new beginnings

The twins are walking room to room, discussing heatedly between themselves. I can only make out a few of their words so I assume they’re mostly going on in Hindi with some English and French thrown in. They try but when they get excited they seem to forget the world around them exists and they just start talking in that one language they’re most familiar with, the one and only language they knew before meeting any of us.

I think it was a big faux pas of Zora to not teach them any other languages but I suppose it was her way of protecting them. I think it only hindered their ability to get close to anyone else (if just barely, they do so just fine, honestly).

I lost track of her, she’s not as exuberant as her brothers in discovering a new home. She tries to trust us but it still is a very slow going process. Still, there is progress being made and I can appreciate that, like everyone else who will be living under this roof from now on.

This place is so peaceful, I don’t have the constant, quiet murmur of those voices in my head now that we’re not in a building full of people who actually project their thought without so much as a worry in the world. They don’t understand that they’re doing it and teaching them about it would be like teaching a newborn baby about chemistry.

The only thing I’m worried about however is Armin. The bracelet he’s wearing, thanks to Lex, is going to help him with the voices, will keep them to murmur level and nothing else but I worry that he might just have himself a gift that’s developing and something like this should never grow without supervision or someone to help along. It makes me think that his parents or grandparents might have been like us.

I’ve had long discussions about this with Lex when I came back from making sure the guy made it back to his apartment last time. We could invite him to live here with us, it would be quiet and I could teach him how to handle his gift, it would make me feel better. But we’re also a little afraid that once he gains some confidence and does realize that we’re not humans, he might freak out. I don’t know, he doesn’t seem the type. I’m just afraid that over time his body will grow used to the bracelet and the effects will become weak and useless and he’ll go back to going nearly crazy from all the voices he can’t block out.

He’s a special sort of case and I’m just not sure what to do about it. I don’t know what his lifespan will be like. If we bring him in, will we eventually have to bring him to our world, when this one goes to shit? I really don’t know about the lifespans of diluted blood like his. We still need to talk these details out, Lex and me but we’ll have to reach a decision. I could go over and teach the guy but I don’t think that would really work out.

“HUGE!” There goes Mira, eyes wide, looking again from one room to the other in the apartment they decided might be best for them. None of the apartments in the building are built in the same way. They all have the same, or so, number of rooms that can be used as bedrooms but the setup and layout is different. They picked an apartment on the second floor with view out back where several containers are waiting. Lex told me it was his final project to add to the building, I don’t have any more details and I didn’t ask for more.

Agni, tagging not far from his brother, his eyes just as wide, looks into one of the rooms that could serve as a bedroom, he studies it a moment as if to make sure it really is there. The walls all have been painted mostly soft sort of colours and we did tell them all that if they wanted different colours it could be done, it’s not much an issue. He turns his gaze to me, I’m just standing in the hallway, amused more than anything else while Lex is upstairs, putting things here and there, mostly settling Adela in her new home.

“Room me?” At least he still has the sense to talk to me in French and it amuses me. His excitement is contagious really, it almost makes me forget my worries. I can my head, look the room over and I chuckle. I suppose it’s a good choice, the walls are sort of forest-green. We didn’t dare paint one of the bedrooms red, we thought it might have been a bit too aggressive a colour.

“If you want this room, it can be yours, yes.”

He goes thoughtful again, his lips dip down into a very slight frown. I’m a little surprised, I thought it would please him to have a room like this.

“Mira sleep here too?” He still doesn’t sound too certain, he honestly sounds a little concerned. I guess they’re so used to sharing one bedroom that this might be a bit too different too quickly, I hadn’t really stopped to think about that.

I walk to his side, looking the room over, the large bed, the thick comforter. It’s a beautiful room as far as I’m concerned but I can understand that he might not feel comfortable alone just yet.

“Well, you both have your own rooms now, you don’t have to share a bedroom but I’m sure we could get two beds in a single room if you wanted?”

His eyes light up somewhat and, as I was mostly expecting it, he latches onto me in a hug. I hug him back, mussing his hair gently. Some things just move too quickly for others. I guess they did spend all of their lives sleeping in the same room. It’s just one of those details I hadn’t thought about. Some change comes too quickly.

“Share bed, not other bed move!”

It’s my turn to blink at him, I think this one over and I have to shrug it off really. What harm can it do if they share a bed at this point? They’re brothers, they grew up this way, if they’re comfortable still with that idea, while in a brand new place, I can’t fault them. Anything after that they can discuss with their sister.

“Sure, if you two want to sleep in one room and share one of the big beds that’s fine too. Until you’re comfortable in your new home and then you both can each have your room eventually.” He finally releases me and he trots off, happy with his own little life, to find his brother.

When I walk up to our floor, I can already smell the just barely scented candles burning. Lex tends to do this in new places, it’s his way of marking his territory. When I bring it up to him he tends to just stare at me, roll his eyes and snort. I know it amuses him really. It’s just something he’s grown into the habit of doing. He likes certain scents more than others and he likes his little four-walled-in world to have that scent if he can help it.

“I was thinking about Armin again. I’m honestly worried that if he does have demon blood in him, the bracelet might just not keep it out. If it was schizophrenia, my touch alone wouldn’t really have done him any good and he just started bawling when I touched him. I’m worried about the guy, Lex.” It’s better to bring this up sooner rather than later, the more we wait, the more—well I don’t know.

He sighs, putting away the last of this box of book in the shelves we set up against one of the walls, this place is almost like a small library right now, I’d forgotten how much he reads.

“We could have him live in one of the bottom floor apartments, you could work with him on it. I just don’t want to have to do something about him if somehow he eventually freaks out when he realizes we’re not humans like he’s believed himself to be all of his life. Though if he’s on the ground floor with everyone else currently on the second and top here like us, there’s less chance of his discovering that yet.” He has a point, it’s one of my worries too.

“For now, how about we just finish unpacking what we brought and in the next couple of days you can go and have a talk with him about the idea of living in a place that’s safer for his sanity?”

I sigh but nod. He has a point, we should unpack first, make sure everything is nice and right, set up properly and then worry about everything else. It’s not as if we have that much unpacking to do. It was just a two-building-away kind of move. What could be moved without being boxed was and what couldn’t was boxed.

It won’t be long before we’re unpacked and before I’m back to worrying about the poor guy we left behind.


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