stubborn old mule

They’ve been arguing for almost half an hour. Though it’s the old woman who is doing all the arguing and the cashier is only trying to do his job. It’s a good thing this little store is almost empty, if it had been a bigger convenience store, the stubborn old mule might have already been escorted outside or there would be a lot of displeased customers. As is, the cashier keeps on giving me these little hopeless looks. More than likely just hoping I don’t throw a fit and telling me he’s doing his best.

Old, senile folks like this shouldn’t be out in public really. I’m not saying that old people are senile, just that this one particular woman might just be. She’s going on and on about how these spices have never been at this price and that they’re always sold at the other price. She keeps on going on about a store I’ve never heard about and I have to think that in the long run, she’s in the wrong store and she probably doesn’t even realize it.

The cashier looks ready to throw in his towel too but he’s still doing his best. I know that if he sells her those spices at the price she’s asking for, he’s bound to get in trouble, it’s a fair price difference after all. I suppose I could cover it and I figure that if I want to get on with my life and my day, which is getting shorter by the minute as she keeps on yapping, I have to do something about it.
Finally I approach the register and I clear my throat. The old lady goes quiet but only to glare at me. I put on the best smile I can find and I straighten.

“Let me pay for your things, it would be an honour to offer such a kind woman, who more than likely has had her share of life trouble. I would be happy to pay. I don’t mind that he’s trying to scam you, it’s a bad move on his part but I have some extra change to spare.”

She gives me a look, that kind of ‘you’re stupid and you’ll never amount to anything’ kind of look. She sniffs at me but moves a couple of steps away. The cashier looks troubled, I imagine he’s not sure what to make of me at this point but I don’t mind. If it gets the old woman out of this place then all the better. She sniffs again, disdain clear as day on her face but I still pay for everything, it’s a small fee to pay to get rid of her. Her things are bagged, put in her little rolling grocery tote and she goes on her way.

I wait until she’s well out of the story to shake my head and laugh softly.

“I’m sorry about that, I know she was just arguing and arguing and I know you know your prices and the rest, I just wanted to get her out of here.”

The cashier offers me a slightly uncertain smile still and I shake my head again.

“No harm done, the old hag is out of here and we can go on in our lives.”

Still he doesn’t look convinced and I suppose there’s no helping that. I put my things on the counter and he scans everything. I excuse myself briefly, head back into the aisles and I come back up with an extra, a gift card. They don’t have a lot of choices but they do have a few brand names. It comes from being such a small, hole in the wall place. I don’t mind, I always find what I need.

He scans the card, I pay for my things and when he hands me the card back, I just smile at him and give him the card back. “For your troubles. I hope you don’t get many customers like that because they can be absolute day ruiners.”

He blinks, stares at me as if I’d grown a second head and I can only snicker. I take my bags and I head for the door.

“Thank you!” He calls out just moments before I step outside and I know I’ve probably done the right thing. I can only imagine she still would have been at it a while from now if I hadn’t done something about it. I feel terrible for anyone who has to deal with her today, she seems to be out on a rampage, really.

When I step back up to the apartment, Lex is half sprawled on our couch and he blinks at me. He looks up at the time, then back at me. He quirks one brow and I shrug.

“You wouldn’t believe the trouble I’ve had to just get these spices you needed for your commission work. As is, why did I have to be the one to get them when it’s your for your work?” He shrugs and grins at me, clearly amused. I roll my eyes at him, drop my bag carefully on the kitchen counter since the spice containers are glass and I walk back to the living room, grab one of our decorative pillows and playfully fling it at him.

He laughs and catches it. He stands, walks to me and presses his lips to my forehead. I feel something melt just a little bit inside of me. Some of the tension from the crazy old woman, I bet.

“There was this old lady, I stayed back and listened to her arguing with the cashier about our her spices were always at a lower price, that he was trying to rob her blind. She kept on mentioning some other store I’ve never heard about and I have to assume she was in the wrong place. To finally shut her up, I just paid for everything and watched her walk out, giving me dirty looks all along, it really was sad.”

I have no issues with older folks, I just believe that some of them should be kept inside where they’re not going to terrorize everyone they encounter. It really is that simple and I know I can’t honestly do anything about it unless I own an old folks’ home and that’s never going to happen. Bad enough I have to deal with the folks here in this building and all of their rumours.

“I’m worried about Armin.” He hugs me and I have to shake my head. I don’t know why I’m thinking about that all of a sudden. I suppose I can only imagine him having to deal with those old folks still after we’re gone and I feel just bad for the guy. He’s nice from what I learned about him when I walked him back in his apartment, surely there could be something we could do but I just don’t see what.

“One day, then the other. When we’re ready to move into the warehouse, I’m sure the rumours will ease up as is, so don’t worry so much.”

“And if they don’t?” He quirks a brow and shrugs. I suppose he’s right, one day, then the other. We can’t honestly just try to save the whole world, not that we are but at times I feel like some of the humans out there aren’t so bad.


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