it occurred to me…

I don’t know why it just occurred to me now. Why my memory drifted back up to the surface on this very subject. I suppose it’s not all that important since it’s a part of my life I have more than willingly left behind but still it makes me wonder. When Quentin first noticed me, though it’s not me he noticed it’s one of my old graffiti, he said he felt a pull. Sure there’s something to a pull but I wonder what he thought of the graffiti itself. It’s nothing grand but I realize now that I still should have asked him. It’s been so long though, he might not even really remember what it looked like. I’m the one who spray painted it on that wall and even I’m having issues recalling what it looks like now.

I’ve changed since then, my art style has evolved quite past the scribbles of names and tags on old brick walls though I haven’t lost the desire, now and again, to take paints or my pencils and to art away on a wall. I don’t know why I find it liberating. Of course I don’t go around painting on the walls of our home but at times I wish I had clean, free of use walls around me so I could just paint away at them. I have no walls at all on the second and third floor, it’s all windows so there’s nothing for me there to paint. On the ground floor, there are the walls of my room and I’ve pondered that a few times. I’ve already gone through the walls in my studios. Of course it required temporarily moving furniture but I’d like to think the results are worth it.

When he first saw the murals, Quentin said I could make a living of that but that would require me spending time away from him, longer than I’d really want, really, and spend time in other people’s home, painting up their walls and ceilings and I don’t know about that. I might just prefer sketching up clothes, have him create beautiful materials for me and I stitch all of them up together into a beautiful result.

What little bits and pieces I’ve done of this so far are clothes we both wear. The blanket he’s given to Eoghan for Christmas, a necktie for Alexis. Small simple little things. It’s too exhausting for him to really do more than he does now and again and I don’t want to wear him out. So the idea the starting up our little fashion boutique is mostly out of the question. I don’t mind, I think it would take us away from the routines we have now and I’m more than happy with our routines as they are.

Lately though, I’ve been tempted to paint a mural on the bits of walls the pool area has. It’s not much but I thought it might give it more of a tropical sort of look, it might be nice. I’d need better paint though, water resistant stuff that I don’t have so I don’t think about it too much.

The warehouse next door is slowly coming along now. The weather is still cool but not too cold and workers have resumed their work. They’ve torn down all exterior walls that hadn’t been fixed up yet, on all floors and they’ve set up these thick plastic-or-whatever sheets they have to keep the snow out and the rest. I think they’re working on the building from the inside out. When it’ll be warmer outside they’ll finish up the outer walls and then they’ll be working on heat, electricity and the rest that the building needs to have inhabitants.

It’s taking forever for the building to be up and done but I suppose it’s because of the season. I don’t know how long it took them to get this place done, Quentin doesn’t really talk about it and I don’t really ask. It doesn’t often cross my mind to ask these kind of things, the information doesn’t have any real use for me.

Just now though, the thought that crosses my mind pulls a grin to my lips and I have to wonder why I hadn’t thought about it before. It’s genius really. Though of course the idea coming to fruition will depend on both Alexis and Eoghan, if they might be all right with the idea that I could paint up murals on some of these walls. I mean why not? They pick the theme and I could draw them just about anything they might want. They might have places they remember from their childhood, places filled maybe with fond memories and it might be a good thing to have clearer memories of those places!

I wander off in search of my better half, though he might not see himself as that. I guess I feel the need to let him know about that idea first to see what he might think about it. I don’t need anyone to tell me if what I think is right or wrong but this is a bit bigger than just me and he still know Eoghan better than I do so I figure that running it past him is a good starting point.

He’s with the cats, playing in their room. Flinging little toys left and right and they fetch, bring it back. I still have a hard time believing they do that, it’s honestly quite funny to witness. They would never have done that before, though I suppose it’s mostly because we hadn’t taken time to really try it. We’d play with the ticklers and the toys on the long sticks, having them chase those. We never really thought to throw a small toy out to the end of their room to see if they might fetch it or not. For most, after all, fetching is mainly a dog thing.

I settle down next to him, bumping my shoulder lightly against his and he smiles at me. He’s amused and I find myself smiling in return. It’s just amazing to watch these two, they could be parkour champions if they were more of the two-legged kind, I’m sure. I watch them for a while, just appreciating the fact that my life, currently, is peaceful and I feel it is well deserved.

Quentin thinks that the idea might actually be a good one. He figures that Eoghan has a few places he’s been over the years that hold good memories for him and that painting them somewhere, even if it’s to put up on a wall and not directly on the wall, might be a good thing. He doesn’t know about Alexis, we’re both getting to know the guy as it is so we can’t say what he might or might not like. I’d like to think I have a bit of a connection with him though. Quentin and Eoghan get along well together, they have these little quirks that are a bit similar. I feel that way with Alexis at times. The quiet times we’ve spent together have meant the world to me. At times the quiet helps me find my center again.

I guess I’ll just have to run the idea by them. It’ll be a while before anyone can go over there without a hard-hat as is and I’m sure it’ll be even longer before I can try to paint anything without some discomfort or fear that I’ll get dust everywhere in my paints and that whatever I try to add to these blank walls will be grainy. I’m in no rush, it’s just one of those countless ideas I get to keep myself busy and entertained with.


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