“I can you tell I am more than glad I do not live there currently. All these fires, these explosions. I can understand that the people are unhappy but this is insane, there are so many lives lost. Don’t they see that they’re losing more people this way?” He still wears his heart on his sleeve, there’s not much I can do about that. He doesn’t have this kind of discussion with Quentin because he’d just shrug and utter something about how humans are foolish and doomed anyway. I can understand that trail of thought but poor Yael looks so torn. This is why they don’t usually watch the news but at times it does happen.

I reach out, touch the top of his hand with my fingers but the misery that’s printed everywhere and so clearly on his face remains. I guess this one is in a little deep. There’s not much I can do about it, I just have to talk him through humans and their habits. I know that demons might do the same if they were in similar situations.

“A lot of people are foolish. As a group, they just want to be heard, they’ll go to great lengths to make that happen, even if they lose a lot of theirs along the way. It’s their nature. I think it might just be our nature too, if we were in their place. I don’t think it’s just human in nature, is what I’m saying. When you put a lot of people together, a lot of angry people together, this tends to happen.”

He shakes his head and pulls his hand away from mine. He curls his arms about himself and I know that if he could he’d probably try to curl in his chair. Poor guy, he’s really too sensitive and sweet for this world. “Yael, we can’t save the world. It’s people who think they can save the world who end up losing everything and I don’t want that for you. Pretty sure Quentin wouldn’t either.”

This gets a bit of a reaction out of him, he breathes a sharp, somewhat startling bit of a laugh. I blink at him before shaking my head. I guess we both were thinking about the guy but for different reasons.

“Quentin would say that they’re foolish and they should just do whatever it is they’re doing and stop broadcasting about it.” His words are muttered, he shakes his head and hugs himself a little tighter. I have to keep myself from crossing to his side and just hugging him to bits. I want to, really, but I don’t think he’d want me to.

“Quentin has issues with a lot of people, there’s not much we can do about that.” I pause briefly to study him. “Did you two have a fight?”

He looks startled, his eyes wide, moist but not so much wet. He shakes his head and offers me a weak, almost tired sort of smile. “No, we even had a quiet evening up on the mezzanine two nights ago, just looking at whatever stars we could find as they popped up.”

Well that’s good at least, still he doesn’t look convinced, I don’t push, I know better than to push. It never brings out good reactions. He breathes in deeply and rubs his eyes. He looks tired, maybe he just hasn’t slept well. He gets nightmares easily from what I’ve gathered, things like these rebellion images could set them off.

“I’m just tired. I wish I wasn’t so weak, I keep on having nightmares over the stupidest of things.” There we go. It’s not a happy thought to have mostly guessed it but I know I wasn’t off, it’s a little comforting.

This time I do get up on my feet, I round up the table and crouch next to him. I set my hands just lightly on his knees, apply the calmest of smiles I ever have managed and I simply look up to him.

“Here’s an idea, why don’t you have a nap in our bedroom? It’s special, cuts out everything from the world, even for us demons.” He doesn’t look convinced, I don’t blame him. It’s hard to imagine everything being shut off.

“It’s your bed, I can’t sleep in it.”

Well there’s that too. I chuckle just softly and he frowns at me. “Yael, it’s not even ten in the morning yet. Even if somehow you end up sleeping a lot longer than you might expect, Lex and me, we can go a while without rest. Plus, it’s just for a while, we’ll wake you after a few hours. I’ll even call Quentin to make sure he knows you’re still here, alright?”

Still he doesn’t look convinced but he rubs his eyes and looks up to Lex as steps out of Adela’s room and into the kitchen.

“I just offered Yael a nightmare free sleep in our bedroom for a few hours, that okay?” Well it’s safer to ask.

Lex simply smiles warmly and nods. I knew he wouldn’t have any issues with the idea of letting Yael have some rest. If it does me wonders, it will do him wonder.

“Care to take him there and help him settle while I call Quentin to make sure he knows what’s going on?”

“It feels strange to be in your bed.” He’s settled, comfortable and even tucked in. Lex is in the living room with a book and I figured I’d make sure Yael was comfortable.

“Well it’s a bed and it won’t bite you. Bet you feel your head a little less stuffed right now, it’s one of the effects of the room. It’s especially useful for me but it tends to keep most nightmares away. Quentin knows you’re here and he said that in a few hours he’d come by to walk you back across. I know it’s not necessary but he said he wanted to make sure you were alright. He worries to no end about you, it’s absolutely sweet.”

He blushes lightly and shrugs. Finally he shifts, moves to roll over to his side and I tug the sheets back over his shoulder lightly. I turn off the lights, walk back out of the room and close the door. The room does work best when it is closed from all sides after all. I just hope he’ll manage to get some rest, he looked a tiny little bit zombie-like and that’s never a good way to go about anyone’s day.

A few hours later, when Quentin knocks on the door, I let him in, tell him a bit more about the situation. I don’t really see the need to bring up the part of the conversation that concerned him since it was about his little quirks that make it hard to discuss certain things with him. I do tell him about the nightmares and their source. He looks a little surprised but not that much, so I guess he has noticed that most anything that has to do with death or extreme violence has a bad sort of sway on Yael.

We can’t keep him away from that kind of thing forever. It doesn’t really do to shelter someone to the point that it would be like them living under a rock. It’s no way to go about life. We just have to try to keep his nightmares to a minimum.

Quentin is the one who heads into our bedroom to rouse his lover. I leave them be, it’s not really my place currently. They come back out together after a few moments, Yael rubbing his eyes but looking a little more rested. This is comforting a thought.

“If you guys wanted, I could ward one of your bedrooms the way I have ours, it would help with the nightmares.” I have to blink at Lex a moment. This isn’t something I’ve ever heard him offer before. I suppose I’m even more surprised because I only learned about our room being warded when my headaches were getting so bad I thought I was going to lose it. This man is still absolutely full of surprises and I learn new things about him every single day.

Yael actually nods somewhat as they gather their coats and bundle up slightly. I’m sure they’ll think about it. I don’t know how long it might take to ward the room and make sure it’s properly done but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too long and wouldn’t take their bedroom away from them for longer than necessary.

I walk them back down to the lobby, watching them step outside and across to their building. Once I no longer see them from my spot, I wander back upstairs with a sigh. What a strange day, really.


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