room and settling against him. He covers the both of us with the tie-dye blanket and I laugh softly. He just hugs me and I close my eyes.

“I was serious when I said that you’re a gourmet chef. I know you have your days and at times it’s easier to let the toast burn but today was exceptional, it really was all good. I mean think about it, there’s nothing left. Usually we come back with some left overs.”

“Usually we don’t have starving twins eating most of the food themselves!” I laugh a little but it’s half true. Not that they were starving but they ate more than I ever recall eating at their age but they’re slight and small. More food won’t hurt them and if it can boost them a bit even, it’ll be something good to come of this all.

“Guess you’re right but I’ve seen them turn their nose at salads but today they just devoured their way through everything. I guess they’re like anyone else who’s ever lived. Can’t like everything that’s thrown onto a plate of food.” Honestly, I just want to make sure they’re fed and warm. They are too skinny as far as I’m concerned though I’m not about to blame their sister for it. She’s done the best she could, I assume, to keep them fed and warm with a roof over their heads.

I don’t know their history, I’m not about to really go digging for it unless it’s an absolute necessity, which it isn’t at this point. They’re healthy for the most part though Mira has been somewhat coughing lately but I know it’ll pass now that he’s got someone to watch over him. Several someones to take care of him, that is.

I turn slightly, nestling a bit more and I relax against him. My stomach is full, I’m warm and I’m loved. I could ask for nothing more of the world. Except for all these old tenants to stop trying to start rumours about us. Even if some of them are true. I’ve been trying my best to keep them out of my head but their grumbling is getting by clearly and I’ve heard a lot about what they think of us. I haven’t brought it up to Lex yet but I might have to soon if it gets to be more than just grumbling. I want us all to be safe, after all. It’s what’s most important.


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