game console

The twins are wandering the aisles of the shop, their eyes are wide and curious. Often they reach out but pull back and I have to feel rather thankful that they know better than to just touch everything they’re curious about. A few things in this place are somewhat fragile and while I can afford to buy the whole place if I want, I’d rather not.

I can’t recall whose idea it was to bring them to this store. Something about how they needed to get in with the times. This place is full of games, of consoles, it has a few books, some music CDs and some players. I try to mostly keep out of chain stores if I can help it. I prefer to make sure that smaller businesses get all the help they might just need to keep themselves afloat.

“Have you guys found anything that catches your eye yet?” The girl behind the counter has been nice so far, we’ve chatted a little while I’ve kept an eye on the teenagers. She’s open, she loves her job and she could go on about a lot of the games in this place. I know it’s sexist to think that only guys can be gamers, I just hadn’t had any luck at meeting a girl in the field yet. It’s nice.

Agni comes back my way, Mira in tow and they’re holding about four different boxes. At first I thought they were all for different consoles but upon looking at the boxes in question I realize that they all are for one and only console. That’s good. I’m not against them learning about technology and getting a few different games but my one personal rule had been that I would only get one console and that was it.

The games are set up on the counter and the girl, I think her name is Miranda (no name tag and I admit I didn’t actually ask but I got it up from the top of her thoughts), looks them over. She starts chattering excitedly about how this one has a good difficulty curve, how it’s easy to learn but hard to master and how this other one is mostly puzzles and other things. The boys stare at her blankly. For one she’s talking too quickly for them and for two, even if she wasn’t, she’s talking about something they know nothing about. I have to laugh, I can’t help it.

She stops and blushes deeply. I remind her that they’re from India and their grasp of the language is still growing and she apologizes sheepishly. It really is just nice knowing people can get excited that much about things like these.

I see about making sure they have the console they need, the necessary bits and pieces, whatever extras the game might require. This is essentially my gift to them, to welcome them into our world. After that, anything else they might want they’ll have to earn, either through hard work on the ‘yard’ we have at the back or through real, paid work. They still have plenty of time.

The walk home is animated. Mira is carrying the bag with the games and Agni has appropriated the bag with the console. I know they’ll share but this is just adorable as can be. They’re talking together, this time there’s more French than anything else in their chattering and I have to feel a swell of pride. I’m so happy they’re quick learners. It means that before too long they’ll be able to honestly get around without needing any of us as translators. I’m sure they could get around now but they’re still learning and none of us feel comfortable letting them go out and about on their own just yet.

Once home, I head in with them to the apartment, Zora is out for the day on her job and that’s something else to be glad for. I’m happy she seems to be settling into her new life.

We unpack everything, I read the bit of instructions to make sure I don’t plug in something where it shouldn’t go and the console gets set up. I briefly remind them that games shouldn’t take up all of their times. It’s something to entertain them and not something for them to spend endless hours on. Though I did buy them an extra game to help with their grasp of the language and this I hardly mind if they spend hours upon hours on them.

I can’t recall if we’d told Zora about the games or not. I suppose if it displeases her we’ll hear about it before too long. She can’t expect her brothers to stay in and twiddle their thumbs endlessly while she’s out of their apartments, after all. They need distractions and we’re just trying to give them that much.

Back up to my shared apartment, I flop almost bonelessly to the couch. I yawn and close my eyes for a few moments. I’m not sure if Lex is around or not. I know he had something set up, a small delivery to make and he didn’t say where it was or when. He’s my lover, not my dog, I don’t keep him on a leash and I don’t need to know constantly of his whereabouts.

Those who have to know everything about their lovers are setting themselves up for misery. Love isn’t supposed to be like that. Love is meant to be built on trust and if you don’t trust your partner, you’re shit out of luck. Though, with folks like Armin who’s too sweet for his own good but too insecure about himself, he’d probably throw all of his trust to someone who might show interest but might never really trust him the way he deserve.

I feel a strange sort of need to protect him. He’s been hurt in the past, he’s still being hurt now, I think it’s an every day thing. I wish people would stop looking at him as if he was disabled. His walking with an arm-crutch does not make him an infirm. He’s just different. Once you get to know how he really is inside though, then it’s worth so much.

The clean up at the library should be nearly done by now. I still can’t believe someone would tear this place down the way these vandals had. He’s been working hard with the cleaning crew we hired to get the place up and running. It’s been just a week, I’m sure his boss will want to know how he managed it all but I don’t care. If I have to talk to the asshole I will. It’s not right to force someone to clean up after vandals this way, especially not by threatening their jobs if they couldn’t do it within a short time span.

Some people are just flat out cruel and evil. It’s people like that who make me want to head back into the realms where I don’t have to deal with them. The sad part of this is I know that it’s not just restricted to mortals. There are demons out there who are as much assholes as some of these mortals are. It’s inevitable.

It’s the sad, sad way our world goes.


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