odd jobs

The house is quiet, most of the lights are dark. In his room, Yael stares at his computer screen with a bit of a confused look. He just received an email from one of his recent customers and he’s not sure what to make of it. It’s rare that he turns his back on commissions, small, odd jobs like these usually help with money, not that he really needs it. His bigger pieces are selling well.

He shakes his head, pinches the bridge of his nose light and looks the screen over again. In his mind, he goes over all he’s drawn and painted since he opened up his page to the public. This is something he never has done before, not even with Quentin. He’s not sure how well he would manage, if at all.

“Quentin, can I have a minute of your time?” He calls out to his lover quietly, still looking the words printed on his screen. This client is suspiciously detailed on what they want. Yael doesn’t even know where they might have even gotten the idea that he could paint such a thing to begin with. He has nothing that hinted anywhere on his site or his previews that he did adult art in any way.

Quentin looks in from the hallway, leaning briefly against the door frame. He rubs sleep from his eyes and yawns before he steps in, arms stretched high above his head. Yael was up before him again though this isn’t unusual. The artist usually is up before him, especially now that they’ve mostly settled on a day-time schedule. Yael tends to get up with the sun, to appreciate its beauty and colours.

“This client I was telling you about, the one who wanted character references for this roleplaying thing he’s doing? He sent me another email.” It was the only use he had for his computer. To discuss with clients, to put up previews online, to check his commissions. All his work was otherwise done by hand, he didn’t like using the computer for art purposes yet, maybe one day.

Looking over Yael’s shoulder, Quentin squints a bit to read the email. Yael shakes his head and mutters softly about how perverts seem to find their way everywhere in this day and time.

“I have nothing anywhere that states I might be open for adult images, let alone something that, explained the way he put it, sounds like it would be flat our porn. I don’t do porn!” He’s not so much outraged as he’s uncomfortable. He really cannot understand how anyone would believe he might draw this kind of thing.

Chuckling softly, Quentin shrugs lightly and nuzzles the top of Yael’s head. “Maybe it’s a shot in the dark. Maybe he’s hoping you’ll do it even though it’s not written anywhere that you wouldn’t.”

He pauses however and stretches again slightly, something pops in his back and he groans softly. “Though I guess in a way he might have a point, you don’t have anything written anywhere stating that there are some things you don’t do. Your page more or less states ‘will paint or draw for a fee’.”

Yael frowns, hand on his mouse to click the email shut and marks it as unread for the time being so as to not forget about it. He minimizes the window for the email program and looks quietly over his page. He sighs and sags back into his seat and Quentin merely moves forward to hug him.

“Lex is an attorney, or has been a few times in his life, maybe you should talk to him about setting up a disclaimer of sorts and he’d probably be the best person out there to help you with it.” His words are quiet, thoughtful as he releases his lover, pecks his cheek and slips out of the warm studio to head into the kitchen to see about preparing something to nibble on.

The air outside is warm, the sun is hot but the breeze of almost-spring still is in the air. Yael bundles up slightly, a light scarf to his neck and one of his mid-season jacket. He walks down to the new warehouse, briefly stops outside to admire the beauty of the building now that it is all fixed up and then moves towards steps slow but steady. He steps inside, looks down the long hallway between the apartments before he turns to his left to the stairs. He could have turned right for the elevator but he doesn’t much care for moving boxes if he can help himself.

At the top of the stairs, on the third floor, he carefully knocks on the door. He doesn’t wear a watch but knows that it’s almost mid-morning by now and hopes that he’s not interrupting. Some of the most embarrassing moments in his life are when he’s interrupted people while they were busy doing things he was personally not ready to do yet. Things like those described in his commission request.

Eoghan is the one to open the door, he blinks at the sight of his friend but smiles warmly. He is dressed, in full suit and tie and while Yael feels a need to ask why, he doesn’t.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you, I was hoping to be able to talk to Alexis about something? Quentin brought up the whole attorney thing this morning as we were looking at a commission request I received. It goes into the realms of things I’m really not comfortable with and I guess we thought that Alexis might be my best shot at making sure my site is clear and proper and whatnot about what I do and don’t, disclaimers and all.”

He pauses, opens his mouth as if to add more then shrugs and closes his mouth with a sheepish sort of smile. It didn’t sound as smart an idea once uttered aloud. Still he was there now and he couldn’t really just turn his back though he felt a little bit foolish, it was a strange sort of sensation.

“Come in, he should be out of the shower soon and I’m sure he’ll be happy to help you clear these things up.” Eoghan laughs softly as Yael blushes, more than likely at the mention of the shower. He knows how the sight of his lover, half-dressed, can be rather blush inducing. “Plus, you get him all to yourself today, I have an appointment with someone for business. You two play nice, you hear? Don’t dirty the apartment!”

Yael’s eyes almost bug out as he blushes all the deeper. He screws his eyes shut and shakes his head. “You’re terrible, Eoghan!”

“You adore me for it, kiddo. If you’re hungry, there’s plenty in the fridge.” Snickering, Eoghan gently ushers Yael into the living space and he steps out, closing the door before Yael can say anything else. He really is easy enough to tease and Eoghan never means any harm by it.

Yael is settled on one of the plush couches when Alexis steps out of the shower, a pair of pants hanging low over his hips. Yael tries to not stare and he mostly manages though not without a glimpse at the other’s well sculpted body. Alexis quirks a brow at his visitor and laughs softly before disappearing into his bedroom to put on a shirt. He knows they will not be able to have a proper, meaningful conversation if he doesn’t.

Once he’s back out and into the living room, he settles in the seater next to his guest and cants his head. He hadn’t been expecting any visits, after all.

Yael tells him what he’s told Eoghan, he adds in a few details he had skipped, about what the commission was about and why he isn’t comfortable with it. He talks about how he figures that if he gets things done properly and in the way the law might see as ‘right’, he could turn clients down without feeling as if he might just be playing favourites or something.

Before long the computer is out on the low table and they are discussing all the finer details of a disclaimer that will be put up. It isn’t a complicated sort of work, just one that requires some finer details Yael wasn’t quite ready to work out by himself.

He really has no issues with small odd jobs that only require a few moments up to a couple hours of his time, the way those odd jobs come up, however, and what they are about, is something else entirely.


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