suburban sprawl

“Do you think they’ll ever take over these lands and add in housing and everything else?” The question comes out of the blue, it seems, Yael looking off in the distance from the roof. Not their own, no, there is essentially no roof for them to step on since everything is glass but the roof of Eoghan and Alexis’s building is solid, the pool isn’t set up utterly yet but the base is up and running.

Alexis cants his head, looking off in the distance as well. He shakes his head lightly and shrugs. “Hard to know, Yael. They might, they might not. I could buy the whole land to make sure they don’t but if it comes to them needing the room I wouldn’t have much of a choice but to hand it back over. I don’t think they’ll need it in this lifetime of theirs. We’ll have had time to enjoy the emptiness of this place before they build up on it.”

His voice is low and smooth, thoughtful. Yael had dropped by with another basket of fruits and vegetable and out of curiosity he’d asked about the view from the roof. He hadn’t expected it to be much different from his third-floor view but it was different. For one thing, from the roof he could see in all directions.

“I saw a documentary just a few days ago, about, I think they called it urban or suburban sprawl? All the same houses and the same yards all neat and perfect and ugh, I’d rather live in an old city or village and see the beauty of things as they were back then, than be stuck in a place where everything is absolutely the same.” He knows he needs to stop watching these documentaries, they make him question everything and almost doubt everything. It’s a good learning experience in the long run, however.

Alexis laughs softly a deep but low sort of sound. Yael blushes somewhat and shrugs as the taller man rests a hand to his back to turn him around so they can head back downstairs to the main floor before Eoghan has eaten through all of his raspberries. “Never stop learning, Yael. Though I can see where you might worry we may lose the view we have now but don’t worry. In a hundred year or so, maybe in fifty if we’re unlucky, they’ll want to spread out even further and ruin the view but not just yet.”

Yael merely nodded and sighed, his shoulders sagging a little. Alexis shakes his head and stops before they step to the stairs leading down. “Yael, if humans go batshit and start ruining the planet much worse than they are now, we’ve planned on taking the lot of us into the realms. We don’t know if we might manage or not to take the buildings as they are now, or the garden, but those are all details we’ll go over in time. We still have decades before that happens. I know Eoghan didn’t want you or Quentin to know yet so you didn’t have to worry about anything but I can tell you’re going to fret about a lot of things in life and I think that this is one that you shouldn’t have to worry about. We’ll figure everything out as it happens and more than likely a little beforehand.”

Confused by what he was just told, Yael blinks, frowns for all of a moment before offering a slow nod. “I’ll try not to think about this too much, or the re- you said realm? Okay, I’ll try not to think about that too much either but Eoghan better come across soon to explain because I don’t want to be left in the dark too long.”

He sounds uncertain but there is a light in his eyes. Alexis smiles at him somewhat and leads him back down the stairs, into his apartment and then down to the elevator. He watches the young man step outside, across the slight street separating both buildings and into his own. He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Eoghan, we need to talk.”

“I hadn’t had in mind to tell them until it was about time, I don’t know why you went ahead and told him about this.” A little unhappy, Eoghan mutters but sighs, he runs his hands through his hair and closes his eyes.

“You should have seen him, Eoghan, he looked like he believed the city folks would take away the nature and the view within the next few hours, I don’t know, I just thought he had a right to know that if these guys decided on wasting away what was left of the planet, we had a way out. It just slipped. You know it never happens but it did. First time for everything.” Alexis still is mostly calm, keeping his cool. The realms are Eoghan’s thing, he’s the one who controls the doorways.

“At least you didn’t tell the twins about this!” Eoghan laughs now, a quiet sort of sound as he shakes his head. It seems much easier to be amused over this whole thing instead of angry. “I guess I’ll go talk to them in a few more hours, give Yael time to settle and try to wrap his mind around the idea on his own. I don’t know what I’m going to tell him.”

“Just tell him what you told me when you first met me, what you told me to convince me that the idea of the realm wasn’t such a bad one. I hated growing up in the realms but yours is abandoned while in still good shape. We could always take them there to visit one of these days, maybe not any time soon, I know it can be wearing for you to open the doors for people you’re not used to travelling with but think about it.” It seemed a fair option, really.

“All of this because he saw a documentary of suburban sprawl, huh? I swear, I need to make sure he only watches stuff that’s sweet and pretty and fluffy.” He still sounded mostly amused though he groaned, breathing a low sigh. “Have to keep in mind they’ve both mostly lived under rocks, that’s all.”

“I love you.” Eoghan stares up at Alexis’s words and he rolls his eyes somewhat.

“Nice try changing the subject.” He pauses but his lips quirk slightly, “Ah hell, I love you too and you know it.”

“Worked, didn’t it?” Alexis snickers and stretches. “If you want, I’ll go with you, that way I can make sure that none of them freak out at all and whatnot, would that make you feel any better?”

Eoghan does smile a little easier this time and he nods. “That actually sounds like a really good idea. I know Yael will believe me, he might believe me if I told him the moon had folks living in it. Quentin is a bit less easy to convince. He doesn’t handle bullshit but since this is all true I can only hope I might manage to convince him that all of it is for our own good.”

“I also told Yael we might see if we can at all move the buildings with us but that it was likely to be impossible.”

“You’re really doing your best to make sure I have myself a heart attack or something when I finally open the doorways for the big move, huh?” Sheepish, Alexis shrugs. He couldn’t really help it. He was only trying to change the subject and his mind just hadn’t latched on the right subject to change to. He would do what he could to better the situation, in time.


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