None of us know where he’s been staying at, where he came from or why. All we know is that it’s still cold as can be out there currently but he’s still there and every morning, when it’s way too early for anyone’s comfort, we can all hear him crowing. It’s like he’s right in the room with us when he does it he’s so loud.

We went outside, tried to look for him, hell I’d cook him at this point if I could find him because I’m tired of being startled back to awareness when I’ve just wandered off to bed. He’s been at it for a week now. At first the twins found it funny as hell, I guess it’s not a sound they’re used to. It startled them but then it moved on to being funny to now being quite a nag. Lex isn’t much of a grump about it because from what Eoghan says, he’s usually up with the sun. Eoghan has been a complaining grump because he’s missing out on precious sleep. Yael is confused more than anything else and he’s been on the mock-prowl to find the offending rooster and I’m just trying to ignore it.

It’s not all that easy, we’d almost settled back into a night routine. Though it’s not so bad, hearing him crow as he does with the first light of day, it kind of jars us into wakefulness when we’d been just moments away from finally drifting off and finding proper rest. It leaves us to play zombies for a while until we find sleep as we should again. I’m thinking we’ll have to settle on living during the daylight hours for a while.

We had a good laugh about it earlier today though. Just talking about it and trying to make sense of where it might be or where it came from when Lex called it a cock. I’m aware that this is one of the terms for it but we just all went quiet a moment and started laughing for no other reasons than I’m sure we’re all tired. Every one of us but Lex that is though he still looks like he could get more rest than he’s been getting lately.

I know why the term amuses us this way and I know that it’s something of a childish reason to be amused but we can’t help it. It’s just how it is. Some words affect us more than others and especially when we’re all a little sleep deprived. Now if the twins had been with us, they might not have gotten the joke and someone would have had to explain and I’m not sure how any of us would have gone on about this. I don’t know if they’re aware of this term and what it means in English. I don’t even know why we all laughed at it anyway considering but Lex and Eoghan both speak English first and French second. I get around in English and Yael does just about the same.

I’m not completely exhausted yet, I’m just annoyed by the bird. None of us has seen it, we don’t know where it might just be and we can’t explain why it sounds like it’s in the same room as us when it starts crowing. It’s one of those things we have no explanation for whatsoever. I suppose it could be one of those group hallucination but that makes no sense. Those tend to happen to people who are all in the same room at the same time or the same area at the same time. This has been happening for a week, at dawn and those who have heard it are in two different buildings and three different apartments.

Eoghan hasn’t said anything about his tenants and I suppose they’re either hearing it but not bringing it up or they’re just not hearing it. In which case that worries me just slightly as it means it might be something centered on us demons but I have no idea why that would be at all. I try not to focus too much on it but it’s getting a bit hard to not know that there is something going on. None of us will get any proper rest until we find it and put an end to it.

Trying to think back now, to the last place all of us were together was right here in our kitchen. Even Zora was with us this time. We didn’t go outside, we didn’t touch anything out of the ordinary though Eoghan had us try this new recipe he’d found and it called for rooster meat. Maybe we’re haunted by a pissed off rooster because we had ourselves a quite a delicious meal off of its meat.

So maybe I am a bit more exhausted than I figured if I’m thinking we’re somehow haunted by a pissed off rooster. The thought is vaguely amusing but somewhat disquieting all the same. I’m aware that there are spirits and ghosts in this world but really, how far-fetched is the possibility that we’re all stuck with a rooster ghost trying to keep us away into exhaustion and who knows what?

He’s looking at me strangely now and I don’t blame him. I told him about the thought I had on the rooster ghost idea. He’s quiet, looking, I can’t read his face at all and there, he starts snickering and he laughs, holding his sides as he does. It is a foolish idea, really! After a few minutes however he quiets and shakes his head, wiping his cheeks somewhat. He leans his elbows on the table somewhat, both our plates are empty.

“Well I suppose it could be an option. I’ve never heard of rooster haunting. Though I think back to that haunted house we visited back then on Halloween and it might just make sense. I felt something in that house, I know it’s possible to be haunted, I’d just find it hilarious if somehow that rooster came back to haunt us because we had a good meal out of it..”

He pauses and shakes his head, a thoughtful look crossing his face though he reaches out and rests his hand on mine. I chuckle lightly, it is a pretty crazy idea. “Still, who knows, I think we might as well tell Eoghan, he might know something that could be done and if this is what it is, there might be a solution and we might just get that crowing bird to move on and head into the light. Crazy, but there have been crazier things out there done in the world and it just can’t hurt to think that this might fix the issue.”

It’s comforting to know that I might not be completely crazy, that I might be on to something here, even if it is absolutely far-fetched. “None of us have seen this bird or anything that may show its presence, we’ve only all heard it as if it was right next to us. It’s far-fetched but it might not be that crazy.”

We’ll go across in a while, talk this over with our most wonderful chef and see what he might think about it. Who knows, getting rid of this maybe-ghost might require all of us around a table with hocus-pocus stuff being uttered but I think it might just be worth a try after all. It sure as hell can’t hurt.


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