eyes of blue

I could honestly drown in them, if I gave myself a chance. If I just stopped everything and took a slow look, focusing on nothing but them, I would drown utterly and absolutely and I think I wouldn’t care at all. I suppose that makes me mushy, I can’t help it. His eyes are so deeply blue. Their colour changes slightly depending on his mood. I’ve only seen him angry a handful of times, they get so dark they’re almost black. When he’s at peace they’re closer to the sky than the ocean. I still could drown in them.

The first visual memory I could keep on hand of him was a painting. It wasn’t very accurate, honestly. He was still young then and adapting to the world that surrounded him. Whenever I looked at it I kept on telling myself that it wasn’t accurate, that it wasn’t really him. It hung in my study at the time.

After that, it came to be the first photo. It was in black and white and I couldn’t really notice his eyes. When colour photography came out, I didn’t really rush to get photos taken. We did eventually take some together in one of those photo boxes, or booths I suppose that are found in malls. He kept two, I kept two. I don’t know if he still has his, he might. I still have mine.

“Lex?” He sounds a little worried, I blink and my vision clears a little, I guess I was off daydreaming. It’s not something I do often but it does happen. Though now that I turn my gaze to him he looks a little miff. That pout of his is absolutely adorable despite that I know it means I’m in trouble, never for long though.

I reach out, brush the tip of my fingers over the back of his hand and the pout goes, replaced by a slightly uncertain sort of smile. It really is that easy, not that I abuse this effect I have on him, I’m not that kind of person.

“I’m sorry, I guess I was daydreaming. I was looking at your eyes and I was struck speechless and my mind decided to take a hike down memory lane to remind me of how much I know I could drown in them.” He blushes, a deep, dark sort of colour and he ducks his head, mumbling something I can’t make out.

I chuckle softly and take his hand in mine, tugging lightly to get him to look at me. He does raise his head but he’s pouting again. This time it’s one of those ‘you must absolutely enjoy making me blush or something’ kind of pout. I bring his fingers to my lips, kiss the back of them.

“I can’t help it. You bring that out in me, Eoghan. We both know I’m never like that with anyone else.”

He sticks his tongue out and I chuckle. I release his hand so we both can get up and move from the table where were had been looking at the plans for the warehouse. It’s coming along well. The outer walls have been replaced and fixed up, now they’re slowly finishing up the set up of the inner walls to create the rooms as they’re meant to be.

The moment we’re away from the table, I slip my hand to his once more, I link our fingers and he blinks, a little surprised. I know I’m usually more much subtle about things but there are days where I just want to touch him. I smile at him, that easy, loving smile I only have for him and I walk us towards the couch.

Without releasing his hand, I settle us on the couch. I ease down, shift to sit on its length, legs settled and I tug him towards me. First though he reaches to drag the leg-rest a little closer and he settles on my lap as if it was the simplest of things in the world and he sets his legs on the leg-rest. It honestly is that easy when it concerns us.

Some people might think that after a lifetime, you’re bound to grow weary and maybe even bored of the person you’re with. But if it really is a case of deeply present and profound love, I’d like to think you can go on forever loving the same person. At first I didn’t know what to think of him, he confused me, he was young and childish but there was something to him and after a couple of decades knowing him, I started to see him as more than just a still growing child.

Now that he’s against me, I briefly release his hand to gather the tie-dye blanket we keep on the back of the couch and I set it out just so. Covering both of us in part. I thought the thing was hideous when Quentin first gave it to us but it’s not so bad now, I don’t mind it quite as much in the end. It looks nice, the tie-dye effect isn’t eye-burning hideous.

He nestles his head up against my shoulder, shifting until he’s partly pressed against my throat. I close my eyes and seek his hand again, simply curling my fingers over his own.

There really are days when all I want is to touch him this way. Sure, we spend a lot of time in bed doing things that have nothing to do with sleep but we’re not just rabbits, we can be affectionate this way without needing to have sex. It’s just a really nice bonus.

We don’t even really talk. We just settle together and appreciate the closeness we share. The fact that after all of this time, this still is all we need to really feel at peace together. I’ve known some couples who thought they were absolutely in love together but even just after a few years together they had to go to crazy lengths just to get that kind of peace together I still have with Eoghan when all I’m doing is holding him against me, feeling his heartbeat along mine.

When I open my eyes again, I can tell that a few hours have passed. None of us have budged though I can feel my legs are somewhat asleep. It’s not much of an issue. I shift just barely, enough to free the arm I had wrapped about his waist and I reach up to run my fingers through his hair. He mumbles lightly, huffs just slightly at being woken but I chuckle, tip his head back and kiss his lips softly.

He blinks, sleep in those ever gorgeous blue eyes and I simply offer him one of those smiles, those private sort of smiles only he ever gets to see.

“I don’t know about you, but I think we might be good to have some food, don’t you think? I’d love some dessert but a filling meal first might be more important.” His eyes darken at the implied meaning to my words and I can’t help but kiss him again. A slow, sweet sort of kiss that leaves us both rather wanting to skip right to the dessert but we know better. We don’t eat much but food still is a necessity to keep going.

We untangle, stretch and allow feelings to work their ways back to limbs. This really is just the kind of day I like. A few hours of peace, doing nothing but enjoy his presence against me. I couldn’t have asked for more.


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