I nod and he looks me over, as if he’s trying to make sure I’m not ill or coming down with something. I smile wryly and shrug. It’s been on my mind for a while, since that one last portrait that made me so uncomfortable to work with.

“I know you probably think it’s sudden, Quentin, but I swear it’s not. With jewellery, I don’t have to look at anyone’s portrait and feel uncomfortable while I work. I know I have no prior experience but it is art in its own way, I bet I can try my hand at a few different things and see how it all comes out. I mean, we did essentially work on jewellery while we were preparing Alexis’s gift for Eoghan.”

He knows I have a point. It’s not quite the same thing but he nods and finally he hugs me. I laugh and close my eyes, pressing against him for a few moments before I straighten with a sigh. This is a good idea, I’m sure it is.

My paintings still sell but it takes forever for me to get into the mood to do them. I’ve closed down commissions nearly a week ago already because I couldn’t manage anything without feeling like I was forcing it and forcing art does not result in beautiful art. At least not with me. The last piece I painted looked like garbage and I refunded my commissioner because I didn’t want her to have this in her home, it didn’t feel right.

Making jewellery is just one of those things, I know there is a world of discovery out there for me to make. I could be making things with metal wire and stones, like trees of life, I could be making rings, bracelets, earrings. I could be making things with chain maille. There is a world out there for things like these. Jewellery is just one thing, I thought maybe if I didn’t do so well with that I could make other things. I could sculpt. Little or larger fantasy pieces out of clay, I think I might like to work with clay. Dragons and faeries and unicorns and a whole world of ‘beasties’ that don’t exist in this world.

Quentin supports me no matter my choices in life. He knows I’m just trying to find myself. Trying to find something for me to do that will not lose its charm after a little while. I can’t really get my name out there, so to speak, if I keep on starting up businesses and then closing down because I lose interest in what I’m doing. I still love doing art, this is just different.

Considering how many different type of things the term jewellery entails, we wander about, buying magazines, looking at things and taking notes. There is a sort of fair, a ‘con’ they call it and I’m not sure what it stands for, where folks who make jewellery from nearly all over the place will be. I think it’s the best place to start to discover if I might have a knack for this kind of thing.

It takes a lot of work to persuade Quentin to come with me. I know he doesn’t like to be surrounded by too many folks and this ‘con’ thing sounds like it will have many, many people. Still, a bit of puppy-eyes and some arguing about how it will help me find my way in life and he grudgingly accepts to come with me.

It seems that ‘con’ is short for convention. It makes sense, people come from far away to be here. They set up booths, they sell things, they discuss their skills. People wander around, ooh’ing and aah’ing at everything they see. This is so strange, it’s so different. There is so much to look at that I don’t even know where to start. Quentin keeps close to my side and I keep a strong, steady hold over his hand. I think it’s the only thing keeping him from trying to rip people’s heads off, especially the folks who keep on bumping into him.

I gently remind him that this is inevitable, there is a lot of people and we just have to focus on what we’re looking at. He makes me blush deeply as he tells me all he’s looking at is me.

It has been a few hours of wandering already and I suppose we deserve a break so I try to find ourselves a quiet little spot so that we can share some quiet affection and just stay away from the crowds for a bit of time. We settle out of the way just out of the large building. We have our jackets with us but the sun is almost hot and the day is warm. Not enough to go without but that’s just a detail. We settle near the nook of a tree and rest for almost an hour.

I know it’s better to not push too hard too fast, he’s doing all he can to make sure I can enjoy my day and I don’t want him to ‘burn out’ in the presence of all these people. He’s more important to me than the idea of starting up with a new sort of passion, after all.

After the almost hour spent just settled side by side by the tree, we go back inside. We look through several more booths, I pick up little bits of this and that, more curious to figure out how they’re made than because I want to wear any of it.

The idea is not to copy these artists, of course. I have no better way of learning than by looking and taking apart, however. That way, my own personal muse can pipe up and show me something I can do with my hands that will be interesting and might be of interest to the general populace.

On the walk home, Quentin breathes calmly, he sighs and I know this has been a stressful sort of day for him. At least I didn’t ask him to come by again the following day since this is something of a two or three day ‘con’. One day is enough for me. I have a small bag of goodies to look through and discover more about.

I squeeze his hand as he climb into the bus and settle near the back where it’s quieter at that point. He sits next to me and we merely settle into peaceful silence once more. We hold hand, watch building drift on by and I know I’m thinking about how the day has been more than interesting, it has been a learning experience. I don’t know what’s going on in his mind but he doesn’t look too stressed out, he doesn’t look like he wants to maim anyone so I breathe a quiet little sigh of contentment.

Today has been a good day. A day of discovery and a day of being out and about in the public. I suppose I’m a bit of a people’s person though just slightly. I like my quiet and my peace, it’s just that at times, being out and about, surrounded by others, isn’t such a bad thing.

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