walk in the park

“I’m glad you forgave me, Agni.” Mira’s voice is soft, thoughtful as he looks up to the flowering trees. His lips quirk into a pleased smile and he sighs, a relaxed, content sort of sound.

Beside him, his brother shrugs lightly as he looks down at the ground, there are flowers there as well and he stops a moment, kneels and plucks one up. One might not make a different considering the number of them. He picks up speed once more and settles at his brother’s side, holding the flower out.

“You’re my only brother, the only one I’ve got. I can’t hold a grudge forever, it would just tear us apart. I was just hurt. I didn’t want to be away from you but I’m getting used to having the room all to myself.”

“Yeah, you’re an absolute slob.” Mira’s words are gently teasing as he takes the flower and kisses his brother’s cheek. He brings the flower to his nose and breathes in its faint scent.

Rolling his eyes, Agni jabs his sibling in the ribs but he keeps on walking. “I can’t help it. The floor isn’t covered in clothes at least, it’s all books so I’m a learning slob and I just don’t have enough room to put it all away.”

“Agni, our rooms are huge, we have shelves and room for more shelves, you can’t think that I’ll believe that you’re already all out of room on your shelves, you’re just lazy, admit it.”

Grumbling, though it is all in good fun, Agni shrugs again but reaches out to take his brother’s hand. Mira doesn’t even hesitate before letting him. This is a very old habit they shared and even if they no longer shared room, this was not going to be broken any time soon. If anyone saw anything wrong with it, it wasn’t something they worried about. They had one another, it was what mattered.

“This place is beautiful. I mean we’ve seen a lot while we were out there and growing up but this place is just beautiful.” There is soft awe in Agni’s voice as he looks briefly up to the trees then back down to the flowers on either side of the pathway they are walking along.

“Spring is beautiful. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect place to appreciate it.” Mira’s voice is thoughtful. He settles the flower to rest it behind the top of his ear since his hair is far from long enough to put it there.

“I never wanted us to fight, Mira.” There is something of a begging note to Agni’s voice this time and Mira merely squeezes his brother’s hand, a soft sort of smile to his lips. He shakes his head and pulls his sibling along when they reach a fork in the path they were working on.

They continue their walk in silence, listening to the chirping of the birds, to the buzzing of the bees. They stop by the pond and settle side by side on the bench there, listening, watching, maybe hoping to see a frog or three. The day is peaceful, their sister at work and everyone they might have hoped to ‘bother’ at that point were busy with other things. The twins know they are more than old enough to wander on their own, so long as they don’t wander off too far and get lost at this point.

They stay by the pond a while more before continuing on their way. They have walked through the park often before, just never quite at this point in the season. They know their way around but there is always something new to discover.

When the sun settles high in the sky, they find a spot under tree, just partly in the shade and settle out the thick blanket they had brought along. They sit and set out their mock-feast. Some sandwiches, two bottles of juices, sliced fruit in a bowl and two forks. A simple enough lunch but it is more than enough for them.

They eat in relative silence, knowing it isn’t an awkward moment. They have always had silence on their side, even when together. They both know that speaking is not always a necessity when you are with someone. If you can appreciate spending quiet time with someone, then you might just be good to spend more time with them. When spending quiet time with someone is awkward, there is a missing connection.

At least, that’s how they see things.

Their lunch done, they lounge, merely settling out in the half-sun. Its rays are warm and they are dressed for the weather, they settle and close their eyes. Perhaps not so much napping as they merely appreciate the moment. There is peace all around them. They could just the same have had peace by being up on the roof of their building but it wouldn’t have been the same. Soon however the pool will be set up and filled, its water kept warm all year round and that will be something else to appreciate.

For now, the beauty of the quiet of the park is more than enough for them. They can’t ask for more.

When a slight chill begins to make itself known, Agni gently rouses his brother from his almost doze. They pack up their blankets and the rest of their left over bits of lunch and start back on their way out of the park and home. They both know that the streets will be quiet at this point still. Most other teenagers their age are in school, adults at work. There is a longing in the twins, a desire to go to school and meet other people but they know that they would more than likely have to start at the bottom since they never have set foot in a school and it makes the desire for schooling vanish altogether. They learn well enough from the books Alexis and Eoghan both leave with them.

Still holding hands, they walk to the edge of the park and both stretch in the warm rays of the sun. They start the peaceful walk back home. The streets are indeed mainly clear of people though a few older folks walk on by. Either just enjoying the day or heading off to who knows where. It barely matters to the boys at this point. They are not that curious about the general population.

As they walk up to their home, they release one another, not because it is a necessity but because it is habit. Agni opens the door, always a gentleman and he bows. Mira laughs at his brother’s antics and steps inside. They both take the stairs to head up to the second floor and slip into their apartment.

They put away their blanket and what little they had taken from the kitchen before they both disappear into their respective room. It only takes them a few moment before they are back out of their rooms, changed into something more comfortable for time spent inside and they step into their living room. Mira with a book, Agni without, the eldest settles on the couch and his sibling settles on the floor against his leg, book in his lap.

Their lives aren’t all that complex, this they both are more than aware of. It is a matter of one day after the other but they can’t ask for more. They are adapting and living their lives best they can.

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