“He’s really quite the giving type, isn’t he?” Some things are just hard to ignore, this seems to be one of them. Some people are just so absolutely filled with goodwill and goodness that they go out of their way for others. At times it makes them forget to take care of themselves though, it shows in the rest of him.

“For a mortal whose life will have meant little to nothing in the specks of the whole universe, I suppose that yes, he’s quite overflowing with the need to make sure everyone has what they need.” Always a little harsh, Lex. He doesn’t mean it, I know, he just doesn’t realize it most of the time. He’s the oldest of us all and he’s seen more than anyone else so I suppose that yes, he’s had his share of encounters with poor mortal company, still. I guess he’s right in a way, though we, demons with longer lifespans, we don’t really matter that much more when we look at the universe as a whole.

I shake my head, brushing the thought off and chuckle softly. I suppose I can’t blame him for it, really. “True, some are so selfless that they die younger than everyone else. Do you know why I check the world news this way now and again?”

I know he knows why, I’ve told him before. I check the world news in case something really different catches my eye. Usually when it does it’s because whoever is behind whatever it is that the news speaks of is not quite of mortal blood. I suppose I try to find more of us in the world. For so long we were living in pocket dimensions, in worlds under their feet. From what Lex says though, there used to be a time when all lived side by side. When religion first cropped up though, hell broke loose on the different ones.

It’s not that I’m trying to track down every single demon out there but at times it’s a little comforting to know that there are others. That we’re not all just a memory that might never really go much of anywhere since we have to hide ourselves to the world.

Something else, though I should say someone else, filled to the brim with goodness is Yael. Every week, twice a week he drops by with his basket full of fruits, full of vegetable. Always smiling, eyes bright. He even has extra lately for us to drop off with the twins and their sister. He barely knows them and yet he’s still giving them a little bit of his hard work. I’m just amazed at all this guy does for everyone else.

He’s still somewhat underweight though, I’m sure Quentin has noticed it too but there isn’t much any of us can do. I guess the feeling that it’s just how his metabolism goes and there’s not a whole lot of anything we can change about that. I’m sure he eats just fine on a daily basis and that’s all there is to that. At least he’s not painfully thin but he is a little bony. I feel a bit like mama bear when I start to think about this. I’m old enough to have seen my fair share of things and I’m a bit more motherly than fatherly, that’s more Lex’s thing than mine and he does it just fine when he’s not thinking about how pathetic most mortals are.

I swear, when the time goes to go living down in our own world, I’ll really feel like mama bear. I’ve been trying to figure out a way of taking both warehouses down with us. For all the world that’ll have gone into them, it would be a rightful shame to leave them up here to rot away like the rest of humanity by then but I don’t even know if that’ll be possible. We could move things a little at a time but even that might take too long. Starting over is never easy but at times it’s necessary.

Recently, Lex has brought up one of our tenants and I have to say he surprised me more than I had expected. For once he’s not bashing a human while talking about them, I was baffled. I didn’t understand at first what it was all about but when he mentioned feeling some sort of strange pull I put aside all my questions and I just focused on him. It’s rare as can be that he feels a ‘pull’ as it is. He says there is one where Yael is concerned but that might just be for how sweet and giving he is but this human, this Armin (I found his name on his paperwork), he seems to have some sort of pull on Lex and he asked me to try to find out why.

It could be that he has very dormant or very, absolutely diluted demon blood in his veins. It’s not unheard of that demons will find a human mate and have little ones with them. Be it that the demon is the mother, usually the children grow up knowing their parents and grandparents and the rest but when the demon is the father, things are a little different. Seeing as he continues to live on while the mother grows old, at times demon-hood gets lost. It’s a thought. I can’t really know much more unless I talk to him and I’m not sure how I might approach him about this on the subject.

Most mortals, I’m generalizing, I’m aware, aren’t comfortable with the thought that there are demons in the world. When one starts raving about having met demons, they’re usually thrown out to the world of loony bins to be studied until the end of their lives or until they change their story and start acting as if it had never happened before.

So it makes it a little complex to want to do this to someone. Lex said the guy looks like he’s gone through a lot. Walks with a limp and a crutch, keeps to himself and all, what little he’s seen of him anyway. I don’t want to take what little ‘life’ someone has away from them. I can’t just walk up to him, snag his hand and go dig into his mind. I suppose I could block the memories of that event but then he’d be stuck with a blank and then what? I could make it appear as if it was a dream but that too has side effects that are less than desirable.

I’ll just have to find something or leave it be. Hard to though considering this is Lex bringing it up. When he brings something up it usually is rather important and shouldn’t be just ignored. If he says there’s a pull, there’s a reason and that’s all there is to that, in the long run. I’ll do a bit of research, see what I can figure out and maybe I’ll find a legitimate reason to talk to this guy so I can sneak a peek into his ancestry. I’m not all evil and doom. I don’t go out of my way to ruin someone’s life. Hell I’ll do quite the opposite if I can help it.


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