The rising sun shines lazily through large windows, there are sheer curtains covering them. Above them, a sign that says Boulangerie des Anges is visible. It is old and worn. The scents that waft from the already quite busy little store are mouth-watering. The streets, just outside, are quiet, peaceful. Not a soul wanders on by.

Within the bakery, workers are busy preparing this morning’s batch of warm, mouth-watering breads, croissant and muffins. Any of the sleepy wanderers who will walk on by shortly will stop by, breathe in deeply and most will actually stop inside to buy a little something, it is hard to resist the scent of fresh bread. Even more difficult to ignore is the knowledge that they do make special kind of loaves. Some without this ingredient, without that one. For those who would prefer an alternative to regular flour breads.

These workers are usually at work long before the sun begins its trek up into the sky, it is a necessary. Though they also tend to close somewhat earlier in the day as well, everything sells at quite the rate, after all. Perhaps it should have been called Tentation des Anges. It would have been a more than fitting name.

In a quiet household perhaps fifteen minutes away, two demons begin to rise, though it perhaps is the company of cats kneading at the blankets, an in turn their owner, that wakes them. Quentin half-heartedly swats at Areli, though maybe it is Lavi, and rolls over to his other side. Yael laughs softly at his companion’s reactions to the cat and he pulls himself out of the bed carefully. He knows they are hungry, they usually are at this time after all.

He pulls on a short robe and lets himself by led by the two hungry felines, wandering towards their play room where their food is kept. Not surprisingly, the auto-feeder is empty but they tend to not use it when they’re both home, preferring to make sure the cats have food in their bowls themselves, both morning and evening.

Yawning, he fills in the cup then empties it into the empty bowl. Both cats settle to eat more than happily as their owner picks up their water bowl and heads back into the kitchen to clean it up slightly and fill it up with cold water. The drinking fountain they had bought for the cats lasted all of a few weeks, the two playful felines cared little to drink from it, it had been thrown out.

Yael takes a quiet look at the kitchen and yawns again. He stretches, rubs his eyes and looks into the pantry briefly. He’s not hungry yet but he knows better than to not check. If he later on starts to prepare them a meal and finds himself short of ingredients, it would be too late to get them. He notes the lack of bread then looks briefly through the fridge. Fruits and vegetables are not an issue but eggs, milk, cheese and meat are a different issue.

Making a quick note of what they’re in need of, he yawns again before wandering back towards their bedroom. He leans down to kiss Quentin’s cheek before walking to his dresser to find some clothes.

“I need to get some bread and some dairies, it’s still early but I know how usual stores will be open. I’m already wide awake as it is and I don’t think I can get back to sleep so I’m going to head off and do that.” He offers the words quietly. Still clearly enough to be heard but not to startle the other too much. Quentin had taken some time to fall asleep, he needed the rest a bit more.

Dressed, Yael locates a couple of his reusable bags and he heads out into the warming air. It still isn’t warm enough to wander without a light jacket on but the weather is so much more comfortable now than it had been just a week or two ago, it was pleasant. Every day a little warmer. This was almost his favourite season. Too hot in summer, too cold in winter. Spring and Autumn were the best.

He briefly looked to the side of the building where his bike sat. He barely used it. It was old and rusted, it was a bike he’d gotten when he’d been on the street, it had gotten him from place to place a bit quicker than on foot. The stores he wanted to visit were close enough and he didn’t have in mind to be weighed down by too much. Just a loaf of bread and some milk and eggs.

As he walks, he enjoys the still fresh quality to the air, the quietness of the area as most people still are not up and about at this hour. He usually fetches his food in the later hours but walking out in the fresh morning was a new sort of experience and he was appreciating it for all it was worth at this point.

He passed the bakery but found himself slowing and stopping in his tracks. By the time he wandered across this storefront, it was usually closed, the scents were mostly faded and nearly non-existent. Now they almost swarmed him, took him by surprised and he stands there, staring at the workers busy themselves within for almost ten minutes before he shakes it off and goes on his way.

The store he usually visits is just three doors down and he slips inside. He greets the old man behind the counter and goes in search of his milk and eggs. He stops by the bread section and hesitates. The scent of freshly baked bread still is invading his nostrils and he gives in, just this once, he tells himself.

Yael walks back towards the counter, pays for his eggs and milk, bags them carefully, bids the man a good day and he steps outside again. His feet take him right back to the bakery and he hardly hesitates to step inside. The scent of warm bread is even more present inside. He feels his mouth almost watering and he clicks it shut with a bit of a startled surprise. This is far from usual. At least for him.

He approaches the counter and looks up above it. A blackboard hangs above their heads and all they offer is written down there. There are so many choices that he finds it more than a little difficult to pick just one.

Closing the door to his home behind himself as he steps in, he dries his shoes somewhat and then slips them off. He walks to the kitchen and puts both bags on the counter with a soft laugh. He unpacks the milk and eggs, sets them in the fridge before he unpacks the bag from the bakery. Four loaves, all in different flavors, a bag with half a dozen croissant and some raspberry muffins. Those he actually puts away for the time being. He’ll be putting his shoes back on in a moment to bring those up over to his friends. After all, he knows Alexis and his craving for raspberries.

Yael looks at the different loaves of bread just sitting there in front of him, all still warm and delicious fresh scent wafting up to him and he laughs again a soft, quiet laugh.

Quentin, rubbing his eyes and wrapped in his own robe, steps out from the bedroom, nose in the air, trying to make sense of the different scents in the house.

“I think I’m going to have to make a habit of getting what we’re missing in the morning. The bakery is open at this hour and you wouldn’t believe all they offer. I bought more than I had expected but I know they’ll all taste so good. For now, I need to head across, I bought something for the guys. I’ll see you in five.” He sounds pleased, amused. His life is going well and he has discovered yet something deliciously new.

Yael steals a brief kiss from Quentin’s lips before snagging the container of muffins and wandering back to the door to put his shoes back on. Maybe he can tempt the two elder demons to the wonderful world of warm, still freshly baked goods.


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