“And then volcano go boom!” Agni’s voice is bright, excited.

“But not a real volcano, right?” Mira’s own, not so much, he sounds a little worried as he looks his brother over briefly. His brother’s love for fire worried him at times but not all that often, he knew it was somewhat natural, given his gift. At least he assumed. He personally craved water, it was why he assumed as he did.

Laughing, his brother shakes his head, he looks amused as he jumps off their bed where they had been studying and goes to the books that have been given to them. He looks along their spines before he finds the one he’s looking for and he brings it back. He settles next to Mira once more and thumbs through the pages before setting the book down.

“Not real volcano, science!” Agni still grins as he speaks.

Mira looks down at the page to study it. “You can talk better than that, Agni.”

There is no reproach in his tone, just a gentle reminder. They were very quick studies, at times words still escaped them but it was perhaps because they had heard the language so much while growing up. They had had a good base, just had never really learned how to work with any of it.

Agni sighs and grumbles, he shrugs and half-heartedly kicks at the books they were looking at. “Don’t want to.”

Mira quirks a brow and looks his brother over. This bit of childishness isn’t new, he knows that they have been coddled in their own ways up until this point in their lives. Despite living in shelters and on the street, their sister Zora has kept them from discovering the world too much, has kept them, in a way, from growing up and maturing the way they should have. It usually is Agni who seems more mature of the two but when it comes to speaking and studying to better learn the ways of their new life, Mira has a better grasp on everything.

Knowing his brother is going to keep on huffing and sulking, Mira rolls his eyes and brings back the book that has been opened. He studies its pages again before pushing it towards his brother. “So tell me more about your volcano.”

If it can make his brother happy then he doesn’t really see the trouble. He knows he pushes hard enough most of the time, a break now and again can’t really hurt.

They are sitting in Eoghan’s living room. A large protective sheet of plastic has been set out everywhere to protect the floor and the furniture they are sitting on. They didn’t have the required ingredients to make the volcano Agni so wanted so they stepped up and asked for a little help. Eoghan was open to their experiment, it meant they were learning and that was the point of things, in the end.

The older demon is watching from a distance, listening to them talk. Mira’s control over his speech is wonderful. He still has quite a strong accent but he rarely uses foreign words to discuss now. As if a switch had been flipped in his brain. He’s never heard of anyone learning a language this quickly. Of course, he doesn’t give much thought to how they might write it all, so long as they speak well for now. Writing will come a little later on.

Agni’s control isn’t quite as strong but Eoghan can tell he is making plenty of efforts. It’s all he asks for when he brings them new books on new subjects. He just wants them to try a little, at the very least.

When the volcano erupts, it does so in a grandiose manner. Agni is laughing his heart out, pleased as can be about how well it works but Mira looks a little uncertain. They have followed the direction but still thinks hadn’t seemed quite right. He shakes his head to clear it off and looks up to Eoghan, a light smile to his lips.

It is clear that he loves and adores his brother but Eoghan is sure that they might end up drifting apart to a point, now that their lives are opening up to all that is around them. Growing up together, mostly sheltered from the real word would keep people close together but when life opened up and new things were discovered, life tended to change.

He doesn’t think they will go their separate ways forever but if they still share a room, he doesn’t know that it will last much longer. Agni is definitely showing a strong affection for all things science (especially if it involves heat and fire, of course) and Mira seems to be tuned more towards nature. Not to say that they cannot find a common ground but they can’t spend all of their time together and before long he is certain these boys will each be studying different things in their free time.

Still he smiles at them, musses their hair with a laugh and congratulates them on a volcano well done.

“Agni?” Mira’s voice is soft, a little uncertain as they put away the books they had been reading before the volcano idea had been brought up.

Agni turns to look at his brother, his head canted slightly to the side though he stays quiet as he finishes to put everything away.

“I think maybe I should sleep in the other bedroom.” He speaks in that language they both are fluent in, knowing it is the best option right now. Agni’s eyes widen and Mira pushes on, needing to get it all out before his brother assumed the worse. “You’re still my favourite person, you’ll always be but I think we might be too old to share this bed and as is, we don’t get to sleep or wake up at the same hours and I think it might not hurt to try for a few days at least.”

Agni’s mouth opens then closes, as if he’s trying to make sense of what he’s just been told. He frowns, sighs but straightens before he walks over to his brother. “I don’t like it. I don’t want to be away from you.”

Mira manages a weak smile and he shakes his head slightly, taking his brother’s hands to hold onto them. “We won’t be apart, I’m just going to be across the hallway, I can even keep my door open if you want so all you’ll have to do is cross from your room to mine. What if we eventually find someone we really like out there? What if we invite them to sleep over?”

“Did you find someone to like?” The hurt is evident in Agni’s voice and Mira sighs, releasing one of his brother’s hands to pinch the bridge of his nose lightly.

“I haven’t met anyone, Agni, I’m always with you. I’m just saying, if we somehow make other friends and we invite them to sleep over, it might just be weird if we’re sharing a bed and all. Eoghan says that people might not understand how close we are and I don’t want us to be hurt by these folks. I’ll be just across the hallway, I swear.” He had nowhere else to go as it was, even if he wanted to.

Agni sighs and shakes his head again, pulling his other hand away from his brother. “Fine, whatever.”

Not quite the answer he had been hoping for but it is a start, Mira knows that this is more than likely for the best.


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