so cold

The snow had melted, there wasn’t even a hint of it anywhere anymore, the sun had been warm and comfortable and all of a sudden we’re all hit with the snow storm from hell. No one seems to know where it came from. The weather folks are all baffled, it’s like it just sort of happened. Swept in without warning and now there’s at least a foot of snow outside and it still is falling. Electricity is out in most places around the country-side and in the city, it’s cold everywhere.

We’re all bundled up, wrapped in all the blankets we could find. The generator is running but it’s mainly to keep Adela’s room warm. She needs the heat, else we both know that she might just not make it through this storm. This would break Lex to pieces and we can’t have that. I went downstairs to gather the other three up with us in the large family room, where the fireplace is sitting.

It wasn’t hard to get it going and Agni was a wonderful help. I suppose that knowing a fire demon is a bit of an extra when there’s no electricity and it’s cold as butt outside. I admit I’m a little worried about Quentin and Yael but barely, we were over at their place last time the electricity went out and they have a fireplace the way we do. Every apartment has one but none of them but ours is currently stocked to be used. We hadn’t thought there would be any need.

I just hope that we get the electricity back soon. I know we’re all warm and toasty, just sipping hot drinks around the fireplace but there is one person I’m worried about and he’s still in the old building we were in and I know that in that building, no electricity means no heat in any way.

I had planned just earlier in the day, before the storm hit, to head on over and talk to him about moving in here with us but the storm took us by surprise and essentially locked us in. I’m so worried about him though that I’m restless and Lex sighs, resting one hand over my shoulder.

“Let’s bundle you up real good, pack you up with an extra jacket in case he doesn’t have the kind of clothes necessary, blanket and the rest and you can head on over and see if he needs anything. See if you can’t get him to come here to warm up with us, yes?” I blink at him, startled. I’m the mind reader here, not him. Though I guess we’ve been going on about the guy for the past week so it’s no surprise he’d know I was thinking about him.

“Explain to the other three while I’m going about no gift-using while he’s around yet. Don’t want to freak him out.” He nods and we head towards the entry-way, the door that leads out into the half-hallway with the elevator. We have a huge wardrobe there with all sorts of boots and coats and scarfs, mittens, gloves and blankets. We bundle me up nice and secure, in a bag I sling over my shoulder a couple of thick blankets in case he doesn’t want to come along and a large coat in case he does but doesn’t have the right clothes.

“If nothing else and it keeps on, he can sleep in the guest room and we can get some wood down to the Zora and her brothers so they can keep warm in their own apartment.” I nod, wrap a final scarf around my throat and nose and I step into the old fashioned elevator, the generator keeps it going, that and its light. The hallways are dark as hell right now so this is safer. I close the metal doors, grin slightly to myself and wave at him as I head on down to the first floor and then outside.

The air isn’t so cold, the snow keeps it manageable as a temperature but it’s being stuck inside a building without heat that makes it seem like it could freeze our toes off.

I know Armin can’t walk without his crutch and I’m half afraid that this walking through the thick snow might be an issue so I take my time to walk so I can create a sort of mock-passageway to hopefully make it easier for him. I really hope that he’ll agree to come with.

It takes me almost half an hour to create my pathway to make it to his building. Usually it would have taken me all of two minutes to walk from one doorway to the next. It’s mostly my fault, I wanted to make sure he’d have an easier way back if I could help it. I take the stairs this time since it’s all I can walk down and I cringe slightly at the realization that he’ll have to walk them down. It’s just one of those things that can’t be helped.

I knock on his door and I listen to the silence. Eventually I hear some shuffling and he opens his door, wrapped in a blanket but clearly shivering. He looks surprised to see me and I can only smile at him, chuckling softly.

“I was worried about you. Don’t ask why, I guess I just have a friendly soft spot for you.” He blushes subtly and I feel my smile warm. He’s adorable honestly.

“We have a large fireplace in our new home and a small generator for the elevator and I thought that maybe you’d like to be somewhere warmer while this blackout keeps up. We have food, we even have a guest room. If you’d want to bundle a few things I can carry them I don’t mind. We’ll have to use the stairs to get down here but that’s the only downside. I walked us a mostly clear pathway through the snow.” He doesn’t look too sure so I push just a tiny bit more. “We could discuss the voices and their sources.”

That seems to change his mind and he steps back to let me step in. His apartment is freezing cold honestly and I know a few of the apartments needed to have the windows fixed, they let in breezes. His must be one of them. It’s out of my hands at this point, I can’t do a thing.

I close the door and while I wish I could help him, I know it might not go well with him. I don’t want him to think I see him as an infirm. I know he’s strong so I let him wander through his apartment to gather a few things. When he comes back, all he has with him is a slight winter coat and I shake my head. I dig through my bag and bring out the thicker coat I’d packed up. He blinks up at me and I only offer a sheepish smile.

“I thought maybe you weren’t really dressed for the season and that kind of storm, so Lex decided we needed to pack up an extra coat. I’ll let you put that on while I see about putting your things in with mine. You’ll need all your wits and strength about you to get you back through the snow and into our building.

It takes nearly half an hour for us to finish wrapping him up in the jacket, the scarf, the gloves. To set up his crutch so it would be comfortable with the jacket. We make our way slowly down the stairs, stopping at interval so he doesn’t struggle too much.

The walk outside doesn’t take as long as I had feared, then gain with the trench I’d made in the snow it’s easier than it could have otherwise been. Still he’s exhausted by the time we step up into our building and I have to remind him that it’s just a few paces more. That it’s up the elevator this time and once he’s inside he can just sit on the couch and rest for a while.

I tell him about our guests, that they do have extra energy and he might have met them before. He seems to be fine with the information. We go up into the elevator and into the almost warm apartment that is mine and Lex’s new home. We unbundle him carefully, wrap him up in a blanket and he settles on one of the seaters not far from the fire. The twins leave him alone for the time being though I can tell they’re curious.

After he’s had some rest, I know they’ll ask plenty of questions and that’s fine. For now, we all warm up.


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