a joke

From what little he could see from the front window, this place wasn’t one he would make a habit of spending his time at. It was filled with fake vomit, fake poop, x-ray vision glasses and a world of things he didn’t even want to touch. He knew they weren’t bad things but they just were the kind of thing he didn’t care about. He wasn’t sure why he was there at all to being with. He supposed it had been curiosity. He had been on his way back home after getting a few things from the bakery.

The place was brand new from what he could see and what he recalled. The space had been up for rent for a couple of months at most, there had been a tea place here before, a small little boutique, run by a couple of old folks. They’d been really nice but a franchised tea shop had opened just two corners over and everyone had flocked. He’d still bought everything from the old couple but most customers had left and they couldn’t have kept the place going, it had been a shame.

He shook his head at the gag shop, or was it a joke shop? It didn’t seem fitting one way or the other. He takes a step away, to go on his way and get home and he steps closer again. Trying perhaps to convince himself that the place wasn’t evil. He couldn’t help but feel that most people who played jokes on others weren’t all that different from bullies who made fun of just about the same people. Of course, one was done because it was meant to be fun and the other because people were idiots but still, the two seemed attached in his mind.

With a sigh, he finally walked away. The scent of still fresh and warm bread filled his nose, pushing him to get home to appreciate the warm loaf was it was just that, still warm.

“Please tell me you don’t think you’ll ever set foot in that shop.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want the place to have business, he just didn’t want the place to have business from his own home. Alexis, Eoghan, the twins, their sister or even Armin could go if they wanted but he doubted he could handle things if somehow Quentin decided he wanted to buy from the place. He couldn’t imagine just what kind of things Quentin could get from there.

His companion and lover offered him a smile and a chuckle. He shook his head and took the loaf to cut it into warm slices. “I’ve never been the joking kind, Yael, we both know this. I have poor control over my temper and mortals who fall into the side of idiocies by buying fake vomit or poop to amuse themselves set me off. We both know I’ll more than likely never set foot in there. Of course there’s the statement that one should never say never but in time, I still doubt I’ll go anywhere near the place else than to walk past it to get to the bakery.”

“I’m the only one who ever goes to the bakery, you’re still too lazy to get up early enough to go, Quentin.” Yael was the one to laugh this time, his head shaken though a slight smile found his lips.

“True, but who knows, one of these days you might just manage to wake me up early enough to drag me there. I always go closer to noon and by then most of their fresher breads are all gone and while there still are some scents of warm bread it’s mostly all gone too.”

“Which is why you need to go way early in the morning, when there’s everything we could ever wish for.”

“One of these days I’ll stop being such a lazy idiot.”

The bread is served, set out on a platter with a few cheeses and pâtés. Quentin sets out two glasses of juice on the table and they settle to enjoy their almost too fresh breakfast.

“I still can’t wrap my mind around who would want to buy fake poop. I mean you can use it once, or twice around but then I can’t help but think it would lose its novelty.”

“Yael stop thinking about it.”


As afternoon settled and the sun remained high in the sky still, Yael slipped into the pool, sighing softly as he felt his muscles relax and he let his mind finally let go of everything that had bothered him since he woke up. The kittens are fed, they’re playing and wandering around more easily now. He has to briefly remind himself that they will have to find names for them sooner rather than later, it hardly seems like a right idea to keep on calling all of them ‘kitten’ or ‘number one’ ‘two’ ‘three’ and so on, though it did seem to amuse Quentin to a point.

The garden has been tended to, he ate, has managed to go through a slight backlog of old requests for art that he has had to refuse since he cannot bring himself to draw just yet again. Quentin was elsewhere, more than likely with Eoghan, discussing things he couldn’t really understand but didn’t spend much time thinking about.

He was more about the world in general, earth, the garden, the animals that surrounded them, their friends. Quentin was a bit more the type to make sure that his money was still secure and that they didn’t have to worry about that, that they did have food on their table and that they were comfortable with their lives. They did complete one another well.

After swimming a few laps, Yael pulled the air mattress from its spot against one of the walls and pulled it out onto the water before he was settling on it. The ambient is warm and comfortable, he could have slept there for several more hours if he hadn’t know that there were, eventually, other things he would need to see to in the house. Or at least his mental list told him that there were other things to eventually do but he needed to relax.

Quentin found him still drifting on his floater in the pool. The sun had begun its trek along the horizon. He had spent a few hours with Eoghan, just checking a few things over that had been overdue. The sight of his lover, sprawled and fast asleep there in the pool told him that he should have let the other rest but he knew better.

Yael was never truly done with his daily chores even if they were not necessary. Vacuuming, dusting, dishes cleaning (this one baffled him because they did the dishes as they dirtied them so there rarely were any dishes to clean at all), laundry. The list could go on.

He looked around the pool, as if to find the prefect spot to snag the floater back to bring it to the side since it was floating dead center of the pool at this point. He didn’t want to wake Yael with a start.

Finally, after some thought, he merely shrugged and undressed. He would hardly melt once in the water and it could do him some good. They could shower once he got them out of the pool and then see to maybe some time to relax and appreciate the peace of their home before the kittens began to request attention. It wasn’t quite a routine but it wasn’t far, it was more than fair by him, his life was going well.


far from home

“Zora?” The quiet voice pulls her from her reading. The books that had been brought back to her from the library for reading really did fit into her kind of book, she was thankful to have something to do in the hours she spent at home, away from work.

“Yes, Mira?” She lifts her gaze to look to her brother, having only expected one, she blinked at seeing both of them standing side by side in the doorway.

“Are we ever going to go home?” The question startles her and she puts her bookmark in her book before putting it down. She unfolds her leg and looks at her brothers for a long moment.

“We are rather far away from home, aren’t we? You two must not have many memories of India, I imagine it has changed a fair bit since we last were there.” She goes quiet, thinking about the question they’ve asked. She smiles at them gently and chuckles ever softly. “We could eventually, whenever I get my first week of vacation. I don’t know that I would call it home though, there’s no knowing if anything from what we knew is still up and about.”

“Personally I think this is home!” Agni’s voice is soft but sure of itself. He straightens and puffs his chest lightly, as if to make himself seem more than he really is. Zora laughs and shakes her head.

“I guess you could be right, they do say that home is where the heart is. Could this be it?” It is a question that is not half as rhetorical as it sounds and she knows it. This place is nice, Alexis and Eoghan are kind to her and her brothers. They have yet to try to abuse of them in any way but she can’t seem to believe it will happen, there is something definitely different about this place.

“Home is where my family is and you’re both here so home is here.” He calms now, his shoulders drop and he looks somewhat uncertain. He glances to his brother who has been quiet since he first asked the question about a possible trip to India. He doesn’t know whether or not he would want to stay there but visiting to have an idea of what they left behind has been on his mind, though he knows he can’t afford it. Not yet, at least.

“The heart makes a home where it wants to be. This place is nice and I like Armin, he’s not like us but he’s like us in his own way and we’re all one big family.” Mira smiles and nods, as if this is the only answer he was hoping for from the beginning.

“That went better than I had expected.”

“I don’t honestly know what we were expecting. We’ve been out of India for a really long time now and I just wanted to know if it ever crossed her mind that maybe we could go back. I know that the family there is more than likely gone, as is the house and everything else but I thought maybe there was still some desire to go back.”

“Do you want to go back?”

“I don’t know. I barely remember anything from there and I can’t imagine you remember much either. When I close my eyes I just see a lot of people gathered together either around in the kitchen or the big table outside. People wandering off to work in the fields. It’s all pretty fuzzy but I thought that maybe if we went, at least to visit, some memories might come back more clearly.” He shrugs and offers his brother a sort of half-smile as they sit side by side on his bed. He feels closer to his brother now than he did when they were still sharing a bedroom and bed.

“Plane tickets are expensive.”

“Yeah I know, we could save up from the library job. It’s not much but we barely buy anything so we could just save it all up, we could even save up for Zora and she wouldn’t have to pay for anything.” The idea seems like a good one in his mind but he knows it likely might just not work out for them that way. Zora would never let them help pay for that kind of thing, at least not until they were eighteen and they just didn’t know when she might or not get some time off so they could go on that kind of trip.

“We could get books from the library or buy more books from the store but I know it’s not the same, pictures are one thing, videos aren’t all that different, it would really have to be a visit there so we could visit the old home grounds.”

“What if the hunters that broke the family apart made their home there? What if by visiting there we get in trouble and they try to kill us?”

His brother quirks a brow and shakes his head, a wry sort of smile settling to his lips. “Can you imagine? It’s been years, if hunters settled in the house of their prey for years on end, they’d never really get anything done. I mean I get what you’re getting at but I don’t think that would be very likely, it just seems a little far fetched.”

“I guess you’re right. What do we do now?”

They spend the next several hours lounging at times in the sun, at times in the shade, watching the clouds drift on by as they laze up on the roof. The weather is warm and comfortable, there’s not a single storm-ready cloud in the sky and they hardly can ask for anything else. Their life really has taken a turn for the better in recent months and they’re more than thankful for all that has come their way.

“A trip home.” Zora’s words are soft and thoughtful as she looks out the window, the book forgotten on her lap. It has crossed her mind once or twice but nothing that has stayed long enough to really make her wonder whether or not it was a fair idea. The price for three plane tickets from here to India are outrageous for the kind of money she makes, she knows it might take forever to afford it all if she could at all.

With her luck, her vacation would come and go before she had enough money for the three of them and she would have to wait another six months or even another year before considering the idea again. It doesn’t seem like such a terrible idea but she doesn’t know what they’ll find out there if they do go back.

Will their childhood home still be standing? Will it have burned down, trampled by who knows what? There are so many questions to which she has no answers that the idea of actually visiting the old grounds where she and her brothers grew up frightens her somewhat. She doesn’t really know what to make of it.

“Well it’s not going to happen in the next few weeks as is so it gives me time to wrap my mind around it. I can’t just dismiss the idea now since they’re the ones who brought it up. I suppose I was waiting for them to make the first move. I didn’t want to just drag them out of this place and back out there if they didn’t want to.” She sighs and closes his eyes.

Her fingers brush over the cover of the book and she shakes her head lightly. She wonders if Vijaya, the young man she’d had herself quite the crush on while growing up, still was around. He had been from another family but he had spent most of his time around her own, helping with the fields. It is farfetched to hope for that kind of thing, she knows, but at times the past does come back to surface and some old friendships can be rekindled. It would be a good reason to try to make the trip a possibility.


“Don’t throw so hard!” Zora’s warning is sharp as she looks between her brothers, a frown to her lips. She sits back in the shade, watching them play but keeping a very worried eye on her youngest brother. He might have said his arm and ribs no longer hurt but she doesn’t want to chance anything if she can have just the hint of a chance at not chancing it at all. Worrying about her brothers is all she can do for them at this point in their lives.

“I’m hardly throwing it with any strength!” “I’m fine, Zora.” Both boys answer at once and laugh. Mira looks at the small ball in his hand and he curls his fingers about it. He flexes his arm. He feels the muscles work, he feels he strength in his bones and he smiles softly. He really can’t feel the break at all and he’s thankful.

“I’m all right, I swear Zora. I need to keep working my muscles if I want to be sure it all healed right and proper. You can go back to your book and stop worrying about me or about Agni manhandling me.” He laughs again, the sound is bright and happy. His sister huffs softly but does turn her gaze back to her book though she’s nowhere near anywhere in its reading. She hasn’t even really started it.

“Don’t hog the ball, Mira!” Agni calls out to his brother, his eyes bright. His attention briefly shifts to the right-side patio door sliding open and he waves to the crutched man as he steps out and then settles into the comfortable swing with a book of his own. Agni isn’t even sure if he’s ever seen Armin without a book near his person. He doesn’t mind, he likes Armin, he learns with the man, it’s a wonderful situation as far as he’s concerned.

“Agni!” He turns back just in time as his brother calls his name and he catches—just barely—the ball as it comes his way. He shakes his head and moves away from the building. Better to throw it off into the fields to the sides of the building instead of towards their home, after all.

“He seems to be doing better.” Armin’s voice is gentle, a soft apologetic undertone in case his comment is not welcome.

Zora frowns as she puts her book down with a sigh though she turns to the man and manages the hint of a smile. “He’s much better, I still worry that he might do something wrong and it’ll be the hill all over again. I feel so guilty it happened.”

Never having had the opportunity to actually discuss with her, Armin takes his chance, it isn’t so much that he wishes to pry, he’s only wanting to know his neighbours a bit better, in the end. He knows he’s not like them but it doesn’t hurt to try to befriend others, after all.

“Agni told me that it was an accident, Mira slipped on the way up. There was nothing you really could have done to prevent the accident. I know you’ve probably heard this a lot already. I just know how you’re feeling. The guilt might never fade away but you can’t really let it eat away at you.”

She quirks a brow at him, her head canting somewhat to the side in curiosity. There is an unasked question in her eyes and he smiles just barely. He shrugs and briefly looks off towards the two boys as they throw the baseball back and forth. “When I lost Andoni, the man I had spent a few years with, I blamed myself for it despite that it was an accident. It took me years to stop really blaming myself though it still hurts when I think about it.”

“Oh.” Her soft answer, though short, is full of little things that he can easily pull apart and that without even needing to look into her mind. He’s gotten better at controlling his gift. She’s sorry for his loss, she knows the pain doesn’t really compare but she’s thankful that someone else might know the burden of the guilt.

He smiles at her lightly and motions to her book. “This is an original version, if you’re not well versed in the old languages you won’t really get anywhere. There’s a newer print of that book that’s all in French if you’d rather? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in Alexis’s private collection, I assume that’s where you got this one?”

She shrugs and looks at the book cover again. “I don’t know why I took it. I just went in and picked the first thing my hand reached for.”

“You’re worried for your brother, you’re just trying to distract yourself. If you tell me what kind of books you like to read I might be able to find something for you. If not in Alexis’s library then in the city one and the boys can bring it back to you after our work day in two days.”

Her eyes become unreadable, as if he just uttered something that made no sense to her at all. Perhaps because he’s different, he’s unsure but he doesn’t push.

“I haven’t had a whole lot of time to read since I’ve had to leave the family and look over them but it would be nice to get back into the habit of having a book handy.” There she finally smiles again and it is a genuine sort of smile.

After nearly an hour spent exchanging book ideas and old favourites, Armin has a fair idea of what kind of books he can try to find for her and their first stop is Alexis’s private little library. He has told them that they can step in, so long as they are careful and don’t touch anything behind the glass cases.

Zora looks mildly uncomfortable as she watches Armin wander slowly up to the second floor but she keeps her mouth shut. She knows that he was born this way, it is one of the details Eoghan has let slip so she understands that he knows his own limits. It still makes her uncomfortable to watch him walk with the crutch, she knows she has to get used to it and gives it her best on a daily basis. She puts the book back where she found it before following him up to the second floor.

On the second floor, Armin walks nearly to the end of the trailer and looks the books over. He talks to himself for a moment before he picks up a book that looks as if it had better days but it still is in fair condition. She steps closer to lightly take it from his fingers and looks the cover over. She turns the book to be able to read the back briefly.

Her smile warms and she nods with a soft chuckle. “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, you know your books well and you seem to be able to read and understand what a person might actually want in a book after talking to them for just a little while, it’s actually sort of nice. I think I’ll like this book.”

“You’re welcome.” He merely is pleased that she seems to have, at least temporarily, forgotten that her brothers were playing catch out in the yard. Not that this is what he was aiming for but he’s pleased to realize that he can be useful when not in the library, though essentially he just did his librarian job by finding her that book, in the end.

“Let’s head back down, I think I could do with some iced tea and who knows, others might like some as well.”

wonder woman

Once a week they meet up still, they decide on the region where their meal will be from and what movie they will watch. At times they will settle for several commercial-free episodes of a particular series. Horror movies are usually kept for weekend meals, mostly when Zora doesn’t have to work for the following day and doesn’t have to worry about her brothers having nightmares, though they never have had to this day any nightmares following horror movies.

Today’s meal was of Grecian origins and the movies were actually episodes from an animated series that none of them had really heard about. The twins found it through the queue.

“Why is she wearing so little?”

“I don’t honestly know, Agni. Most female super heroes I’ve ever seen have never worn much, I suppose it’s in the appeal that beautiful women shouldn’t cover up or something but I feel it’s in poor choice. There is nothing to really protect her from harm while she’s wearing these outfits, unless somehow she manages to block or counter ever blow that comes her way.” Eoghan, whose small collection of comic books is old and actually in the library they have at the back with Alexis’s things. They are so old that they are in plastic sleeves and mostly just looked at and not so much read.

“It’s stupid.”

“I admit it is. If I were a woman, I wouldn’t really want to wear that kind of thing. I think I’d be too self conscious to really step outside wearing that anyway.” He laughs softly and shakes his head, reminding himself that it was perhaps best to not watch that kind of thing again. The animation style was strange and he couldn’t really bring himself to care about the characters though he’d ‘met’ most of them before through his comic books.

“What about you, Zora? Your thoughts on our heroine’s choice of clothes?”

The only woman in their group shrugs and snorts softly. “It’s impractical. I mean I get she’s supposed to be this great Amazonian warrior but that outfit is just flat out impractical. It doesn’t cover anything and doesn’t protect her.”

Most of their thoughts during the whole viewing of the episodes center on the heroine’s inability to find proper clothes though they all know, sadly, that it isn’t so much the heroine’s fault as the basic idea behind her character’s setup is that way. Still it ruins most of the evening’s viewing.

“Isn’t there a way to block animated stuff from being viewable on this thing?” Alexis’s voice quiet as he looks through the settings on their player.

“Not everything that is animated is bad, you know?” Eoghan, quietly amused, stands at his side, just watching him for the time being. He knows that most of their evening after the meal was spent going on about how the heroine’s choices of battle clothes was poor, it hadn’t been a good evening. The meal itself however had been wonderful and he was glad he’d outdone himself yet again.

“Name me one animated movie that doesn’t suck.”

“Just about anything from Miyazaki? I mean, there’s Princess Mononoke, there’s Sprited Away and a bunch of others. Most of Disney’s movies. Even the old ones, they’re beautiful the stories are nice. Even if most of them are for children.” He could go on, he knows but he leaves it there. He shrugs but chuckles as Alexis rolls his eyes at him.

“Fine but you know what I mean. I mean most of these television series. I have nothing against most movies but these series essentially drawn up for teenagers to goggle at aren’t really worth our evening time. I’m pretty sure Quentin fell asleep during the first episode.”

Eoghan laughs and shakes his head. “I’m not all that surprised, I’m pretty sure he honestly falls asleep partway through most of our evenings. I don’t know what Yael does with him but he’s worn out good and proper most of the time.”

Grinning, he takes the remote control from Alexis’s hand and merely sets it down, turning the whole system off. “Okay, so tonight was a bust but it just was one night. We know better for next time. Heck we could watch a Miyazaki movie next time. I think everyone would appreciate that.”

Nodding, Alexis stretches and yawns as he moves out of their movie room and back into the living room. “Honestly, I’d think these kind of shows with the half-dressed women might give these kids more nightmares than horror movies. It’s degrading for women to be shown wearing so little.”

“This coming from the guy who only likes to look at women from afar, afraid he might break them and not really wanting to even get to know them unless they’re part of the family in some way.” Eoghan’s voice gently amused, teasing his lover as he leans against the taller man’s side.

“I’m tall and built, most think I’m a brute. Women for the most part, those I’ve met in any case, are fragile, they’d break and I’d much rather have my hands on someone more like you. I know I’ve told you that yes, I was sexually active in the times we were apart but most of the time they were poor replacement for you. Either they had your eyes or your je ne sais quoi. The past is gone, I just want to focus on the present and know that I have you all for myself.”

“All yours until the end of eternity. I’ll continue to hump away at you even after I’ve gone.” He laughs softly though that laughter turns into a startled cry when Alexis picks him up without warning and sweeps him into his arm before he starts on their way to the bedroom. “Warn next time!”

“Nope.” Laughing now, Alexis takes them to their bedroom where he carefully sets his lover down on the bed with a chuckle. “I know how to make up for the fact that the movie night was a bust.”

Opting for innocence, Eoghan looks up to Alexis, his eyes wide and curious as he scoots playfully back on their bed. “And what might that be, mister big bad wolf?”

Quirking a brow, Alexis stands still and crosses his arms over his chest. “Well anything that doesn’t have to do with poorly designed clothes for fighting women is a good distraction but I figured I’d see about getting rid of your clothes and reacquainting myself with how you’ve been designed for me. How well you fit against me and how well I know all your little spots.”

“Can we vow to never watch that kind of thing again?”

“I don’t even know why you picked that anyway. Pretty sure you didn’t read the description to the series.”

“I didn’t, I guess the art on top just had my attention if only in a small way. I mean, I don’t know. I didn’t know what to pick and I mostly ended up picking at random.”

“Next time, let someone else pick?” Mira’s voice is gently teasing and his brother huffs softly, shrugs but finishes tucking his brother into his bed.

“Not like you ever really pick anything more interesting than what I’ve picked before.”

“All right, here’s to an idea, we both let someone else pick next time, yes?”

“Sounds good.”

“I don’t need tucking in anymore, Agni, you know this.”

“I’m just looking out for you.”

“If you’re looking out for me, you can give me might goodnight hug, then.”

Smiling lightly, as if giving in to a child demanding sugar, Agni eases closer and hugs his brother close. He kisses his forehead and sighs before he rests their forehead together. “I was terrified, Mira. I thought I was going to lose you, I thought you were going to die.”

“Agni, it was just a bad break. I don’t even know what I slipped on. I’m okay, I barely even hurt anymore so it’s all right, okay? I’m good and we’re safe.”

Nodding, Agni tightens his hold on his brother for a few moments before he lets him go. “Sleep well, Mira. I’m just across if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Agni.”

sugar coated

“Is it going to hurt?” He looks at me with those wide, somewhat frightened but so trusting eyes. I blink at him and I look down at the slight object I’m holding in my hand. How can he even imagine this might hurt? I suppose it could if I hadn’t made sure in all possible ways that it most certainly wouldn’t hurt in the slightest. Plus, that thing is so small I can’t imagine how it would hurt him at all. Though I know not everyone is comfortable with this kind of thing.

So instead of just plainly reminding him that it wouldn’t hurt, I find my sweetest of smiles and I pour a bit of sugar on the situation. “At most you might feel a tiny little bit of discomfort but it will be gone very, very quickly. I promise. Once I’m done with this I’ll kiss it better and make you forget all about it, how does that sound?”

He smiles, I swear his smile could brighten up any room. He smiles and he relaxes completely. Now I know it won’t hurt him. With how tense he had been just moments ago however I’m pretty sure it would have hurt and none of this would have worked.

“It’s going in now, okay?” He nods, his eyes again a little wide but there is no fear in them. I smile down at him and I press it against his skin. I feel a little bit of resistance but finally it gives and the rest of it slides smoothly in place. His eyes change but now he’s looking at me in with wonder, as if somehow he had still expected this to hurt to no end. I chuckle down at him and brush hair away from his face.

“See, told you it wouldn’t hurt.” He starts to nod and I feel something bump against my hip. I blink and frown. I look around to try to find the source but I can’t find any. I ignore it but it comes again and a third time.

When I open my eyes to the darkness of our shared bedroom, I stare down at the bed towards Lavi, his head bumping my hip again. He knows how to wake me up. The dream still remains with me for a long moment as I get out of bed. He usually doesn’t bother waking me up unless it’s a necessity.

Quentin still sleeps on, on the bed, next to my warm spot. I look at him a moment and feel my cheeks warm slightly. I guess my subconscious is trying to tell me something about our current situation.

It’s warm in the house and I suppose I don’t mind cooling down for a few moments as I follow Lavi towards the kitten’s room. The closer I step to the room the clearer I think I can make out the situation without really seeing it. The kittens have already begun to wander, though not enough to get out of that room yet but they do climb and now and again one will manage to make their way up to the near ceiling-high cat tower and then just meow as they can’t manage their way back down.

I don’t mind helping them back down, I figure it’s my duty as adoptive parent of sorts. I know before long they’ll manage but for now it’s fine.

As I step into the room, I realize that it’s not just one but three who somehow have found their way to the topmost flat surface of the cat tree. I laugh softly as I pluck one up, cuddle it to my chest for a moment and set it back down to the ground. I repeat the process for the other two. When all is quiet in the room once more, I step back out and I close the gate. Areli and Lavi can jump it easily, the kittens not yet. It’s a blessing.

I wander back to our bedroom where Quentin is somewhat rubbing his eyes. He tends to notice when I get out of bed though I always do my best to not wake him.

“I’m sorry, three of the kittens were at the top of the tower and couldn’t figure out how to get back down, Lavi came to get me. I don’t know why he didn’t get them down himself, I guess he just preferred my being awake.” I chuckle softly as I climb back into bed and settle next to him. He smiles at me, a sleepy but content sort of smile and I breathe a sigh, his smile really could light up a room. The thought makes me blush and I’m glad it’s still mostly dark enough in the room to hide at least that much from my skin.

“I had a really interesting dream, I think I’ll tell you about that in the morning. I think my mind is trying to tell me something though.” He cants his head at me and I laugh again, a soft sort of sound. I figure it’s unfair to tell him that I had a dream about something but not tell him about it yet. I scoot closer to him, pressing my lips to his ear and I feel him shiver minutely from my closeness and the touch.

I tell him about the dream, trying to recall every little detail my mind might have tried to forget in the time I spent with the kittens. His skin warms against mine and pleasure swells in me, knowing I can get this kind of reaction out of him. I wasn’t sure how he would take to the dream. Sure, we’ve done certain things together but nothing quite like my dream and I didn’t know where he would have preferred being as far as our positions were concerned.

He hugs me and I relax against him. I know we’re both too tired to really do much about the dream except appreciate it and let it fill our mind, maybe give us a few ideas for morning or for whenever we know we might not be disturbed. We don’t get much undisturbed time lately, not with the kittens growing up and learning to climb.

I don’t mind and I don’t think he does either. We still manage to make time and that is what’s most important to us both.

I nuzzle his shoulder and close my eyes with a sigh. We settle back down and I settle against him, just the way I usually like to sleep on the mattress on the water most of the time. I don’t know why I find so much comfort in being settled against him this way. I suppose it’s because it makes me feel safe. It reminds me that I’m not alone and that I have someone I can confide him, someone I can love and cherish. I do all of those things too I know he feels the same.

It isn’t long before sleep takes over and the dream slowly winds its way back into my mind. I can’t complain, it was a pleasant dream and a pleasant discovery, even if it only is happening in my head. In the fog of my dream, I feel Quentin’s arm tug me closer to his side and I tangle my legs utterly with his. We usually wake up on either side of the bed, even if we fall asleep tangled but it’s knowing that we sleep this close that comforts me.

The dream changes, the positions are inverted and I know this will be as interesting as the one I was having before I woke up. I’m all for different ways of life, I’m all for trying everything I can try to learn about the world in general. If I don’t try, I know I’ll never really know or understand how it all works out and knowing is important to me.