rabid dog

The dog on screen is a sight to behold, foam at the mouth, blood from its previous victim as he rounds up the car, the woman sitting inside looking absolutely terrified as she know she has no where else to go, the movie is an old one but it is a classic for anyone who might appreciate the author behind the book that led to this movie.

“He’s rabid.” One little voice whispers in the dark movie room. There are eight people in this room, sitting in two rows of movie-theatre comfortable seats with leg-rest, arm rest and cup holder.

The movie is projected onto the wide wall, the image clear as can be in the pitch black (except for the slight light telling folks where the door leading to the rest of the apartment is) room. There is room for a dozen or so people in this homemade movie theatre room. The sound is all around them and movies could be played in 3D if it was required or requested by the viewers.

“Rabid dogs don’t go on that kind of rampage.” Another soft voice answers from the back row. “Now shush.”

There is a soft chuckle to the left of the shushing person and Eoghan, who had shushed either one of the twins, he couldn’t tell which, swatted lightly, playfully really, at Alexis’s hand.

Their routine had changed just barely over the last two weeks. Dinner was still shared one night a week, a new theme every time but now that the movie room was ready with its comfortable seats, its speaker set up and the rest, they had decided that dinner night would end with a movie. It wasn’t such a bad idea. All but two of the souls seated within these plush seats lived in the building, it only meant going down one floor or two before they were home. The last two were just in the building across so it really didn’t require much more effort to get home.

Deciding on which movie it was going to be had been an interesting sort of moment. Eoghan’s collection of movies was ever growing, he tended to get new ones as they came out and ripped them onto one of his hard drives. He had one specially set up for movies and it stayed in the movie room. It wasn’t connected to anything other than the player.

“You’re going to give them nightmares and I’m the one who’s going to have to stay awake all night while they toss and turn, waking up screaming.”

“Zora, if they’ve never seen horror movies before, there’s a start to everything and this isn’t the worst one of them all. Plus, it’s the one they picked, I figured they deserve to at least get to decide once. It’s what they want.”

“If they have nightmares I’m blaming you. I have to be up early tomorrow morning!”

“Look, if it makes you feel any better we can set out mattresses here in this room, there’s plenty of space and they can sleep here tonight and you’ll have some peace.”

“Hmph! You’re just looking to scare them, that’s all you’re doing.”

“Zora, this movie is the one they picked, they looked at the preview, they read the description and it’s what they wanted. Personally I would have started with The Langoliers but they preferred Cujo.”

Huffing, she’d thrown her hands in the air and stalked back out of the movie room and into the living room then the dining room. She disappeared out of the apartment together, almost slamming the door but she came back fifteen minutes later with two sleep over bags. Alexis had looked confused as can be but Eoghan had only shaken his head with a shrug. The woman still didn’t fully trust them. He supposed he didn’t really blame her for it. Still.

Just outside the room, two air mattresses are still rolled securely closed, beside them two pillows and two overnight bags. Her brother’s first sleep over, they are just a floor up but it will be interesting and she can’t help but wonder just how well she will actually sleep without them about. Not that she’s worried. Usually they sleep with their doors mostly closed and it is silent in the apartment, she can’t even really hear them breathing. It won’t be all that different.

“Oh wow, that poor dog.” Still just a little voice speaking from somewhere up in the front row. There is a snicker from the back row, Alexis more than likely and another little swat and a mock-hurt ‘ow!’ breathed before the room is silence once more as the movie moves on towards its climax.

“Now you two behave, don’t cause them any trouble. The door is going to be unlocked in the morning. I have to work early so I won’t be about when you both come back down.” Zora’s words steady as she looks at her two brothers. They look at her a moment then look down to the overnight bags that had been brought up. This is not something they had discussed and they are somewhat confused by the idea but they have no reason to complain and simply nod with a smile.

Rolling her eyes again, she turns and heads out of the apartment and down one floor to her own where she prepares to sleep. This was a new experience for her, a movie, any kind of movie but she knows that following the horrors she has seen growing up, this will hardly be an issue and won’t really keep her awake, there are no reasons for it to keep her away.

Back one floor up, the twins look down to the overnight bags once more and then blink up to Eoghan who chuckles gently.

“Zora was afraid that the movie might give you both nightmares. She didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of having to stay awake all night to watch over you both since she had to be up early. I offered to let you both sleep here. Now we have one guest room and I’ve heard that you’ve started to sleep in your own rooms so I thought it might not do. So we have air mattresses and we’ll set them up in the movie room. It’s where you’ll have the most floor space and where you’ll be most comfortable. I promise the mattresses are very comfortable.”

Nodding, the twins set themselves up in the movie room, better able to see things now that the lights were on. They each set up their mattress and make their beds with the offered bedding. Thick flannel sheets and blankets. For the sake of comfort, they set themselves on either end of the room, not quite aware yet that morning would find them with the mattresses pushed together.

Of course, after a first ever horror movie of the sort, nightmares were bound to pop up and it always is easier to find comfort and better sleep with someone close, someone to keep them safe from the little sounds that can be heard in a house at night.

At least they have made up enough to share this kind of sleep. They may now have their own room but Agni seems to have forgiven Mira for what he had seen as betrayal. They share books, have discussions about things that fascinate them both. They are growing up and adapting to the world that surrounds them.


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