listen to the song

He’s swaying lightly, it’s nearly an invisible sort of motion. His eyes are closed and I’m not sure I can understand why he’s sort of swaying like this until he turns just lightly, barely. Then I notice the ear-buds in his ears. I’ve been alive long enough, I’ve lived through most of the discovery of music all over the world. I suppose I prefer working in silence when I can help it but at times I know some songs will have that kind of slow, swaying effect on me too.

For a while I just watch him. He almost looks like he’s in a trance though I know better than that about him, still, it’s strange. Not in a bad way, just a new sort of discovery way. Every day I discover something new about him, something different. At times it’s baffling, others it’s absolutely endearing. I don’t know what I would qualify this one as just yet.

“Do you want to listen to it?” After a while I’d gone back to covering a few more of the details for the warehouse. They’re almost done with the walls, the plumbing and the electricity; the heat and the rest too. In a week or so, we’ll be able to head out across and start painting or moving in furniture or just about anything. It’ll be such a big step. The basic things are up, the water connections, the bathrooms are up, at least the sinks and the tubs, the showers. The same goes for the kitchen appliances, the rest we’ve left out for us to be able to do ourselves.

I blink up at him, a little startled. I don’t know how long he spent listening to whatever it was he was listening to, just slightly, slowly swaying to whatever beat it might have. He doesn’t usually share music with me, we have somewhat differing tastes, mostly that I prefer no music at all and he’ll listen to a little bit of everything but rap music, with a few slight rare exceptions.

He holds out the ear-buds and I look at them for a moment. I’ve never liked the thought of putting these things in my ears, just the thought makes me somewhat comfortable and it must show on my face, plus he knows this. He laughs softly and shakes his head. He puts the player on the table and disappears off into our bedroom. Moments later he comes back with a pair of over-the-ear headphones. I have those in case I need absolute silence. I’ve never honestly used them for music but they do have a noise cancelling feature, it’s what I had bought them in the first place.

He unplugs his ear-buds, plugs in the headphones and hands the whole thing over to me. He almost looks like a child who just discovered something really big and is trying to share it with an unwilling adult. The thought makes me chuckle wryly but I take the player and headphones. I slip those on, look at the player and press play. I lower the volume almost to nothing, just to be sure and I slowly turn it back up after a few moments.

I close my eyes and I focus. I hear no music, just distant calls of sorts, almost a song but not a human one. I turn the volume up a little bit and the sounds come to focus a bit easier. I’ve heard these before, I just have a bit of a hard time recalling where exactly. This is surprisingly relaxing though, these strange, almost echoing calls from I’m not sure where.

I open my eyes and look down at the player, I laugh softly and shake my head before closing my eyes again. Whale songs. That’s what’s written on the player right now. I suppose I can admit to being a little surprised. This is relaxing in ways I hadn’t expected. I knew humans had recorded whales calling out and talking to one another, I wasn’t all that aware that they’d made ‘songs’ out of them, however. It’s a pleasant sort of surprise. I guess not all music is bad, though I don’t consider it bad, just not really worth listening to, most of the time.

He looks quite pleased with himself and I get a chuckle out of that look. I love all his little facets, all those little looks he has, those tiny little quirks that make him who he is. At this point, he mostly has that cat has discovered its fresh bowl of cream filled to the brim look. This cat absolutely loves its cream.

It’s not to say that I will make a habit of listening to these whale songs or that I could fall asleep to them but they are an interesting alternative to absolutely and utter silence when I work on commissions that require a lot of attention to detail. Maybe now and again I might plug the music in to try to get me to relax a bit. I get tense easily when I work on those minuscule details and I get painful shoulder, arm and hand cramps then.

He’s put the player, ear-buds and headphones away. We’ve both settled back around the plan and set up for the floors of the warehouse. We’ve picked out colours and flooring and just about everything that is required to make the place more than just a home with walls, a half-done kitchen and bathroom.

We do actually have a team set up to come in the moment the other leave so they can start to get the floors done. It’s a big enough team, they should be able to get their works done quickly enough, that means that before long after that we’ll be able to get in and start painting. I’m sure Yael and Quentin might be willing to help us with that. Who knows, maybe Zora and the twins can be tempted in to helping us. I bet the twins would love to make a mess around with paint. I don’t mind if they do that in whatever room they’ll call their own though the rest might need to be done with a bit more care.

Thinking about all of this, that I’ll be living in a home of our absolute own, that I’ll be with him in a finally permanent way, it actually makes me giddy. It’s a strange word to use when it comes to my own mind but it’s fitting. I have no other terms as far as being with him is concerned. It makes me feel so peaceful, so right. I just want to spend the rest of eternity with him. I’m done running away when I start to feel like I need to leave. I’ll work this out as it comes and I know we’ll find a solution.


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