more than expected

His container-library was finally completed. That and the pool had been the last two bits of undone work that still had been about their perfect—at least to him—home. He had told Eoghan about it just a couple of weeks back after the workers had been working on placing the containers just so, had cut out openings, polished things, began to stack them and the right. The younger demon had been curious and Alexis had felt no need to keep the truth from him any longer.

Now, as he stood in the entrance of the final home for his books, at least for now, until they moved back into the realm, he looked at all the boxes sitting along rows upon rows of shelves and he tried to recall just how many books were in his collection. The small pathway between the boxes was slight at this point, he barely fit and he knew he couldn’t really ask for help from the others just then. Though perhaps Armin could be of some help, the man had knowledge of books that was more in-depth than anyone else in the household. He worried somewhat that the man might not be able to manoeuvre his way around with the way the boxes were set up, however.

Shaking his head, Alexis slowly made his way up to the third floor of the little library. There really were more boxes of books than he recalled or had expected. He knew he hadn’t been in some of his summer homes in some time, he just hadn’t recalled the sheer number of books there were in all. He hoped the current setup would be enough.

Up on the third floor, as he had requested, there was a little reading nook. The three walls of the nook were glass with integrated blinds so it would only take the press of a button to block out the sun just so, to be able to read comfortable. Several thickly cushioned chairs were settled near the ‘walls’ and he smiled, pleased with the way things were set up.

He turned around, looked at the boxes and breathed a slight sigh. This would be a lot of work but he knew it would be worth it. So many books to rediscover.

The sun had been just rising above the horizon when he first had set foot into his new, remodelled world. Now, as it began to dip over the horizon once more, he heard someone step into his little—not so little, really as it was three containers wide at the bottom, two on the second floor and one at the top—library. About half of his books were unpacked and he was glad for his sense of organization and the fact that he kept his books in collections. From one summer home he found nearly all of his fantasy themed books, in from another his science fiction and another the essays. He didn’t have to go back and forth between the floors to place things in certain places, it was wonderful.

“Lex?” Eoghan’s voice echoed softly from the first floor and Alexis put away the final books in the boxes that had been on the second floor. The second and third floor were done, the hallways were clear, the shelves were packed.

“Up on the second floor, be careful, there’s not much room to wander by, I’ll be down in a second.” He didn’t hear any other sounds then, no sounds of steps coming his way and he was thankful. He didn’t want to chance boxes tumbling and hurting anyone.

Slowly he started his way back down. Every box as it had been unpacked had been taken apart, flattened and those he brought with him. He had a slight shed at the back of the library where those would go, in case. After all, they would need packed again before they moved into the realm, most likely.

“I think I might not have enough room, this is insane. I thought with six containers I’d have enough room but I have more boxes down here than I did up the other two floors and those are filled, there’s no more room in these shelves.” He shook his head, really surprised at just how many books he had acquired over the span of his life at that point.

Eoghan, laughing softly, looked at the boxes that he could see and carefully stepped out to allow his lover to step back outside with the flattened ones. “Well my home in the realm has this huge library with all the room you will ever want. It’s essentially empty just now and it makes me sad when I think about it. Every book the family has ever owned was burned. I promise this will not happen with yours.”

Alexis, stepping outside and rounding to the back of the building to the shed, put the boxes away and closed the door, clicking it locked for its own safety. “I know all of these books deserve to be in a real library but I’d like to think I’ve honestly done a really nice job of this place.”

It did look like a modern sort of library though he preferred the old fashioned kind with its ladders to get to upper-shelved books and murals and antique look. This did the job for the time being, for however long they would be staying in this realm. Plus it was solid and comfortable.

“I think it looks beautiful, Lex. This is gorgeous and I’m sure that once all the books are away and Armin discovers this place, he might never want to go back to work.” Laughing, Eoghan sets his arm through his lover’s own and leads him back towards their own home, just a few yards away. Into the building itself and then towards the staircase. He could have taken the elevator but he still was young and more than healthy, it felt good to take the stairs.

“I was thinking about him, how I could have asked him for help in making sure the books were all set out properly but then I looked at the mess of boxes and how they were stacked and I told myself I didn’t want to chance his getting hurt so I’ve done it myself. Thankfully the boxes are by genre at this point with a few rare exception, it helps. Tomorrow I’ll get back to it, I should be done for the day after, I think.”

Once inside their home, Alexis stretched, his arms high above his head and he sighed as something popped along his back.

“I bet you haven’t eaten anything all day.” Eoghan’s voice a mock-reprimand as he disappeared into the kitchen. Alexis smiled sheepishly and shrugged as he followed, knowing he should have stopped and eaten something during his day. At least he had had water on hand so it was better than nothing.

“I was so focused on unpacking and making sure the books were all right that it slipped my mind, I’m sorry.” Honestly apologetic, he settled at the counter, a sheepish smile still to his lips as Eoghan put a bowl of steaming soup in front of him.

“Appetizer, then we eat dinner and then I get my breakfast and you better not disappoint.”

Alexis laughed but nodded, lips settled into a pleased smile. Of course he wouldn’t disappoint, he never disappointed when it came to dessert. “I solemnly swear to not disappoint you, love of my life and keeper of my sun.”

Eoghan, blushing deeply, stuck out his tongue and set out another bowl of steaming soup before he was rounding the counter to settle next to his life partner, his lover. He bumped elbows gently and sat with a sigh. His life still was going absolutely well. He couldn’t complain.


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